Monday, 30 March 2015


Well the end of term has come and we've rolled into the Easter holidays.
Miss Millie's 13th birthday was this Saturday, so I had a spot of shopping to do after work this week in preparation.
In the fabric shop, searching for lining for the Emery dress I was making her, I was made to buy this bargainous green print. That's a few more sewing plans ready and waiting for the holidays.
On Friday morning an estate agent valued our home, the girlies and I went lunching and then birthday food shopping afterwards.
Miss Millie had chosen bowling and a vintage style Afternoon Tea as her birthday delights so we had plenty of treats to buy. I took her to Wilkinsons to choose her favourite leaf tea and coffee for me. It's a magical place full of funny names and scents all held in wooden tea chests.
She slept with me on her birthday eve, so I hung her Emery where it would be seen when she woke.
Luckily she loved it and even better it fitted perfectly. Scary stitching and hoping I'd sized it right.
How many 13 year olds to be say they don't want anything in particular for their birthday presents? This one did.
All Millie had asked for were two Guinea Pigs. As we'll be moving with no idea where we'll be living I said she'd just have to wait a little while longer for those, but I'd keep my promise to her as I always do.
Lots of lovely gifts were chosen with this girl in mind and she loved each and every one.
Millie had wanted to go to her favourite Tearooms to eat, but they were closed this weekend.
Nothing else matched up as I knew exactly what she was after.
A good friend said do it yourself as you'll get it just right for her.
Turns out home was much better than anywhere else for this birthday girl.
I absolutely loved planning and putting it all together for her.
To see her delight when she came in to the laid table made me happier than I've felt in a long while.
Millie declared it her favourite part of the day. She certainly tried everything and demolished a few of her favourite cheese scones too.
For fancy speed I covered a few shortbread fingers in caramel, banana and squirty cream to make mini banoffee fingers as well as strawberry shortcakes.
Miss Rosey pulled the first popper with no warning at all.
Boy was it loud. Nanny nearly fell of her chair.
I've been asked to conjure up the same when Millie's friends come for tea after Easter.
Once the cake was lit and we'd sung Happy Birthday we played Bingo with choccy prizes.
It was just the birthday my girl dreamt of and deserved. I'm so thrilled it lived up to her hopes.

The weekend ended with me being collected good and early this morning by my friend Cat (that's how it feels when 8.30 suddenly becomes 9.30 with all this clock forward malarkey) to head to the coast for Little Vintage Lover fair.

We had a marvellous day chatting, perusing and buying.


These are my special finds for new projects. As always there was much more fabric I'd have liked, but until I'm a rich lady I'll just have to dream.



  1. Such a special birthday and one she will treasure forever. I hope the house move works out quickly so that you and the girls can move forward.

    Prayers for you

    San x

  2. Memories are made of this.... it all looks scrumptious. Hope all goes well with your house sale, fingers crossed now the finer weather is (supposed to be) here, folk will start thinking about moving. Hope you don't get too many time wasters though, those folk who just like to have a good nose!

  3. Homemade tea parties are the best.

  4. A lovely day you made and a wonderful spread! I like the sound of the vintage fair by the sea. A good weekend! X

  5. What a great birthday tea for your girl! And it seems a really great girl.

  6. What a lovely birthday spread - gorgeous eclectic mix of china, just my style!
    So nice for a young girl these days to like such a treat, it's such a shame these days that so many youngsters want to be grown up before their time. Very pretty dress too

  7. Even with troubles, you and your girls have what is most important in life. How fortunate you are.

  8. what a perfectly perfect birthday x

  9. This sounds life pure heaven. I'm not surprised that your lucky little girl lived it. I would too. Fantastic fabric. I'm so jealous that you have all those lovely fabric shops to hand.

  10. Such a lovely birthday for your darling girl. Happiest Birthday wishes to Miss Millie!

  11. i had a great time at the fair spent way too much and looking forward to getting on with turning my finds into wearable items, thank you for persuading me to go and taking me down some lovely springy Norfolk lanes!!cx

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