Monday, 30 August 2010

Glitz & Blitz

The weekend kicked off with a parcel of uplifting vintage fabric from Sal coming through the letterbox. I'd ordered a couple of cheery prints and a pack of odds and ends. Sal so thoughtfully popped in a few other bits to make the parcel even more exciting.

These are my favourite oddments from the scraps pack. Laying them out like this has given me the idea to use them in an uneven patchwork for a cushion or a quilt? Probably a quilt as we're already feeling chilly and might be badly in need of it's warmth very soon.

We quickly changed the plans we had for Sunday when we saw one of the local museums had a Village at War weekend planned called Glitz & Blitz. We were all going to dress up, but it was so freezing and the rain and wind were torrential at times so we dressed with a vintage nod on the top half and C21st jeans and Doc Martens at the bottom.

We were given Identity Papers and Ration Cards for the Bun's to exchange for sweets when we arrived. As we walked in, the first thing that we saw on the edges of an army camp was this fabulous caravan.

Seeing this Austin Seven reminded me of the stories my Dad tells of his childhood in the early 1930's. My favourite is about their visits to London zoo driving up in their Austin Seven. They always stopped at St John's Wood to have a picnic breakfast to break up the journey. Looking at the size of the car I should think Dad and Aunty Betty were glad to get out for a bit.

As we walked to the main marquee I was drawn to this scene of a lady with two vintage prams carrying dollies.

There were fabulous vintage clothes collections to look at and a bit of have a go glamour. Mr Bun drew on a Spiv's moustache and the Bun's had some fun with red lippy.

I wished my hair was still long as I would have loved to have had it styled by Flamingo Amy.

When we went outside the rain was awful so we ran pretty quickly to the village sweet shop to claim the Bun's sweetie ration.

We rode out the storm by watching film reels of Norwich in 1945 and Public Information films on farming and Air Raids. The Sergeant came in to check our papers just to make sure we were who we said we were. Then we popped back to the Marquee to hear a group we love go through numbers of the day, including a mean George Formby number. Little Bun always giggles when her daddy sings her 'When I'm Cleaning Winders' so she smiled all the way through.

Storm over and off to the farm for the Village Fete preparations.

It felt as if we were in an episode of Darling Buds of May with the Girl Guides camp and the fairground all set up in the meadow. The Bun's tried out all the rides.

I stood and had a think about how much I hated Girl Guide camping. In fact pretty much all of it as I was thrown out in the end without a badge to my name. I've never been a team thingy person.

Before we headed back for cakes we visited the farm. In the farmhouse chocolate truffles were being made out of mashed potato and other goodies out of whatever rationing allowed.

As for the animals, a couple of calves had been born the month before and the Piglets we'd seen in May were bigger and needed a good scratch.

Our last view of the farm was of a pair of Suffolk Punch horses ploughing a field as we headed back feeling so happy and content after such a feel good day.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Itty Bitty

So far this week we've done a bit of this and a bit of that. It's all been good, except for that bad bad August weather that has cast a chill over us all. Luckily the rain kept away for Car Boot Wednesday - hurray I said as I haven't been able to go for a couple of weeks. The Bun's weren't as thrilled until they found the thing they'd searched for all summer long. A big green plastic Barbie car was spotted and then they believed in the power of the CB to deliver.

I only brought home toys too. I rescued a wee rabbit lost in a box badly in need of a wash and a home. I couldn't resist the dancing sailors on this toy fan so in the basket that went too.

Someone else came back too and now sits happily with his friend on the cheery shelf.

I found a squeaky Big Ears to match the Noddy Mr Bun bought for me. Sadly I was very happy indeed.

Around playing in corn mazes, bike rides, visiting friends and a day of work I've been stitching and planning for Eldest Bun's birthday. Some of the stash has filled up a basket to inspire me as I picked fabrics to use.

She has asked for a new bag so I've designed a buckety hold it all type for her with pockets at the front. Before I sew it all up I'm stitching a design on the front to make it unique to her and her name.

We've also agreed to her having her ears pierced. She thinks this is the best most grown up thing ever. Depsite the fact that I've got five piercings in my ears I still can't get my head around my perfect unblemished little girl having holes in her ears, but what the heck it's not that big a deal really in the scheme of things.

Now more stuff to do as I chase my tail yet again. Bank holiday weekend is coming with lots of great plans, just hope that wet stuff keeps away for a while longer.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Stitchery & a Bit of Mystery

I seriously missed stitching while I was away. I took my ripple to work on and added a wave or two while the Bun's ate breakfast, but for the other quiet times I did an odd thing which I don't normally do and just sat still.

