Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tick Tock

Lately of an evening, I've found myself stitching tiny clocks out of felt. This is my favourite so far, but I do think I need to try out a few more shapes before I'm really happy.

I've also had some secret making of an evening too as Miss Rosey hit the grand old age of 14 years on Monday. After seeing her sisters Bunny doll (made ages ago) she asked for a monkey version. 
I hooked one up for her birthday complete with a curly wurly tail and monkey ears. 
She's been named Gloria in case you wonder these things.

Other excitements around birthdays have been fabric finds as usual with a barkcloth that makes me dream up so many ideas. I fancy a coat, but would a dress not be a safer way to go?


Either way I've got the most perfect foxy footwear to go with it.

The saddest news wa the return to school today of my girls. This officially signals the end of carefree days and summer capers for another whole year.

We certainly packed in a few more happy memory days over the last few left to us. 

We went boating at Thorpeness to explore the islands and bob on a boat. I was chief rower as it turned out my man had only ever rowed once before. Years together and see I still don't know everything about him. I taught both the girls to row so that they'll be able to take turns next time.

Once one cygnet wanted to check us out all his mates joined in too. Miss Millie loved it, Miss Rosey was a bit worried and yelled row faster, faster. I did as I was told to calm her down and so they swam faster and faster. Never ever try to outrun a cygnet is my advice to you.

At a party by the sea we ventured off to see the classic cars on the cliffs. 
Dream cars were lined up. We oohhed and ahhhed for a while, before heading down to the shore below.

A stroll turned into a very long explore. It was a heavenly evening, the tide slipping in while we gazed into rockpools made from the chalky cliff base.

Finally we turned inland and climbed the cliff path away from Sheringham to head to Beeston Bump.

Over that ridge was the most glorious view and the path back to the party we'd been away from for quite a while.

Thankfully we have understanding friends.

So here we are in September. 
A wonderful month where if we're lucky we are blessed with an Indian Summer. I always see it as a time of change.
An ending of things and the start of the new.


  1. I love Autumn. It's my favorite season even though I don't much like the one that follows. Love the photos. Hugs, Sharon

  2. I always see Autumn as a time of change too! Can't wait to see what you decide to make out of the bark cloth. It's gorgeous.
    Jacqui xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely summer. The rowing story made me chuckle :) x

  4. Like you, I consider September the month in which starts the new year !!!!
    Have a good one, xxxxx ale

  5. A coat would be totally fabulous from that fabric. So nice for Autumn, which is a season I love and always keep my fingers crossed for an Indian summer. Your wee clocks are so sweet!

  6. I do hope we have an Indian summer, I love warm days especially as the trees are turning colour.....I have fabric envy again...... :) xxx

  7. How about a 1950s inspired duster coat?
    Lovely catching up with you.

  8. I see it as a time of change too, although this week I'm struggling to make that change! :) Gorgeous photos of your summer and I love those slippers! 'Beeston Bump', what a lovely name!
    Jess xx

  9. Love, love, love the fabric. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Coat....dress....either one would look great with those shoes....and of course the white sunglasses!

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  11. Glad that you had a great summer!!! I hope that your September is great too. xx

  12. Your photos always brighten my day.
    Loved reading about your adventures and celebrations x

  13. Those little watch brooches are so cute, what a great idea. Love your pictures around Sheringham. We spent many happy years camping at Beeston Regis with our children and they still talk of those holidays being tha happiest ever!. So so envy the fabric and I too think for you a coat would be a fabulous idea. Can't wait to see what you decide though.

  14. My votes also for a duster coat, plain, with a fantastic lining.

  15. Ah - lovely wistful, poignant photographs....times whizzing by...but filled with lovely things (love your felt brooch). I think a dress coat type thing would be lovely for that fabric...I like a nice bit of fabric too....
    Happy days
    Best wishes


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