Saturday, 16 August 2014

These are the Days

Well I didn't plan to stay away for that long, it just kind of happened. 
Sorry about that if you've popped by here to see what's been going on. 

Well what has been going on?

We've been having a lovely summer, simply enjoying time together. Time off scarily means no pay packet until to November, such is the way with sessional teaching contracts. I'm putting that to the back of my mind though as these are precious days.

We've explored woods, piers and plenty of seasidey places.

Picnics, swimming and lazing by the seashore have all been most pleasant,

We always feel the need to go exploring afterwards and then reward ourselves later with a cream tea.

I've also spent a whole week re-decorating Miss Millie's bedroom after breaking my promise to do it last year. Miss Millie and Rosey did offer their painting services now and again too. 
I'll show you that handiwork another time. Miss Millie's thrilled with her more grown-up room which is what it's all about.

Around all this family and DIY time, I've made sure we visited a few Vintage fairs. 

I've thrilled with the beautiful fabrics I've collected together this summer. 

Some were added to this quilt I was commissioned to make just before the end of term.

I have a friend who collects and sells the most fabulous stuff, mainly 60's and 70's happiness. For a long while now she's made it plain she'd love me to make her a quilt and I always said no. I worried about fitting it in around everything else and the pressure of getting it just right for the price I was asking.

Somewhere along the line I said yes, we chatted a long while about how it would be and so off I went to plan, cut and sew. 

The fabrics and the design were the most important part, the snuggliness and warmth of the quilt came a close second.

To make sure it was cosy enough I used a Witney blanket instead of batting and then a soft as soft can be flannelette sheet for the backing. It made for a heavier than usual quilt, but boy was it cosy.

Early one morning, as soon as the hand embroidered label was sewn on the back Emmie arrived to collect.

She was beyond thrilled and so I was too. Phew the relief.

I had an extra surprise of a thank you pressie.
My favourite and much coveted Dolly Days china trio with lollies too.

No sooner than Emmie had left than I was back on my machine again doing some me sewing. It was a rainy yuk day and so I thought I'd brighten up the house a bit.

I'd bought a few CK teacloths, along with the fabulous blue modflower print from PommedeJour and they were just the thing to turn into some cheery cushions.

Since then I've made and done quite a few more things, but I think they can wait until next time don't you.

See you soon.


  1. Your sewing is so beautiful! I love the way the quilt came out. I can tell from the photos that it's thick and warm. I'm glad you're having a good summer.

  2. Missed you....That quilt is beautiful!

  3. Lovely to have you back! You must be thrilled with the quilt. Sounds like you are having a lovely summer.
    Jacqui xx

  4. What a gorgeous quilt. The fabrics are terrific and it looks so cozy. Love your new china. X

  5. Wow I would love to get a quilt like that - you did a great job. I am sure it will always be treasured by your friend. Have a wonderful rest of the summer....

  6. Happy indeed. Love love the fabric and backing. Bravo!!!

  7. Your quilt turned out so pretty. What a fabulous job you did....I love it!!! Glad you're back. I was one of those folks who kept checking in.

  8. Grrrr fabrics! Know what you mean about the paypacket though. I've just quit my preschool job to try to get more supply teaching. If I don't get any, that's no pennies at all!!!! x

  9. Fabby quilt Lisa and some lovely new fabrics to play with x

  10. Love the quilt.... have you seen '1950s Fashion Prints' by Marnie Fogg on Amazon? Great book, quite tempted... enjoy the rest of your summer. Even though in my corner of Norfolk today it's more autumnal.

  11. Excellent idea to use a blanket instead if wadding - though I would personally have dyed the blanket for appliqué! It looks a good snuggler and I bet the recipient is thrilled. Yes, our weather has turned a bit, hasn't it? Hoping for a bit more warmth in the the sunshine this weekend at the craft fair at Letheringsett, it is under cover but open to the elements - no rain please!!

  12. OOOOOOOOO I love your quilt ....something I have never ever made....I knew you were off partying with your girls...nice to see you!
    d x


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