Saturday morning I pulled out a library book I've had for a while now Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Eldest Bun was badly in need of jammie bottoms and being tall for almost ten (she's 5ft 6" already) the choice for clothes suitable for a little girl gets limited. I struggle to keep her looking trendy enough (to keep her happy) and not looking older than she is (to keep us happy) when I have to buy 14 year old or even size 8 clothes for her.

Searching in my stash I found enough Daisy print by Amy Butler to run up the jammies. We were both thrilled with the end result and they've been worn ever since. They were so easy to run up that I'm going to make a pattern up for each of us so we can have some cosy winter ones each. Maybe a von Trapp family look, all matching would be just the thing!

I haven't made clothes since I was at art college and used to run up things from fabric I'd printed. I'd forgotten just how satisfying it is and with two tall gorgeous daughter's to dress I might need to do a bit more of it.

The other bit of stitchery took up the rest of Saturday. Since seeing Nanny McPhee's Big Bang I've had this idea rambling in my head and it's finally come out. Not fully finished yet, but we're nearly there. The idea is to make a fabric ribbon tie for my waist and add this brooch to the side of it to wear with dresses.

I loved making all the tiny yo yo's from faded scraps of fabric and then stitching them all together. Mr Bun thinks they look like balloons and said it's his favourite make of mine so far. He always says that about each new thing I make which is lovely.

Now late on Saturday I had an urge to take my lot on a mystery tour. I booked a boat trip for early Sunday morning, packed them all in the car and off we went.

We parked up by this fabulous Arts & Crafts house, which had originally been built as a holiday home in 1904. I can see why they chose this spot as How Hill House has amazing views out across the Norfolk Broads from here.

Anyway no dawdling as we were on a 10am boat trip so we needed to run to get our tickets from Toad Hole Cottage (where the Marshmen used to live).

We popped in later on to have a look round.

Luckily it was only us on the boat with the Broads guide, so it was as peaceful as could be. We started out on the main wider broad and then dipped away in the narrow dykes lined with reeds running along behind it.

Dragonflies danced along with us the whole way. Halfway along we got out to walk to a bird hide and have a look see and then back on our boat to come back for a walk.

We started out from Toad Hole Cottage and walked across a water meadow, followed dykes and rambled through woodland.

We crossed bridges and found a few blackberries to munch on the way.

Until we got back to the large meadow in front of How Hill House and collapsed with our picnic lunch. Little Bun sat and caught fairies, we even shut our eyes and laid in the sun for a bit before we were talked into a game of catch.


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Blighty at it's Best

After a week's camping the Bun's and I are back. A bit grubbier than when we left, full of the fun we had and glad to be back home - me with my man and the Bun's with their daddy and furry friends.

We did all the proper seaside stuff - funfairs, penny arcades, candyfloss, tons of chips, icecream and games of crazy golf.

Dune jumping holding big rubber rings kept them busy for a while.

Then they hopped on board their inflatables and sailed along this channel of water just in from the sea. My mum and I laid back, shut our eyes and had a lovely time just being. That is until the most deserted beach in the universe had ten teenagers appear on it. Guess where they sat.

Amazingly I loved the crazy golf. You need to realise I have an almost psychopathic hatred of the game. The gate at the bottom of my folks house opens onto a golf course, they bought it because of this so they could nip out to play whenever. Dad has played since he was 14 so that's 70 years of it now and mum's been playing since forever. I hated it though. The only bit I loved was the powdery old ladies who bought me coconut slices and other delicious handmade cakes at the teas after a game. I was a sulky kid who refused to hit the ball properly when I had lessons. It obviously went in though as I showed the Bun's how to hold the putter properly and how to stand. I got quite competitive.

So maybe it's an age thing?

One of my favourite parts of the whole break was watching the sun set at low tide. The beach and the light was breathtaking and made me feel overwhelmed really by the beauty and power of nature. I forgot my camera and so I took some stunning shots on my phone. I haven't got a clue how I get them from there to here though, so you'll have to take my word for it.

See you soon.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Little Bit of What You Fancy

This morning I woke thinking of all the things I should be doing and then I got up and did all the stuff I wanted to be be doing. After breakfast we all made a paper lantern, but then forgot to decorate them with all the glitz and glitter they really need.

Instead of making lunch, I made a yummy cake to use up the fat raspberries lurking in the fridge.

I spent quite a bit of time daydreaming and stroking this small bundle.

Finally I did attack a spot of my to do list. I went through Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market emails and postage before filling up the shelves of my workshop. If you fancy taking a peek to see some of my new makes then just click on the link here or on the sidebar.

