Thursday, 19 March 2015

Keeping mum

Over on our small island we celebrated Mothering Sunday last weekend.

Miss Rosey went halves on these flowers for me. I couldn't steal all her pocket money after all, so halves it was. I love their in your face colour and cheer.

Last week until just now really I was full of cold, sneezing and a sniffing my way through each day. Cheery flowers, cheeky girls and all their love was the best thing for this mum. Miss Millie brought me coffee in bed and baked another of her delicious cakes too,

As we had a date for dinner at my mother's place later that day, it meant I could spend the day stitching. So stitch I did.

In fact, I actually drew up a pattern from an old Topshop top. The original, which it love, is cut too high in the bust for me. Alterations were needed.

I drafted my pattern, quickly cut some lightweight fabric from the stash and got stuck in.

Amazingly, to me anyways, nothing went wrong. It all fits and does what it's supposed to do in all the right places.

There are a few changes I'm going to make to the next one, but this ones done it's job perfectly.

For proof that it got an outing here's a post-work photo saved oddly on Instagram.

Now I've got birthday and Easter stitching to keep me busy for a while before any more me makes.
I've got dinner plans this weekend and arranged a circus trip for us three girls with friends too. Keeping busy in this mad living situation is the only way for us to cope.

Tomorrow is the day we get the first run of our house being valued for sale.

Still a bit of tarting up and titivating left to do, but a friend who's going through the same as me said getting things moving for sale really helped her keep sane.

I don't want to give our home up really, but it's the only way forward so big grown up face on and smile. After the valuation I've invited a friend over for lunch and a crochet lesson. 
A reward after the nasty bit you see.


  1. I love all of the sewing you have been doing. The material you used is something like what I am looking for. I really need to put down my crochet hook and start sewing again :) I do hope your house sells rather quick. I do know how difficult it is, leaving your home, especially for your reasons. I went through the same thing 4 years ago. My thoughts are with you.

  2. I know you are giving up more than a house: its your home; where you planted a future. I also know you will be better for this experience. Your daughters will grow up with the example of an awesome mom.

  3. You are being strong and taking the high road.. you'll come out of this stronger and be a good example for your girls. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. A fresh start in a new home will be better than the situation you have... you never know what is round the corner... sending love to you and your girls to continue being brave and moving forward... Hugs Cass x

  5. Good luck with it all, brave to make new beginnings! X

  6. I hope that all goes well tomorrow. xx

  7. Good luck chuck.
    You are awesome x

  8. Good luck and hugs
    Julie xxxxx

  9. Keeping a positive attitude is the only way to go, not always easy but much better for your health in the long run, keep going my dear you're doing that you're keeping busy and creative and you've got your friends to help you through! (I've got a friend coming over later for a crochet lesson, I've no idea where to start....think making a chain!) :) xxx

  10. Good luck - going through the same here, so understand a bit how you feel. The thought of having the house valued was worse than the actual moment for me. You'll get through it, and life will be good again, and for the bits in between we have crochet and friends. Thats what I tell myself anyway! x

  11. Good luck with the house sale xx

  12. Ever hopeful and happy is the best way....have fun stitching!

  13. Good luck with the house sale/move. It can be stressful at the best of times, but on your own, even worse I know. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

  14. Your sewing and pattern drafting abilities amaze me Lisa! Actually, there are quite a few things about you which amaze, not least of which your ability to munch your way through dozens of mini eggs! :-)

    I won't overshare on your blog but things are coming to head in my corner of the world. It's been a tough day today. Move forward lovely lady. It's the only way up and away.

    Stephanie x


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