Saturday, 29 November 2014

These Have Been mY days

Hello Again.
It's certainly been a fair old while since I stopped by in blogland.

A mixture of a very slow computer that drives me insane and life being busy I believe.

Hopefully you haven't given up on me as I have a fair bit of catching up to don't I, so off we go.

I have to confess I'm on Instagram daily where you can find me at Bobobun68
I've taken part in the Retro9 picks above and at the moment have been taking part in a month long sewing challenge with sewers from all over the world which has been great fun.

Alongside my teaching job I've been getting ever more addicted to dressmaking.
I'm pushing myself to improve upon my skills and hope one day to be able to draft my own patterns without a thought.

Critters have been found and brought home. Mischief was rescused by Miss Millie and still waits for his bowtie. We think he's a donkey, although he doesn't much mind as he is very happy to be loved once more.


Occassionally I've sneaked a bit of creative into my day job. After being fascinated by Grayson Perry's series on Identity, I thought my students would enjoy making their own self-portraits. In reality it was myself and my LSA who got more into it.


I've also been to market again so I was busy making bits and bobs plus a new green Megan dress. 


I always prefer prints to plains so this was a real challenge. There was nowhere to hide the odd mismatched seam so I had to keep unpicking until they all matched up.

Here we are on the day itself (photo taken by Miss Millie the shop assistant).

Here she is busy behind the stall ready to begin.

We'll be off once more, next Sunday 7 December, to Little Vintage Lover at Holt Hall between 10 - 4. Maybe we'll see you there.

My other crafty obsession of late has been felt houses. 

After falling for the colours in the Cath Kidston Townhouse print I couldn't stop thinking about making a house of my own in orange and deep blue.


I love this fabric so much that in the end I bought 2m to make a dress of my very own. 
I'll show you that next time, aswell as my other makes. It'll be a lot sooner I promise as all the pictures are now loaded. 

Thanks for stopping by. Ta Ta for now.


  1. Ha, see you sneaked in a photo of 'the bag that got away'!!!! X

  2. Good god a blog post!
    wheres all the hash tags? haha! #funnyme
    bestest d xxxx

  3. #thebestkindoffunny ms Daisy xx

  4. Love that stall a place I would be drawn too wit out question! Sooo nice to see you back here in blogland!

    You look great!! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  5. Haven't give up :-) welcome back

  6. Love your blog, full of colour and jolliness.
    Your stall looked fab x

  7. Lovely post and piccies, Lisa. I too have had an unplanned blog-holiday for about a month and haven't even been here to keep up with other people's blogs - it is SO EASY to get completely out of whack with blogging isn't it? But I'm back now and so are you - good-oh! Lxx

  8. Yep Instagram is so now it seems, and so easy to use and so instant with the comments, so seductive, so hashtagalicious. Good to see you taking the time to blog a little too, it's a dilemma though! Love your projects and the sharing of everyday things.

  9. Great to see you back in blog land! Everyone seems to be jumping ship to Instagram. Your stall looks fabulous,
    Jacqui x

  10. Glad you're back, most of my visitors come via your side bar! Your stall looks delicious, love the felt flowers. EE xx

  11. So glad you're back.....thought we had lost you!!!

  12. Time..time...where DOES it go to. I think that we are all feeling the pinch time wise - however it is lovely that you have been making things and I love your Grayson Perry picture (a friend of ours shared a flat with him when they were studying art together). I love your little houses..we are about to paint our kitchen orange...we think...not entirely sure..
    Anyway all the very best to you and yours for the festive season
    Best wishes


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