Friday, 12 April 2013

Binky here we Come

The holidays are coming to a close and I want to draw them out for just a bit longer. I love waking each day thinking what shall we do now - stay at home and pooter about or go out for adventures?

My man being of the self-employed variety takes random days here and there so we try to make the most of time when he's off. Early in the week we headed to a place known to us as Binky Hall (because he misheard me when I first told him it's name). I prefer our name as it captures the war time associations of the hall for me. 

It was gifted to the National Trust by Lord Lothian, the last owner, upon his death in 1940. Interestingly he was in Washington at the time trying to convince the Americans to join forces with the Allies. The RAF were also stationed here during the war (there's a fascinating display detailing this that I loved). Last snippet that interested me was that one of my favourite childhood films The Wicked Lady with Margaret Lockwood was filmed here in 1945. Do you remember the days when black and white films were on tv on a Sunday afternoon? My Mr and I loved them, but sadly they don't show them anymore.

Binky is a Jacobean house with fabulous gardens and grounds to explore. We've only visited the gardens with the Bun's, but as they love history as much as us they were really interested to be going here. Other interesting fact is that it was the site of Anne Boleyn's family home, although that manor house was knocked down to build this house.

When I went through my pics I realised that I'd taken mostly doorway shots so if you've ever about in this part of Norfolk you'll have to come and see for yourself what a fabulous house it is.

As it's been a few years since we last went inside there were loads of interesting changes to see. A beautiful handpainted Arts & Crafts ceiling had been uncovered and the kitchens were now open to the public.

The kitchens are always the most fascinating part of a house to me. To see how a house worked behind the scenes and to be able to balance up both sides of the daily life of the house from the grandeur to everyday realties makes it far more real.

After we'd finished our snoop around the interior we headed off outside. The Bun's galloped about burning off energy while we had a bit of hand holding strolling. Along the way we found the secondhand bookshop and collected up some good reads. An Agatha Christie for Miss Rosey, some Enid B's for Little Bun, art books for Mr B and some childrens books for me.

Then we stumbled upon the kitchen garden. These are always our perfect spaces, just the way we would like our garden to be - all a bit ramshackle and softened around the edges.

Just behind me was a small grassy area under a tree. I imagined that's where I would put my bench and sit and knit in the afternoon sun while Mr dug holes for things. All in all a great day - full of the ones I love best, history, daydreaming, books and tons of fresh air.

Back to reality today as we need to buy school trainers and the food cupboard is bare so off we go hunting and gathering. 

Thank you for your lovely well wishes on my last post. Truly appreciated as always.


  1. I love Blickling Hall, i have dragged reluctant children round the house and gardens many times! Perhaps it's time to go on my own! Lovely photos. Julie x

  2. We went there last year and loved've reminded me to get our NT family ticket sorted! Have a lovely weekend....the Beas are having there last PJ day, these holiday have just gone by too fast! :) x

  3. What a fun stroll, thank you for inviting me as I really enjoyed it :)

  4. That absolutely looks like my kind of place ... next time we're staying in Suffolk we'll have to stray north :D

  5. It looks fab ... I love National Trust properties ... there are only a few in Northern Ireland but we are lucky enough to be really close to three of the best ... spoilt for choice ... I like your door pictures :) ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  6. Now my National Trust membership card is gathering dust in my bag somewhere - I really must dig it out and get visiting again. I'm with you on the kitchen - at Shugborough (our nearest property) they always have someone in there in the correct garb cooking up old treats - the atmosphere is wonderful. As for Margaret Lockwood - ooh I used to love snuggling up on a wet Sunday afternoon and immersing myself in those films (remember Alistair Sim?) Lovely post x Jane

  7. looks like a lovely trip out. Love the old door in the kitchen garden wall. Yes I dream of a garden like that too. Trouble is these places make the slightly unkempt look easy.

  8. Lovely place thank you for sharing x

  9. I love that little garden...sigh....I also love your smart new header!!
    Bestest daisy J x

  10. I'm hoping for a bit of stately home action tomorrow but sadly Binky Hall (love your nickname for it!) is just a bit too far for a day trip for us. Might make it to Ickworth ...

  11. I want to go there straight away it's definitely my kind of house - and a secondhand bookshop too. My Mum has just told me that I went there as a teenager but can't remember it. We have The Wicked Lady on dvd as it was one of my most loved films when I was younger. I always loved anything with Alec Guiness too. Karen xx

  12. Great day out,I just love Historical outings and always try to get a couple of these type of day outs with my sister when I'm home in the uk...the last one was Will Shakespeare's parents farm down in Stratford -upon-Avon ...just brilliant. Love the photos and a second-hand book shop sounds right up my street.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  13. You're right, the kitchens are the best bit! If you are ever in Cornwall, visit Lanhydrock, it's got a wonderful suite of kitchens, the rest of the house is amazing too


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