Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bob and Bill meet Walter

Something strange happened that meant I completely ran out of steam a few days ago. I woke up and didn't even have the strength to move one foot in front of the other. I've never ever been that exhausted, so tired that I couldn't even pick up my needles or hook. It was probably good to have a forced rest as the start of the Easter holidays were busily mad.

Before I flopped, I knitted up a couple of Easter chicks for the Bun's for Easter morning. After a lovely day out with ten children for Little Bun's birthday bash at a Victorian farm it was a good way to unwind. 

I found these chicks in 30 Minute Knits and wanted to make them from the first moment I spied them. My Mr loves them too and so I've been asked to make one for him aswell. 

Yesterday my voom came back. Thank goodness for that. All this lovely time off work and no energy to enjoy it wasn't good enough. After a family day out we all went off to our own thing. My thing was to have a rootle in my felt stash as I'd fallen for a few things in a library book.

Stash Happy Felt by Amanda Carestio has quite a few cute ideas in it. A lot of it isn't to my taste, but the things I fell for were right up my street. How could I not desire a felty whale of my own surrounded by a wee shoal of red fish?

Walter was fiddly to make at times, but oh so enjoyable too. He's actually a pincushion, but for me he'll just be another sweet friend to have and to hold.

The fiddliest part was stitching the small waterspouts and fish onto the pins. Then I had a brainwave. I realised it was easier to place just one cut out part onto a square of felt and then cut around it once the stitching was all done.

A red heart covers up the slash in his tum where the stuffing went in. It's been an age since I played with felt, I'd forgotten how much fun it is to make something up so quickly with no fiddly edges to hem.

Once Walter was done and dusted I couldn't resist whipping up a wee foxy brooch for Miss Rosey too. I might even make one with a bow on it's head for Little Bun.


  1. That all looks like great fun - just what you need to perk yourself up after feeling under the weather. And those chicks - they are sweethearts! Jane x

  2. I wish I could do stuff with felt but everything I make looks like a five year old has made it, actually that's insulting to five year olds.....they would make a much better job! Love that little fox!
    I understand with the exhaustion malarkey, I often have flare ups and they are so frustrating as I'm a busy bee at heart! Glad you've got your mojo back! :) x

  3. Loving that little foxy face......too tooo cute
    D x

  4. Loving Walter. I think I need a new pin cushion!
    Glad you're feeling better and back in the making mode.

  5. Happy to hear you'll all energetic again.
    And I absolutely adore your fox. What a cutie!

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit perkier, am sure the cold cold wind isn't a help. Walter is very sweet and useful at the same time, bizarrely i have just made a foxy creation myself for a friend's little one, a bit of calming bondaweb applique. Hope that you continue to feel better, Catx

  7. Very glad your oomph has returned. I found some fab wool felt recently and its gorgeous to sew with and lovely soft colours. Enjoy the rest of the hols. Karen xx

  8. The whale and foxy pin are great! Definitely make another Ms. Foxy with a bow :) Glad you're feeling better. Wendy

  9. Walter is fab! Foxy Loxy is very cute too. There must be something in the air, I made my daughter a fox brooch this week, her favourite animal. I never think to pop photos of me makes on the blog, der, I just keep filling it with old china and cake!
    A couple of years ago I got some kind of bug like that, it was so strange, I could hardly move, I even needed help to dress. It disappeared as suddenly as it appeared to my relief, just about 24 hours later!
    Glad you are all chipper and raring to go now X

  10. What a wonderful whale - the little fish pins steal the show though!

  11. Walter I heart you! He's fabulous Lisa. Felt is such a great medium to sew on, its just so solid and exact. I am also loving Mr. Foxy fox, he's great. I'm really itching to make something of a foxy nature. Have a fabulous weekend xox Penny


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