Monday, 9 March 2015

Stitching, Baking, Making

In January I bought some fabrics I'd had my eye on for a while.
They were superbly reduced which made the temptation to buy impossible to ignore.
Some while later I found the perfect pattern in a library book for the grey print.

The Back to School Dress by Christine Haynes started life with me as a dress.
Then it was ignored for quite a time while I lost my making mojo.
Yesterday I took it in hand again and the dress became a snappy little top.

Although I really should unpick the neckline and sort out the slight pull to the right, I wore it today and felt grand in it.
One word of warning though. Wearing cardi's over puffed sleeves can give you bruiser upper arms.
Not the kind of look I'm generally after.

Bruiser arms fed by an addiction to these little beasts is another problem altogether.

My other attempts at finding my creative joy again has been to start hat knitting.
Red Artesano merino at first has been overtaken by a green All Seasons Cotton.
Hopefully soon I'll have my hat ready for next winter!

Sometimes I try and solve losing my making by fiddling with fabrics.
I think these want to become a quilt. They just need the hands to start chopping them all up now.

Before all of that though there's so many other demands on my free time.
Getting the house ready for selling, wading through finances and making future plans.
All weekend we worked on the outside of the house for that instant fall in love moment.
Miss Millie treated us by baking her first suprise cake for Sunday afternoon tea.

Here's half the front of the cottage all spic and span.

By early summer it'll be a riot of colour with pale lemon Scabius, pink roses, purple thingies and hollyhocks.

It'll be hard to leave our home, but the thought of new adventures beckons us on.


  1. Great material, great dress and what a great top! It looks lovely and I'm sure you were the only one who noticed the bruiser arms! Your cottage looks lovely - but how wonderful that you have a whole new adventure ahead x Jane

  2. Love your new photo. Pretty fabrics and yarn.. I hope your crafting mojo comes flooding back. What a pretty cottage! But I know you will have fun in your new life ahead. I love the bowl on the photo on your side bar, that is Jadeite! I collect it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Pretty cottage.... it's hard leaving somewhere you've made a home as a family I know. Having moved around such a lot, I tried not to get too attached to any house we lived in as I knew it was only going to be for a short while. Mind you, not hard to remain detached from Forces married quarters let me tell you! We have been in this house 25 years now, I never imagined living anywhere near that long. Now I know I won't leave until carried out either kicking and screaming, or silent.
    And again, don't you always look lovely in the tops you make.

  4. What a great post, I love the top, I really have started to enjoy sewing, with the help of the sewing bee!, and the cake looks so yummy. Enjoy your weekxx

  5. love the fabrics and all your makings...keeping busy is the best way forward, i keep telling myself that after a dreadful time in a job i felt sick to my stomach to go into every morning (because certain member of staff was so horrid to me)...but i have an interview for a better position within a different company and now things look less bleak...onwards and upwards!!!! You're sooo beautiful, you remind me of my mother when she was in her late 20s. she had a similar hairstyle and tall and slim and the most beautiful dark hazel eyes. nothing like me really but my twin has her features...Your home looks wonderful...outside and when they step through that front door and see all the wonderful colours and light it will be snapped up in a second!!!! xx

  6. I totally sympathise with your little egg addiction - I can absent mindedly ( ahem ) eat my way through a whole bag of the things. Your top is gorgeous. I've always avoided puff sleeves as I felt they didn't suit my long arms but worn with sleeves under - perfect. Thank you for the idea :) Thank you also for this blog. It's a place I love to visit,

  7. Well anyone who doesn't want to buy your lovely cottage looking so gorgeous is a fool!!! I love the colour of the door especially!!! It is very welcoming. I hope that all goes well for you. I do have a little confession though, I always imagined that you lived in a Victorian terraced house - no idea why! Funny how we get these ideas isn't it. Your top is lovely!!! xx

  8. Love the house.....It would be very tough indeed to leave.

  9. I wish I could sew - your top is lovely.
    I know just how you feel about leaving your home - but I guess new opportunities are around the corner. Good luck. x

  10. Such a lovely post, full of makes and bakes x

  11. Lovely post,your cottage most certainly has kerb appeal!! Pam.

  12. P.S from Pam,what colour is your front door please?


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