Saturday, 29 September 2012

A Wee Natter about This and that

Well how did that week fly past so quick? One blink and then it's all been and gone again. 

This week my mum gave me something precious of my dad's. She'd asked me ages ago if there was something of dad's that I'd like to have. Not an easy question to answer when what you really want is for everything to go back to how it was. Then as I was helping Little Bun with her maths homework last weekend, I remembered how I learnt to add numbers up to 15 so quickly. That led me to thinking about how dad had taught me to play crib on the old cribbage board that had been his grandparents.

We used to play a lot just the two of us. Another good memory to add to all of those that keep on popping up now and again. All I can remember of the game is counting up how many cards I'd have that added up to 15. Then as if by magic, on Tuesday my mum turns up with the crib board she'd found for me. Perfect timing in harmony with my memories. Now I just need to re-learn the rules so I can play the game with each of the Bun's and keep a tradition going as we were going to get dad to teach them when they were old enough.

After the work-a-day of the week Friday came not a minute too soon. A friend named Friday my respite day, which I pretty much guess it is. I sorted life stuff out first. Then I cuddled Pixie our rabbit and stared at the sky for a bit and watched the birds fly overhead while Alfie and the hens huddled round my feet. Bliss.

Next I decided a spot of happy shopping was needed. Cheery candles, yarn for wristwarmers and a few more annuals for winter reading by the fire all came back with me.

The purple and green yarn is planned to becomes wristwarmers for Little Bun. I chose her favourite shade of purple and set to click click click with my needles late last night.

First thing this morning something else with her in mind came in the posties van. Being a lover of all things purple, I knew she'd want something made from this wonderful purple and blue sheeting when I spied it on ebay. My head's thinking all manner of things from dresses to curtains. Not sure yet what it'll become, but I'm sure I'll know soon enough.

After the fabric excitement we were rushing off to Miss Rosey's school for her to help at the Open Morning. Little Bun had a look around herself as she'll be off to high school too next year. For Miss Rosey it was just a top morning with her new mates in the DT room. By the end of the morning she'd made an excellent red plastic clock in the shape of a cockerel's head. Little Bun, Mr and I had a good wander round, but spent far too much time sampling all the homemade biscuits by the kitchen. I wrapped quite a few in a napkin for later as I had the munchies bad.

When we got home I wanted a bit of sewing time, but couldn't settle to anything. I tried a dress out on Bell Bun, but it just wasn't working out right today. Instead I went for fabric chopping.

I've had another quilt in mind. Something simple, but slightly more advanced for me. I also made myself go back to the fabrics I haven't looked at for a while now. I needed to work with something completely different for this one I decided.

The plan is to make a flag shaped quilt which I found in Jane Brockett's quilty book. Instead of using white (for no other reason than I don't have any and I wanted to get going today) I decided some spots and ditsy florals as a contrast might work.

Now the fabric is chopped, I just need to make the triangles and plan where they're going and then off we go stitching it together on the machine. How I wish I didn't keep starting yet more things when there is so much looking at me saying do me first please.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Bells & Buns

At the moment life is demanding and exhausting which means I struggle to get on here and post as much as I'd like to. Life's all about getting the balance right isn't it and at the moment it's all very finely balanced to keep control. On Mondays and Fridays though I try to do what I love best and that's make stuff.

For a long time now Mr Bun's been telling me again and again I should make the bunnies I sketch into real blankety bunnies. This morning I finally kicked myself up the bum and started cutting out bunny body shapes from recycled blankets.

As the hours ticked by I found I'd handstitched a bunny body and a bunny head. I did also get slightly sidetracked for a while by cutting out the shapes for a dress from that lovely Liberty curtain fabric I showed you before.

Then I got back to stitching on my lady bunnies head and suddenly Bell Bun was born. She's very much in need of a day dress, pink shoes, frilly knicks and a woolly scarf to keep the autumn chills at bay and then I think she'll be ready to say hello properly.

I'm so glad that I have a man who believes in me and won't let me stop being me as sometimes we all need that kick up the bum don't we.

