Monday, 25 January 2016

And suddenly it just came back again

Just after Christmas the urge to make things came back big time. 
The very opposite to having to give an addiction up, I was waiting for my creative addiction to come back again. 

And it has.

I'm so thrilled. My mum is thrilled. My girls are thrilled. My best mate is thrilled. My man is thrilled. 
It's a big part of me and it just got lost in all the debris of the past year. I wondered if I'd ever feel the desire to make anything again. 

For my first stitchery treat I whipped up an Arielle skirt by Tilly and the Buttons in a dark denim.
This is such a fabulous pattern. Great to make up and even better to wear. It hugs right up into the waistline and for an extra bit of sass I moved the buttons over to give a tighter wiggle.
I've worn it lots and lots and also made another one in black and a patterned red and blue one too.

If you've been tempted by this pattern then I'd say definitely give it a whirl as you won't be disappointed. 

As my dress size has dropped this year too, dresses I made before had been relegated to the not being worn pile. I got onto this problem a couple of weeks ago with one of my favourites, my Townie dress. A few alterations later and it was soon back in action again.

Then there's another Tilly and the Buttons pattern which I bought yonks back and have finally made up. 

For the Orla top I chose a Tania Whelan red hearts fabric that I've had  in the stash for a while. 

Now this was a joy to stitch up too. Even those curved front darts, which give a flattering shape once you get them to fit just so.

The best part about this pattern though is the beautiful snowdrop collar. 
To be truthful I don't like the shorter sleeve style. Might just be that it doesn't suit me, who knows? All the same I re-drafted those to a shape that I prefer. 

There it is then, the finished article being worn on our one and only chilly snowy day in Norfolk. Being a sensible kind of lady I made sure I wore my vest too to keep any risk of chills off my chest.

Last week I was busy stitching a new Mr Bobo Bun. My man's birthday was looming and I wanted him to have a little fellow of his own. 

The wee mouse that I'd bought to turn into a brooch climbed up on to his shoulder and refused to budge. How could I separate them? Two new friends that went off to their new home together and much loved from the off.

My stitching pile already has a man's shirt waiting for finishing flourishes and another Orla which needs fitting adjustments.

Then there's the Happy Shoppers I've started making again, all cut out on Friday to sell.

My minds racing ahead to the next few projects too. 
So yes, I think most definitely I'm back in the making saddle once more and enjoying it thoroughly.

And I always make sure I have a rest now and again with cake and hot choccy too. 

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