Sunday, 12 April 2015

Easter Days

I've nothing monumental to show or tell you really. My tale here is of sunny happy Easter holidays leaving out all the bits I didn't like.
Sunshine, flowers, birdsong and Easter decorations means we're slowly moving towards outdoors living again.

We visited the sea to play on Southwold's pier, eat chips and have fun with friends.

The 2p slots were filled and a few small prizes won.

In between times we've had estate agents visit as we have to sell our home.
The girls, cats and I are going to live with my mum for a while to give us time to decide the next part of our adventure. I've a few ideas as usual. Dreams always keep me going because some do actually happen.

Before we knew it Easter Weekend had crept up on us.
It wasn't the usual carefree time we used to have, but it was as good as could be. My mum gave us all a scare on the Saturday evening going to A & E from playing golf. Luckily she was ok to come home with me to stay.

On Easter Sunday the girls had an egg hunt and we ate lovely food all day. I just couldn't shake off the lowest of moods which was hard.

Bank holiday Monday was filled with plans. It should have been my 15th wedding anniversary and so distractions were needed.
We went to a Spring Fair first thing before heading to a friends farm for lamb cuddling. That was the biggest boost of all.
The evening was spent drinking Pimms and eating Pizza back at our friends house. Perfect.

Mid-week I took the girls on a magical mystery tour.
We stopped by Blakeney, ate cake at Wiveton cafe, had a stomp at Cley, they refused the delights of the Shell Museum but not shopping in Holt.

Which brings me bang up to date with yesterday when we hosted Miss Millie's birthday afternoon tea bash.

After dancing and drinking at a Ceilidh the night before it was a slight push to get my get up and go. I shook myself up and baked from nine before laying a selection of springy crockery out for the teens to enjoy.
They all had the most marvellous time and left a few things for us to nibble on.

And then here it is suddenly. Holiday over and the return to school beckons.
 I have a lot of adult sorting out stuff to do this week before I find out 
if I still have a job for a few more months to return to. After Management receiving a 4 by Ofsted all of our jobs have been put under threat despite the programme I teach on getting a 1 in it's last inspection. Got to keep on keeping on. A good friend told me last week "change can be good, don't be scared of it." So I shall try.


  1. You are doing so amazingly well, even though I'm sure as you read this you're thinking, "no, I'm not." But you are! You are finding moments of happiness and pleasure in every day, when it would be all too easy to just give in and become perennially grumpy and bitter. What pretty pictures and lovely birthday memories you've made! Hang in there, hang in there, life will sort itself out, and it won't be all doom and gloom. Honest! Chrissie xxx

  2. I feel so much for you Lisa. I hope things will get a little easier very soon. Chrissie speaks the truth....listen to her wise words.
    Thinking of you
    Jacquie xxx

  3. Keep dreaming my Lovely, some of them do come true.....well that's what I'm banking on. And there's still lots of good stuff going on, in amongst the murky stuff, your friend is right, change can be good, even if it can be just a bit scary :) xxx

  4. I'm glad to see that you were able to celebrate some good bits over the Easter break. I appreciate it takes a great effort to do so at the moment. One step at a time, and it will get easier - that's what I'm hoping too - or a lottery win, that would help! x

  5. Crikey. I'm so impressed with your strength and positivity during what must be a testing time (to say the least). I've just been through the post Ofsted compulsory redundancy apply for your own job thing and come out on the wrong side (replaced by a cheaper unproven model!). When people were saying things like 'when one door closes another opens' I could have throttled them, at first. but the Easter holidays have given me a bit of space and I am actually quite excited about what the future might hold. Keep thinking positive - good things can happen x Jane

  6. Keep positive, dreams do come true, and things come to those who wait. You are strong, believe in yourself. They all sound like clich├ęs but they do happen. You had a lovely Easter, take baby steps and make lovely days ahead.
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. You are so positive and cheery, it is inspirational. Your writing is so elegantly subtle, it is easy to see the lovely balance that you are trying and succeeding to achieve in these trying times. All the very best to you! xx

  8. Keep your chin up....and count your blessings. It will get better. Keep busy and keep smiling.

  9. I think often the anticipation of an event is worse than the thing itself. Perhaps your Easter blues were to do with the anticipation of the anniversary. You seem to have good strategies to cope with the downs though and turn them rapidly to ups. I hope the news re work is good. xxx

  10. Everything your friends above say is right, even if it dooesn't feel like it! You seem to be doing a grand job of being positive. You say 'keep on keeping on', but as you live in Norfolk(?) maybe that should be 'keep on a troshin'!
    It is so sad that you will have to move, but I hope you stay around our area, I love the fact that some bloggers live around here, and I have spied you in the Forum! Just think Wiverton and cake!
    Good luck,... and that is (was) my curtains, the brown and orange one on the rocking horse. See I must be vintage! Thanks for your lovely blog Mx

  11. I am new to your blog and I love all your vintage bits and bobs and that chocolate cake was decorated so charmingly. Good luck with sorting all the stuff that makes you sad,remember nothing lasts forever, even the down in the dumps and I know all about that believe me!! Very best regards Pam.

  12. It all sounds fab, and you are doing well lovely. Keep dreaming because without dreams, then what's the point. xxx

  13. How to deal with Ofsted? Go in a cupboard and put out your tongue, indulge in a bit of gurning and then go back to that class who love what you teach and want to learn. Lovely pixs. We did Snettisham, Brancaster and Wells - we nearly met in the middle then!

  14. I was just listening to Radio Four's programme called Soul Music and the song was 'There is a light that never goes out' I wanted to say this to you. It sounds like a tough time but you are finding the good things each day to get you through. Hope it gets better.

  15. such lovely easter photographs, that cake and tea party looked so much fun!!...'sometimes we can still see the sunshine on a dark day' ,always remember a dear friend telling me that when i was feeling bleak!...made me focus on the light and bright moments of life xx

  16. Glad you all managed to have a good Easter!! The birthday tea looks divine!

  17. Such a lovely colourful post.
    Your girls are so lucky indeed.
    My friend once told me 'change is the only constant' and I always think of that in confusing times.
    Lots of love x

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