My other wee star tonight was Little Bun who wrote the most wonderful lesson plan for me for tommorow. She completely understands the learning difficulties faced by many of my students and how hard it is to engage their interest so she comes up with the most marvellous ideas. Not bad for a 10 year old. In return for her loveliness I made this Holly Hobby pillowslip for her the other day from fabric sent to me by Jane. Little Bun had been asking for something to be made from it for a while and she's pretty pleased with what I stitched up for her.

Well that's me until the weekend. See you then.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Of Fleas & Golf

My dad played golf for over 70 years and was very good at the game. He loved it so much that when he was looking for a new house for us when I was seven and one came up on the golf course he bought it straight away. I'd got all excited about all the ramshackle farms mum and dad were looking at. I'd just finished reading The Family at Hilltop Farm and imagined myself with a flock of hens and a pony of my own. Instead I had to wait until I was 40 for my hens as golf won over farming.  Then he bought my mum some clubs and she fell for the game too. Now she's the Lady President and she's sorted out lessons for her granddaughter's who seem to love it too. I was a disappointment I guess as I've never liked joining anything and didn't want to play golf beyond eat the nice cake they serve in the clubhouse. Now we're up at 8am to get the Bun's there on a Saturday and lie in's are distant dream I once had. Mind you it does mean we seem to fit a whole lot more in these days.

After a lovely breakfast at my mum's while the Bun's putted and did their stuff, we then headed off to the fleamarket. I was thrilled when I saw these cocktail swords. I loved playing with them when I was a kid so for 50p I made them mine.

Around the next corner were too many fabulous things that we just didn't have the pennies for, but there was a coat that beckoned me. For £12 an old Hennes coat, perfectly old fashioned in style for me and in my favourite shade of green. We all agreed that it should come home, probably because it's a whole lot less than the other coat I keep lusting after.

For the Bun's we turned up a few more Bunty's. We had planned to head off to a 50's Fest, but Alfie Blue won the day. I'm still upset we missed this as it sounded fabulous, but we'd just left him on his own for too long as it was. The perils of having furries I guess.

At home I put my head down and started stitching the binding to the edges of my Beautiful Brick Patchy quilt.

By midnight it was all stitched up and ready to go.

I'm really, really rather pleased with this one. Miss Rosey said she couldn't believe I'd actually made it. For me I notice all the wonky pieces aswell as the bits I like a lot. Now it's made I'm itchy to get going on another one, but I really want to try something a bit harder this time.

I had meant it to be for our bed, but I think we'll need it to snuggle under downstairs.  Mr Bun also lets Alfie Blue sleep on our bed when he thinks I don't know and he's pretty stinky. All that stitching to have a stinky dog sleep on it. I don't think so you know.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Weekly Whizz

Despite battling a yuckky cold, having to send a nervous Miss Rosey off into the woods for two days Ray Mears style Bushcrafting and just being generally here there and everywhere, it's been a good week. Our girl hates being away from home and found it difficult, but she did make a load more new friends which was the main reason for going. We're all really glad to have her back home tonight.

While I was out and about after work on Wednesday buying bed rolls and stuff for the Bushcraft Camp I sidestepped to the bookshop and got a book I'd thought about for a while.  Even though this book does teach you to knit (which I don't need), it has some gorgeous patterns in it (which I decided I did need), so I got it.

It's colourful and joyful with an originial twist on a lot of classic designs. I also like the idea of twisting the yarn around a card like this so I can see how the shades work together. Much better than the way I just line the balls up side by side.

Another book I've added to the pile this week has been a sewing book which has some great tips on altering clothes and a few simple patterns which I'll definately be using.

I bought The Simple Things for Mr Bun and I as there was so much for both of us to like in it. I didn't feel tempted by it when I'd had a quick look at it before it hit the stands, but I was very wrong. It's been lovely to dip into in the evenings and get into the autumn mood.

The monogrammed linen patches I found at the car boot a few weeks back got lost. Then they turned up again this week, I'm still not sure what I'll do with them yet.

