Thursday, 30 April 2015

Life in all it's finery

I've a whole of stuff to share with you today. Good lord how ever did I find the time to go to work? Whilst I do need to find a job very soon, for now I'm making the most of this unexpected break.
I've been busy catching up with friends, following leads for work with people I know. It's who you know they say, not what you know after all. But then, wouldn't they find out you didn't know much if that was really true? Ideas have been mulled, things are being made and big changes are afoot.
Now before I get going telling you all my news, I have to say your responses to my post about Vanessa were very touching. I'm going to go and put a reply to each of them next promise. If I say here how I really feel it risks sounding gushy, I'm not gushy, but I'm honest so thankyou for your kind words and for stopping by to visit as you do.

Right off we go.
Somehow, with all this extra time off I've had plenty of fabric, plenty of plan, but little time for stitching. I have cut out and started the Elizabeth dress from the Burda vintage book. I plan to make a colourful net to wear underneath too.

One thing that took a bit if time was putting our home up for sale the week after Easter. Lots of tidying and sprucing to look less like we live here! In a week and a half we had lots of viewings and then last Friday a lovely couple looked around and then two hours later offered the full asking price.

Our Millie is a believer in Christianity, plus touches of Buddhism. I tend more towards my own spirituality, but we've always encouraged our girls to have faith in their own beliefs. She told me later that in Christian Union club at school on Friday they were asked to say a prayer for something important to them. Millie told me yesterday she'd prayed our house would sell. She was a bit shocked when it happened.

This helps me worry a bit less about her. My eldest Rosey just wants to move on and start our new life, for all her strength she's sensitive underneath, very like her mum. Millie is the more genuinely kind one of us all. The empathetic girl who always responds to and thinks of others needs before her own. I've worried that she might become hardened by all of this, but perhaps it's just growing up that does that anyway. She hasn't wanted to leave our magical home where so many memories are stored. Neither do I, but sometimes you just have to be realistic and face facts don't you. Her prayer reassured me a bit that she's doing ok.

These are from the agents details of our home. I thought you might like a quick look round. I also want to store our memories away in the right boxes so we can return if we wish.

Right enough of that emotional stuff and on to the next thing.
Last week I made my first ever carrot cake. Now isn't that news indeed. Millie's been asking me for ages to bake one. Well I assumed they were a whole lot of faff. Turns out it wasn't. The faff was that it got eaten in less than two days so a bigger ones needed next time.

Other discoveries have been a double crochet blanket in Oxfam, plus a very interesting book with writing exercises.

I found out that by mixing the blue bottle with the pink bottle I had a very drinkable drink.

A new little friend has been coming to bed with me this week too. It doesn't snore or insist on absolute darkness either.

In bed of an evening I've been stitching together the squares for my quarter of the Do You Mind if I Knit Blanket.

I've also got distracted by more fabric, more blinking ideas.
How could I resist?

As I'm typing this I've just had a text asking me to go out for the evening. Let's get glammed up I was told . Seems I might need this sassy dress soon after all.
I'm moving from being wife and mum to younger girls, to having teenage daughters who are growing into very wonderful young ladies and being Lisa. It's all very exciting really when you ignore the scary bits.

I also came across this on Facebook, it describes me perfectly.
Rules have always driven me insane.
I've been ignoring them most of my life when I can. I intend to carry on doing so.
Number 4 on the list sums up how I always listen to my instincts first. Thank heavens I did when I gave no time for thought about starting the Do You Mind if I Knit? Blanket project. I just got on with the doing.
On Tuesday evening I opened the doors to the Just Giving page for tickets to take part in the raffle to win the blanket. They're £2 each and it's open to everyone around the world to take part. You have until midnight on June 1st to buy some and please tell as many people as you can to take a look. All monies raised go straight to The Mental Health Foundation, as asked for by Vanessa's family as this is a charity which helped Vanessa with their Mindfullness programme.
When I last looked this morning we had nearly hit the £200 mark already.
Please follow the link straight to the page by clicking on the badge at the top of my page.
Well that's me done for another day for now. Back again soon.


  1. Thinking of you and your girls and hoping each new day is brighter and closer to your dreams.

  2. Dreams do come true, and I know yours will
    Julie xxxx

  3. How could anyone not love your home and want to buy it! It is gorgeous. Although it is sad that you have to move and leave a place that you obviously love a great deal, I am glad for you that it sold quickly as that takes away a little piece of worry, I hope the rest of the sale goes well and that you find a wonderful new home that you love just as much - or even more!!! Have fun with your sewing and catching up with yourself and your friends in the meantime! xx

  4. Hi Lisa, I've just come across your lovely blog via Amanda at Vintage Sheet Addict and wanted to wish you well with the Do You Mind If I Knit blanket. I've just read your last few posts and would like to wish you well for your future too, change is scary but happens to us all. I hope you find a special new home for you and your girls. Hx

  5. First time here , just found you you're home is beautiful , xxx

  6. No wonder your house has sold for the full price, it looks lovely.

    Onward and upward as the saying goes, good luck for your future.

  7. Lisa, you are doing a great job turning those trials into tribulations. I am right with Millie and when God answers prayers stand back and be amazed!

    Praying for you that the road ahead will be made clear for you and that you will encounter many blessings along the way, you deserve it.

    San x

  8. Who could fail to fall in love with your beautiful colourful house - good to see you bucking the trend and not painting your house magnolia, not putting away your personal 'stuff' as it distracts buyers. If you fall in love with a house you do so when you see it as it is being lived in I think. And I am loving your pink washing up bowl... want one of those!

  9. Lets hope you can move on and start your new life soon!
    Jacqui x

  10. Lisa , read your bog from the shop :) naughty of me really , but it meant I couldn't comment .Ooh and I so wanted too !! I adore every thing about the post ..Your up beat strength and determination translates so very well both on here and in your beautiful pictures of your 'home sweet home'... Keep well , keep bright and most of all keep colourful ! We love you for all of this ..I'm off to check out that blanket ! How fabby is this !
    Hugs Maria x

  11. Phew! I need a lie down!
    Your energy and drive is amazing!


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