Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Do you Mind if i knit?

The Vanessa Cabban who shared her life with us in blogland and through her art was a colourful, generous, warm, funny, inspirational and hugely talented person.

Today at 11am it is her funeral.
A day when we will be thinking of her family and friends.
We will also be remembering her in a way that I hope she will approve.

I posted my idea of a tribute to Vanessa on Instagram a couple of days ago which you can find here.

It would also be wonderful if you could do the same via your blogs. 

As a mark of our online friendship and out of respect for her memory I will be posting a photo at 11am today under the heading Do You Mind if I Knit? #vanessacabban.
Post a picture of something you're making, it doesn't matter if you can't knit. Vanessa made clothes, crocheted, created papier-mache sculptures, brooches, painted and illustrated books. It's the act of being creative and finding happiness there that's important.

What she did do was to make sure she had time to knit a few rows every day to set the day right. 

Penny of Planet Penny has shared this also via her blog, facebook and twitter feed. 

In Memory of a remarkable woman.


  1. Dear MrsBobobuns, I heard of Vanessa's accident on your intagram and felt such sorrow. I kept going to her blog hoping to see a new post, to see what she had created. I was much taken by her sculptures...they were magic, and how lucky is your daughter to own one. Condolences to Vanessa's family xx

    1. Her talent was exceptional wasn't it. Such sorrow for a wonderful lady x

  2. Hi Lisa what a lovely idea. I joined instagram this morning to see what you were doing and it is lovely. I am afraid events conspired against me going to the funeral this morning but your tribute is much more my cup of tea. Thank you for doing this. Eleanor xx

    1. Glad you approve Eleanor. Do you think Vanessa would? I think the funeral would have been very difficult as it raises all the emotions you feel on the day of a loved one dying to back 100 fold. X I sent you a private message on Instagram btw x

  3. I too, did a brief post about Vanessa last week, and yesterday, paused for a moment to remember her. Lovely to see these photos of her, which is exactly as I remember her, colourful, exuberant, full of life. So tragic that such a life has been cut short too soon.

  4. I was very shocked to read about Vanessa, I had long admired her colourful world and her amazing art - in fact she inspired me enormously as an artist! What a tragic loss, I still feel very sad in my heart to think of one so young not being with us anymore, to no longer share her gifts with the world. I hope she knows how much she touched people, in so many ways.

  5. I heard about the sad loss of Vanessa from another blogger, it really is such a sad thing to lose someone who was not only so talented but generous as well, her papier mache figures were so lovely. x

  6. You Have a lovely idea !
    Hugs from Italy ,

  7. Hi Lisa, I'm grieving about Vanessa too. I've been re-reading her blog these past days and I thought - typepad is not a free platform, I'm worried how will Do you mind if I knit be payed for in the future? So it stays online as part of Vanessa's legacy? Do you have any idea? Could some donation be spent on that, don't you know?

  8. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for your reply. Thanks for dealing with it, it's worth checking. Have a nice weekend, Elena


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