I might use one of them to add a patch to the back of the soon to be finished and named patchy quilt. Everynight I've curled up to handstitch  a few more rows of coloured thread up and down and zig zagg along the floral bricks. All finally done today and so fingers crossed I'll find a mo to bind the edges so we can snuggle under it.

As we're still without heating, other than the woodburner my making thoughts have been turning to churning out more blankets to wander around wrapped up in. The granny stripe is coming along nicely indeed.  Bit questionable about whether it'll be ready in time for this winter though.

The other bit of warmth comes from my new cosy mustard cardi. My mind immediately paired up my cardi with the curtain's I bought at the plaintation garden market. I'm not decided yet if I should go for a dress or a quick skirt. Definately not floral trousers though as I want to use my brightest bluest tights this year.

Even though it's been a madly busy harum scarum kind of week where I thought it was all work and chores chores chores I'm glad it 
turns out there was a whole lot of colour and making stuff tucked away in there too.

Sunday, 9 September 2012


After a much needed lazier start to the day, we made the most of the fabulous late summer heatwave and headed off to the coast. Now I have an automatic car again Mr Bun could drive us at last (he has a dodgy kneecap that slips out - yuk - if he has to use a clutch). Mr Bun driving meant time for me to hook away and have a proper look at stuff on the way.

Such a relaxing and blissful journey made all the better when we parked right in front of this.

Aldeburgh is a favourite spot of ours and we couldn't think of a better place to visit on such a blue skied day. It's not easy to choose mind you as we have such varied and fabulous beaches to choose from in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Once we'd had our picnic my three lovelies went to paddle and skim stones. I'd promised to join them after a while, but I instantly fell asleep lulled by the sound of waves on shingle and a warm breeze on my face.

It was a mighty fine outdoor nap. Once I'd been jumped on and woken up we headed off down the prom, prom, prom towards the boating lake and the town. We love strolling along looking at all the different buildings and window shopping in the town. When we got there though, we changed our minds as there were far too many people about to make it peaceful.

On to plan 2 a bit earlier instead. We headed off to the local posh hotel for afternoon tea on the terrace with a sea view.  Fresh coffee, tea and scones to remind us that there's nothing more heavenly than a blue sky day in England.

There were so many things that made us roar with laughter today. Probably not PC enough to put on here as I'd hate to offend anyone. It was so good to relax and have a great day just the four of us not having to be anywhere or do anything we didn't want to do. 

A good set up for the week ahead methinks.

A dash of this and a dash of that

Now I know what running on empty feels like. Boy has it been a tiring and yet exciting week. After the car explosion incident Little Bun and I opted for a safe day at home on Tuesday.  I'd managed to get the day off so it was extra special and not to be wasted. With Miss Rosey starting high school on Monday and Little Bun not back until the Thursday it was lovely to have a few days just the two of us.

I'd bought a crafty kit for us to fiddle with on one of our weekly wanders. It was really easy to make which made it perfect to do while I had my hair dye on.

Once my roots were all done and the dye washed off, we headed off for a bike ride.  Past fields with perfect circlular bales of straw and hedgerows full of rosehips, blackberries and sloes all slowly ripening. Autumn is most definately not far round the corner.

On the last stretch we stopped at the village shop for sweets and then cut across the road to the honesty stall. Little Bun treated me to a bunch of dahlia's, she said for giving her such a lovely summer. We also bought some plums for her and nanny to share as she was staying at hers while we worked the next day.

I love this gate by the honesty stall. It's the entrance to a cottage that's no longer there, only the plot that it stood on remains. Horses graze in it occassionally and look over the gate post.

On Wednesday morning I had the bonus of being early to the car boot as Miss Rosey has to be at school by 8.15. I used to manage to get Wednesdays off so I could go booting, then my hours changed so I only ever manage I quick dash up a few rows.

My quick dash around turned up this wonderful print of a girl and her staring cat, some more tea cups and a wonderful stout mustard pot lady. I put her with my camp and ever so jolly chef as I'm hoping he might lighten her mood a bit.