I've added some Patchy Cushions and a few Bits & Bobs Purses amongst other things.

It was lovely reading your comments about my dentist trip. Thanks for those. The pain wasn't so bad as having the bleach pour through the guard into my mouth. I tasted like a swimming pool for a good while. So alluring for Mr Bun.

Now I'm off with the wee Bun's for a few days beach trip with Grandma so I'll be back in a weeks time. Lets hope this rain clears off and we all have our summer back again. Oh and before I go I had a small request. Eldest Bun wants some CD's for her birthday, now as I like a mix of Dean Martin and Iggy Pop for starters I guess I haven't really got a clue what an upcoming 10 year old might like. Could you help me out please with some suggestions. Is it Pixie Lott and Paloma Faith or am I way off mark? Thanks a lot. X

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Soothing My Nerves

For the last ten days my teeth and my car have been in a lot of pain. I think my car has been in pain a lot longer really, but I just turned the music up louder to drown out the noises it was making. In the end she said please be nice to me or I'll stop working completely. So one fat bill later and she's a happy thing. Now for the teeth. I'm writing this between dentist visits to keep me busy. An hour ago I found out that my pain is caused by a bad nerve which needs pulling out. It sounds really horrible and really painful if you ask me. Mr Bun is coming to hold my hand when we head back in an hour.

So humour me and we'll have a look at some pretty and happy stuff to take my mind off drills, needles and large bills. Smart lamb came back from the carboot yesterday. He was our only buy as we left early after having seen a friend with terribly sad news. Suddenly wandering around a field lost it's meaning. I'm not being upbeat enough yet am I.

If I need upbeat this picture really does it for me. In fact the whole Bun gang loves it. I swapped it with Teena on Sunday for some of my Rosa china. One day soon my drill will be out and it will go up on the wall, but for now it looks perfect behind this lustre duck. I was given him on Sunday too by another friend who has stalls at most of the markets I do.

To add to our growing ladybird collection I was given some of the Reading scheme books by another friend who we met at the beach. The old school the Bun's used to be at was having a clear out and luckily she rescued these for me before they hit the bonfire (I know, can you believe it).

Finally a buy from Teena for Mr Bun the only tea drinker here. I keep promising to knit or crochet a tea cosy for him, but we didn't have the just so pot, now I have no excuses. Well I do have a few I guess. Eldest Bun is ten on the 1st of September so presents to start making for her, orders to make up, workshop to load up with goodies and we're also off for a few days at the beach on Monday. Let's just get that nasty tooth business out of the way first shall we.

Monday, 9 August 2010

A Vintage Lovers Weekend

We've just had the most wonderful weekend. Managed not to spend any pennies, but found some and still have a few treats to show for my bartering skills.

On Saturday we headed to Norwich to see Glory Days open for its first day of trading. We parked at the back of an old warehouse which meant we had a lovely walk through the building having a browse at the fleamarket going on inside.

A bit further up the road we crossed the bridge over the river and then Ruth's shop was there in front of us.

The sea.side window display has Little Bun's favourite cat basking for all to see. She's made by Sasha who also sells at our Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for our Christmas market.

Inside the shop everyone was enjoying the joyful atmosphere that Ruth has managed to create. Mr Bun, like me, likes stuff, so he loved looking at all the bits and bobs and could have bought a thing or two.

We headed off to Pizza Express for a late lunch and then on the way back Mr Bun picked up a £2 coin and then a bit later Little Bun handed me a £5 note she found rolled up on the floor. How odd and lucky. We spent it on sweets and grown up fizz.

Sunday was an early one as Olly landed on my chest at 5.30am. By 7.30am I was all glamed up and ready to drive up to North Norfolk with Teena for Little Vintage Lover Fair.

I was thrilled with how my stall looked and pleased that I sold one of my patchy cushions. I'll be putting the other cushions and some of my Bits & Bobs Purses into my workshop later this week.

I just had to show you this beautiful French china on another stall, isn't it pretty.

There were some wonderful stalls there as usual, with everyone having a great time. It's always good to catch up with people I haven't seen for a while and have a chat. You might have seen Julie who writes Beach Bygones blog in Homes & Antiques a couple of months ago. Such a shame that the bright sun has bleached out the view of her fabulous stall.

Inbetween the chatting, eating and selling I found a bit of time to work a few rows of the ripple blanket.

Then I was joined by T. While she stitched and I rippled we laughed about a few things from the day and agreed we'd had a good day. Might be all the bits and pieces we bartered between each other that made us feel so happy. Or was it the shandy at the pub on the way home?

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