Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Listening & learning


I've been musing and mulling over ideas of late.

Taking time to listen, think and notice what's around me.

A friend recently shared the Dalai Lama's words with me and they hit me with their simplicity.

"When we talk, we are only repeating what we already know. But if we listen, we may learn something new."

Window gazing.

Walking from here to there I happened upon this little mouse practising her juggling skills.

I spotted the most exquisite dress in a vintage shop.

Gathering my thoughts together while I look about.

Despite the heavy bank holiday rain the dealers came out to trade and so I went off to see what fabrics and trims might be about.
Slim pickings of some beautiful barkcloth, but great to meet up with friends and chat to other inspiring artisans. More about that on my next post.
The rest of the bank holiday was spent trying out ideas for workshops which involved running up a couple of new tops.
A Red Riding Hood from Burda 7203 found on Treefall blog.
Then followed by this Pussy Bow Blouse in some beautiful lightweight 1940's cotton.
There wasn't enough for sleeves so I carefully bound the armholes.

All in an a day. With a bit of cursing too.

I've also been busy gathering fabrics to offer more Happy Shoppers for sale. These have both arrived with their new owners .

Last week a friend texted me to say Milk & Moss Coffee were searching for makers to run creative workshops in their cafe. Rather than think about it I messaged Sophie the owner of the cafe straight away. Usually following your instinct is the best way.
We met up, chatted ideas and that's how I will be running a Felt Floral Brooch workshop there on Thursday 21st between 7 to 9pm. For £30 you'll have one to one tuition, all the materials you'll need plus a hot drink and slice of cake.
Spaces are limited so please get in touch here, by email or via my Instagram page if you fancy coming along. It would be lovely to meet you.


  1. It is so important to take these moments to breathe and take things in. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!x

  2. Those wise words reminded me that I used to tell my girls that we have two ears but only one mouth because ears are supposed to work twice as hard! Your workshop sounds right up my street but sadly not a street nearby...good luck with your new venture. xx

  3. Looks like a creative path might just be opening up to you Lisa, exciting times (yes I know scary too) ahead! :) xxx

  4. Very exciting. I keep thinking that I should get off my backside and do something similar but I am being pathetic about it.

  5. Exciting times!! Go for it. I will be there to make my felt brooch, i bought a new coat especially to put it on!!

  6. good luck, well done for stepping into it! x

  7. Good luck with the workshop and I adore that mouse! xxx

  8. What beautiful makes indeed!
    Wishing you lots of luck with your workshop, I know it will be fab!

  9. How true. I remember being told once that God made us with two ears and only one mouth for a reason. It looks as though you have been busy! Hope you have a lovely weekend. x

  10. Just lovely. I love that you referred to the mouse as a she. Xxxooo

  11. I am so happy you are keeping on. I know these past months have been hard for you and I'm excited to know that you are moving on with your plans. I am happy your house sold. I know you are sad to leave it but there is something better in your future. Your workshop sounds exciting and if I wasn't on this side of the pond, I'd like to try it. Looking forward to the pattern for the blanket. I didn't know Vanessa but she must have been a remarkable woman. Everyone in blog land talks about her in glowing terms. Sending you lots of hugs. Sharon


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