Monday, 18 September 2017

New convert to the Overall

Before I continue with my sewing catchup I thought I'd share with you my latest and most exciting make, one that I've worn every day since I finished the stitchery.  I'd seen various instagrammer and blog sewers sporting their versions of The Wearing History Overalls and loved them instantly. I queried am I too old, will I look an idiot, will I feel like an idiot wearing them? That's the problem with the memory I have of my cousin and her boyfriend in matching 1970's brown cord dungarees, they totally put me off one piece trouser anything, but I'm being won over. I thought these fit my love of the 1940's as Lauren has taken them from an original pattern of the period and updated it. I also fell for the fact that they show off your figure and have that gorgeous heart shaped front bodice. 

So I knew I had to have a pair and pressed buy on the digital download button. That way I had the pattern instantly to use, well after cutting and taping of course. As soon as I'd bought them, we all got struck down with the Novovirus so we had to write off the last week of the summer holidays totally. The first week back to school for Millie and for Rosey starting Sixth form was super busy and then finally I had my moment. I made my pattern up and then my lovely man gave me the money to buy the denim.

I was even most well behaved and washed the cloth first. I know you should do this each and every time, but I'm sometimes impatient and just get on with the whole making process.

Then I did something I never ever do. I actually made a Toile. Most definitely not a wearable toile because there's no way I'm going out in public in thin see through floral bedsheet overalls. 
Making the Toile helped me check lots of fitting issues I thought I might have being as I'm 6ft with a longish torso and my bust is a few dress sizes up on my body. I knew I'd have to lengthen the legs but actually this was only by a smidgen, the rise definitely needed lengthening as they were a bit high in the crotch and the straps needed lengthening slightly. Everything else fitted well so all good there I thought.

Once I'd made the Overalls up in the stretch denim I'd chosen I did have to do a few more alterations as this cloth handles very differently to thin cotton. As I wanted a fitted shape at the bust and waist I took in the underbust darts another inch on both. That meant I had to unpick the waistband I'd so neatly topstitched in place so I could move that along too. I'm so glad I did because I got the look I was after once all that was done.

To neatly edge top of the front and back bodice I made up some bias binding from the denim and that rolled along nicely by mitrering into each of the V points

I'm amazed by how straightforward these were to make as they look quite complicated, but don't let that put you off. I cut the pattern out the night before, had a bit of late night sewing and then finished them the next day. Luckily my mum was coming over for lunch so I asked her to buy me the buttons I'd totally forgotten to get. 

That was on Friday and first thing on Saturday I popped them on. From the moment I wore them I felt utterly comfortable and good in how they looked.  

I love the big button design over a placket to do them up, but when I needed a wee they certainly weren't quick to get out of, so best to get there before I'm desperately hopping from foot to foot, A friend put a zip in hers for this reason and I think if I make another pair then thats what I'll do too. 

The other super cute part of this pattern are the wide straps that cross over at the back. 

I wore them first over a 1950's blouse I'd made, then a t-shirt, but both with different cardi's for warmth and then in the evening opted for wearing them on their own which gives a nice bit of cleavage to make them a tiny bit more dressy. They look great with converse, brogues and boots too so they're really easy to mix and match.

Have you guessed that I'm really in love with this make. 

Overalls - Wearing History Pack B size 20 
2.5m stretch denim and Six buttons.


  1. They look fabulous! Lovely work indeed, and so good that you enjoy wearing them.

  2. fabulous darling!!!! oh' they are grand! you are such a pro at your sewing makes x

  3. perfect ! they look fabulous, the buttons do make them a bit of a struggle just dont get caught short! ill be wearing mine to the festival of fabric :)

  4. Gosh , they are nice ! Think I had a red pair in the eighties ( maybe - ooh it's long ago - was it a dream ) 💫 🤔 Think you'll be making more of these .. Pretty fab and quite cool 😎 if I say so myself ! ❤️

  5. These are amazing! Love them so much x

  6. Hell... they were certainly worth all the work, they look stunning on! x


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