After dashing through a week of extra early start and a parents evening on Tuesday night we had the added joy of driving Miss Rosey in to school very early and then back home again to drop Little Bun off and then back to where we went in the first place to go to work. Let's hope we can get Mr Bun a car sorted out soon. After school is like a military operation of who's picking up who from where. Only one more year and then hopefully they'll both be at the same school. We all fell asleep in front of a film at 9 on Friday night.

After having to do lots of early morning stuff on Saturday, I finally got to sit down with some of the crepe yarn I'd bought on Friday. Despite having a few unfinished hooky blankies on the go I've wanted to make a striped granny for a while now. I couldn't find the colours I was after in cheap yarn so I had to be patient. Now I wish I'd bought the hot pink as the colours look all wrong without it. Anyways, I've started, so if I ever have anything to show you'll be the first to know.

Just to add a spot of temptation your way, I thought I'd show you the teatowels I picked up in Primark that same day. They gave me something pretty to look at while I waded through some of the ironing I'd ignored all summer.

Here's hoping all went well with all of you and your children starting new things at school. Emotional, tiring and fun is how we can sum it up I guess. How many more weeks to half term?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Invasion of the Dolls

After the whirligig of Miss Rosey's birthday celebrations on Saturday I snuck off to a market for a wee while on Sunday. More of that in a mo. Thank you for all your well wishes to Rosey. First day of high school is behind us now. She came out on a high full of tales to tell. Little Bun and I had a wonderful day too around plain stupid annoying things happening.

Just after dropping Miss Rosey at school the exhaust blew on my car (which has so many things wrong with it it's getting daft) the driver's window broke and glass fell all over me. We parked in John Lewis as they have camera's there, even though Mr Bun said it might be better if someone nicked the bloody thing. A lovely man from the shop cleaned the glass up for me and off we went to do our jobs. In the middle of this my phone stopped working, I was seconds from hitting the floor and having a tantrum, but we were in the apple store and it's better to pretend to be cool in there.

Later we went to the park with friends for picnic and a play which brighened our day no end. Then it was back to driving the clown car and collect our girl from school. Tonight we get a new car. My mum is getting a new car and she offered me her old one weeks ago. I was beyond thrilled as you can imagine, so please let my jallopy just manage one more journey.

Now back to Sunday. Between my mum leaving and dropping Rosey's friend home and other friends arriving I managed to sneak off to an antiques market. To be honest it wasn't that wonderful. Lots of lovely things, but not much to really grab me with a few snooty sellers who I didn't want to give my money to. I did buy one thing which I'll show you another day. For now I wanted to show you the sailor doll I bought from a much more interesting shop. Vintage Mischief was open so I popped in there to make my outing worthwhile. 

Mr Bun adores dolls, creepy looking ones are a favourite. For a while he's been after a sailor doll, so when I saw this fella hiding on the desk under some other stuff I was thrilled and hoped he was for sale. Now I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but my man was over the moon. One of his favourite films is Dead of Night. It's a dark film for Ealing films. In one short story, amongst many others, Michael Redgrave's life is made hell by his ventriloquist's dummy. 

The moment sailor boy came home he ran off to clear a space for him with George, William and Wee Wee Boy. I bought George (with the crown) from Daniella (of Acorn & Will when she came to one of my Pick 'n' Mix Makers Markets). We adore him as he's sweet, rather like the Lost Prince. His sidekick and sometimes irritant is wee William (also from Daniella later on).  Daisy (who I showed you in the last post visits the boys now and again).

Other dolls that live here and there around the house are Gladys, Johnny, Bell and the Babies.

The dolls I love best and collect for me are Kewpie dolls. These are from the left May, Mabel, Maudie and Moo.

Last to show you is Wee Wee Boy. Basically we bought him because he made the Buns roar with laughter when they were younger. His shorts are broken now from too much tugging down, but he used to fire water (wee) at whoever pulled his shorts down.

Now he has the indignity of being bare downstairs and his head falls off most days. No wonder he looks like he does.

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