Tuesday, 23 February 2016

This 'n That

Well it's certainly been a colourful few weeks here. Full of lovely people, flowers, fabric and interesting places to visit.

A friend and I met for lunch at a stunning cafe by the sea called Margo's. 
It was a real feast for the eyes and we managed a good old chin wag and giggle too.

Even the toilet was a real treat. Some can be real hell holes, but this was one to linger in

I only wish it was on my doorstep as I'd be visiting far too often.

Another lunch with another friend followed by a flea market mooch turned up the perfect bookcase. I'd been needing one for a while, so I was thrilled to find this old wheeled library trolley. 

Come Spring and licks of paint will be going on this and lots of other furniture needing a freshen up.

There's been chilly strolls by the coast with my love. As well as a flying visit to London to sort out a passport.

He's been filling my world with flowers, which I can tell you is very appreciated indeed. 
A single rose delivered as I cut out rosy barkcloth for the Happy Shopper bags I've been back making again. More of them in my next post.

On another quick trip out to get more lining fabrics for my bags I made sure I walked that little bit further to visit a favourite shop of mine, Junk & Gems. Just the window alone makes me stop a while to enjoy the visual pleasures.

I came away with a few fabric treats, as well as this little angel who plays Silent Night and flickers her candle.

In between general life stuff I've been faffing our home to get it just as we like it. I think it's nearly there. Just need the pictures and shelves up and we're cooking with gas.

I've started on the new lampshades to make sure I have more of my favourite fabrics on show.

Found the ideal spot for dingy dangly hangings 

and even found the perfect rug to cheer up the sitting room. Please excuse the eldest teen's non-verbal communication. 

The rest of the month has been filled with fabric finds. 

A huge amount was found and some left too as I ran out of money at Little Vintage Lover Fair on Valentines day. A perfectly perfect day by the sea chatting, being with my love and oohing and aahing   at beautiful things followed by a lovely evening. Life certainly has moved on. 


  1. Nice fabric finds. How do you store? I am struggling with a solution to stash storage, it so easily gets in a mess.

  2. Aaaargh!
    Your post is good for the soul!
    Thank you for sharing xxx

  3. Lovely colourful post, Lisa. As for all that fabric…. I've reached the point I never thought I'd get to - I need to make a HUGE cull and get rid of lots of my STUFF! I don't know, it just crept up on me gradually. Enjoy yours while you are young enough to still feel enthusiastic about huge mounds of cloth! L xx

  4. Oh my goodness Lisa, there's soooooo much fabric envy going on here! ;) xxx

  5. It is so good to see you posting in this light-hearted manner!

  6. And I've seen your fabric cupboard !! And fabric piles here and there to :)
    I handled with care 😝

    1. My smiley face as gone to a ?? But you get the drift ! I love the orange fabric to! If there is a space on the curtain... X

  7. Beautiful fabrics and your home looks so lovely!Where is Junk and Gems?

  8. Margo's! My favourite nearby cafe! Missed the little vintage fair as had guests, but loving your fabric haul! Can I also ask ,where is junk and gems?

  9. If you google Junk and Gems you will see their website and shop details in Norwich (Magdalen Street).

  10. Wow ! Very nice,,,i really like it..
    kristen stewart hot

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