Thursday, 3 March 2016

Happy Shopping

Long before the advent of the 5p plastic bag charge I started making Happy Shopper bags out of beautiful barkcloth and vintage cottons. 

I made my first one six years ago now and then sent it off to it's delighted new owner. Many more bags have been sent hither and thither over the years. 

A couple of months ago I fired up my machine to start making Happy Shoppers again.  I was thrilled to hear from a lady in Australia who wanted to buy another one to add to her first which is still going strong and being adored. It was wonderful as a maker to know that something I've made and sold is still used and loved. Handmade goods have a part of the maker in them. A lot of love and thought goes into the making of each item, so it's unavoidable. To know they bring a bit of sunshine to someone else is a very good thing to hear. 

The hardest part of making these bags has been adding to my stash to ensure I've got a steady supply of beautiful fabrics to use. 

How awful it is searching markets and online for beautiful fabrics. Ah well, someone has to do it don't they!

The other very difficult bit is sharing it, but that's why I buy a lot of what I do. I choose fabrics that catch my eye that I know I will love working with and that will be loved by their new owners when they become a new thing.

Our new home is up and running so I've commandeered the dining room as my workspace. 
At present I'm between jobs and suddenly Bobo Bun is coming back to life as a small business once more. Rather than completely planning it, it just happened to me once I think all the business of the past year or so had been boxed away. I have lots of plans and am busy beavering away on all sorts of things. All the same I think I shall have to find a part-time teaching job eventually, but for now I'm trying to use my time to make what I love work for me. 

Working from home means I'm also here if my man stops by with a delivery for me. Funny that I was working on red rose fabric at the same time. Serendipity.

Once I've cut and stitched together the main bag, there's the serious business of choosing the perfect spotty lining and stitching together my labels.

I love each part of making these bags as I'm surrounded daily in a sea of colour and textile history.

I've even been adding to my vintage towelling collection so I can offer some Happy Shoppers in these too. After all they're not just for shopping, but for days out, taking crafty things and work stuff here and there too.

Alongside the Happy Shoppers that I make and sell through instagram, I've also received a few commissions for  bags in favoured fabrics. 
This one was for a surprise gift which I duly posted off. 
I was really pleased to hear this morning that it is loved.

Another favourite fabric has been this gorgeous mustard cut from a beautiful 1950's bedspread. I've made a fair few bags from it and now and only have the frilled edging left to play with.

Each scrap always get used up somehow or other mind you. 

I've had a few requests to sell the scraps from my making. This morning the talented Pompombelle (instagram) let me know she had finished creating another beautiful creature of hers. Seaside Sally wears a skirt and hat adorned with one of the fabric scraps she bought from me. 

Isn't it wonderful how we are keeping all these beautiful throws, curtains, bedspreads and fabrics alive by re-using them to bring colourful splashes to our everyday. 
Boy I do love vintage fabric.


  1. O my I love your bags they are beautiful indeed. I would like to consider purchasing one. You say you sell them on instagram? The mustard one is so pretty as well as the rose one, I'm a rose girl.. How do I find you on instagram.. Have a wonderful day with love Janice

  2. Lovely lovely things given a new life so inspiring, and very strong of you to part with such gorgeous pieces. Have a few bits you may like for more happy shoppers my friend xx

  3. You have a really good eye for fabrics!

  4. LOVE those bags,especially like the spotty lining.

  5. Lovely to hear you are emerging fully again, Lisa, and re-connecting with the things that made you happy previously. I felt the faint glimmerings myself, after a year away from my sewing room (other things having piqued my interest, oh the trials of ADHD!!) and I am at the note-making stage of the inspirational journey! Good luck with the shoppers. Lx

  6. I LOVE my mustard rose bag, it makes me smile every morning when I pack it with my lunch and other bits and bobs that won't fit into my handbag. Towelling versions are a GENIUS plan for summer, the perfect beach bag! Ouch. This could become an expensive new habit! Xx

  7. I love mine very much and use it everyday , your choice of fabrics and patterns are stunning, they make me smile x

  8. You have lovely fabrics, but the two blue bags are especially beautiful, keep on doing what makes you happy. x

  9. You have lovely fabrics, but the two blue bags are especially beautiful, keep on doing what makes you happy. x

  10. Hi Lisa, did you get my email sent to your email address with question please, or did it go into your spam ?

  11. Your choice of fabrics is awesome! Very lovely market bags. Diane

  12. Love your blog and also follow you on Instagram xx

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

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