Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Alfie Blue Superstar

There are many songs we sing to Alfie Blue, but our favourite by far is "Alfie Blue superstar rides a motorbike and drives a racing car". He is our best boy you know.

Best boys get special beds made for them to snuggle on. That's in those rare moments he's not on Mr Bun's lap snoozling away of course.

My laptop is sorely unhappy now and so I need to find the funds to buy another one. It keeps switching off whenever it likes now. It took me about eleven switch on's to get this far last night before I gave up. It means I can't blog as I like, set up my etsy store as I want with tunics and such like, nor visit your blogs. I'm feeling out of the loop and I don't like it at all.

In the between times, I've been gathering bits and bobs. Lining them up to shuffle new ideas around in my head.

I missed the programme that was on so many people's lips. Just plain forgot each time it was on. I don't watch that much tv really other than really late stuff when I finally sit down. All the same I'd heard how good it was, especially when I read about it from Daisy. Well I got the book, which seems a whole lot better than a programme to me. It's chock full of fabulous patterns of all the kinds of clothes me and the girls like best.

After taking Little Bun to the doctor's yesterday morning (a nasty rash which luckily turned out to be a post-viral thing), I got down to the business of sewing lots of lovely things.

Here's a sneaky peek of something that was jangling around in my head all weekend. Be back as soon as I can be to show you what it became.


  1. Ooh how frustrating - you need to get those etsy shelves filled to raise funds for new technology! My eldest jammer and I spent the weekend on a vintage sheet patchwork creation. I wonder if it's the same thing?...
    Ellie x

  2. We are slaves to the technology, unfortunately. No matter how we may despise the things when they play up we become more and more dependent upon it. I cried when I thought I'd lost everything when my little grandson tipped water (accidentally) over my macbook - more worried about the hard-drive than the rest of the laptop. Fortunately the hard drive was untouched! Hope you get sorted soon. Intrigued now....hurry up and spill the beans! Lx

  3. Gah! technology, brilliant when its an absoloute pain when it don't.

    Your Alfie is indeed worth his own cushion. He is so cute!

    I have to say the sewing bee thing passed me by. I am not much into competitive crafting (or anything really) It gives me the creeps and I think too much of the mean old textiles teacher we had at school. Enough to put anyone off! lol. The book might be a good idea though.

    Hope you get your laptop sorted soon. I want to know what lovely things you have been a stitching.

    P x

  4. Hi Lisa
    Blah to your laptop giving up the ghost! Ours died about 2 months ago and so we had to fork out some cash for another too. Hope you get it sorted out sometime soon. I love your Alfie blue, i had a blue budgie when i was about 10 and he was called smiley blue x I too am not a big telly fan but i did catch the sewing bee. Once again i am having a little chuckle about my curiosity over your crafty book selection x look forward to seeing all your delicious sewing x take care lovely Lisa xxx

  5. oh no nightmare...poor you! something weird is happening on my laptop too...can't upload photos to my blog and it's leaving those silly messages at the end of each post....bemused and given up trying!keep stitching away...makes all things better ...look forward to your ta daaa! x

  6. I know exactly how you feel when our laptop was stolen recently and the weeks it took for the insurance to come through felt like months! I need my daily bloggy fix of colour and joy too much. Love those big flower buttons, they are lovely and can't wait to see your final project. mel x

  7. Alfir Blue is just the cutest, best boy !!! Oh and I think I am going to like what has been jangling around in your head, can't wait to see it all!

  8. Alfie has the most gorgeous face, Harry is very jealous of Alfie's new bed and is insisting that he needs one too Julie x

  9. Well as and when your connection to the virtual world starts to behave itself there's always Iplayer, and it was a lovely show to watch, I haven't seen the book yet. But there's something to be said for a for ed switch off, and it looks like your creativity has enjoyed the extra time, I can't wait to see the intreguing results.

  10. Ah Alfie Blue so cute ... hope you get your laptop sorted technology is great until it stops working. Sarah x

  11. Oh Alfie Blue Oh Alfie Blue how I love you!!!
    He is just the sweetest boy....
    I meanwhile am so looking forward to seeing your tunics.....so make that naughty laptop behave!!

    bestest as ever to you... and Alfie Blue of course

    Daisy J

  12. Poorly Computer, ouch! I watch most of the programme, really just to see what Anne did, amazing woman....hasn't inspired me with sewing my own clothes, I'd look like a right idiot if I did with my sewing skills! Like what you're making Mrs Bobo Bun, looking forward to the reveal! :) x

  13. I confees to singing to my dogs too - glad I'm not the only one! Brown Eyed Girl and James Blunts You're beautiful are our favourite dog songs :)

  14. Oh my goodness...your blog here is delightful! XO

  15. We sing to our cat! I think he likes it! Technology is great when it's all working well, but god help us when it all goes wrong!

    Hope you get things sorted soon :)

  16. Love the name Alfie Blue ... my dog just gets "Mutton Head", and I don't believe anyone has ever sung a song to him. Nothing more frustrating than a computer with a mind of its own! Hope things get sorted out soon so that you can show the finished project :) Have a great day! Wendy


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