Friday, 30 March 2018

My Family and other Jerseys

My love of sewing with jerseys, pontes and sweats hasn't just been confined to sewing for me. Nope, I've kitted out my family too. 

This week my lovely Millie turned 16, which I guess is fairly obvious in this photo. I'd been doing a bit of secret sewing for her birthday and then the night before she asked for a birthday badge to wear to school. Out came the felt and pretty quickly a birthday badge was born.

For months before I'd been showing her endless fabric photos to find out her favourites as I'd already pinned down the clothes she liked best. I'd already made her a Tilly and the Buttons Cleo for Christmas, in a grey denim, which she loved so I knew another one would be a winner.

As the corduroy chosen from Textile Express was a lightweight one I decided to fully line it to give it more structure. Baggy bums in dresses aren't a top look are they. I simply cut another dress out of the cloth I chose for the lining. There was only just enough of the cactus print for half of the lining so I cut the top half of the lining from this with a seam allowance and then added a polka dot with seam allowance to the bottom half of the lining.

 The T-shirt underneath I made in a gloriously soft jersey from Art Gallery Fabrics bought from Sew Me Sunshine as was the cactus cotton. Millie doesn't like tight fitting clothes so I altered the Fitted Sweater from Gertie Does Vintage Casual by going up a size and grading the sides of the top.

Next I made her an Astoria Jumper from Seamworks which I found at Colette Patterns. When I was making one for myself Millie said she'd love a pink version so this was added to the list of birthday makes. I also made her a tea cup pincushion after seeing them on Sew Me Sunshine.

Now going back in time, to just before Christmas, I knitted my love a bobble hat and stitched him a Metro T-shirt from Oliver and S as anniversary gifts. 

Back when we were first together as teenagers, he played American Football, in fact he played it for many more years than that. His player number was 22 so rather than leave the top plain, which looks wrong to my eyes, I appliquéd silver jersey numbers on it.


 Now we're in the Christmas pressies part of this post. For my mum I whipped up a Tilly and the Buttons Coco. I've never seen her wear it which reminds me I must ask her if she actually has worn it.

For my man I made the Burda 6718 Men's Hoodie. When I went to buy the cloth this super soft sweatshirt from Paul Smith had just come into Anglian Fashion Fabrics. I buy a lot of my cloth from here as it's ram packed with more than you could even realise you needed. 

I also thought I know what I'm going to use that shiny skull patch I'd already bought for now. He wears silver skull rings and loves shiny stuff just like a Magpie so how perfect was this skull. 

 I also made my Rosey some sweatpants from the same Paul Smith sweatshirt and blinged them with a silver jersey R. I adapted these from the Trouser part of Tilly and the Buttons Marigold Jumpsuit. I'd already made the jumpsuit for Rosey so I knew these were a good fit for her. 

That's the issue with secret sewing, you have to know the fit is already a good one on your victim and not choose anything that requires an actual fitting with alterations or the secrets blown.

Well everyone was thrilled with their gifts and they've all been worn lots, apart from the Coco, who knows????

My mum did ask me to make her something for her recent golfing holiday though. She wanted a hoodie, the same as the one I'd made for Jason, so we went to choose cloth. She loved this silver sweatshirt I pulled out and asked if she could have a silver heart on hers. She's since bought silver converse too as I said they'd look great with it, plus the silver handbag Rosey bought her for Christmas and she's one cool granny. 


My last make for this lot, for now at least, is this 70's style Metro T-shirt for my man.  I kept looking at this jersey and loved it but couldn't think how I'd wear it, then suddenly I thought I know a man who would.  

It makes me think of MASH and all those lovely colours our parents decorated with back then. It's childhood and fun and luckily he loves it.

I absolutely love to make clothes for myself so I have something new to wear, but to be honest I just love the whole process of sewing and gifting it is an especially good feeling to be sure.


  1. It was so good to see your family; your girls are growing into beautiful young women.

    I enjoyed seeing all your makes, you have been very busy. I have still not opened my machine...

  2. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..


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