Monday, 7 July 2014

I've been here and I've been there

A fair old while back when other bloggers found their way onto Instagram I just didn't get the allure.
I have an account on Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, but I hardly ever visit any of them. 
Life is too crammed full of other things to lose myself in there.  I guess it's all down to which ones work for you so don't go thinking I'm judging if you like them.

I really thought I'd feel the same about Instagram, but actually I'm now fully signed up and loving it. It works for me because it's visual and speedy. I can dip in and out on my phone or ipad wherever I am.

Blogging will always be my favourite place as I love to write and take photos. I love the connections I make with other people, although due to the above and life in general, I seem to be reading less and less blogs.

Now I have to switch between my bloggy head which always seem to be a week behind the news and my IG head which is right on time. 

So in the spirit of general catching up I thought you might like to see the latest fabric finds.

Being kind, as I was out and about with my man, I bought a tiny glass Pug as a suprise for him.

On our dash back to the car to hurtle into the school run traffic we passed the most fabulous window. A new opticians had the decorators in. Personally I think they should keep it like this and work around them.

Meanwhile, back in IG land there's a lot of showing things and then getting a case of the I wants.

A very inspiring lady, who goes by the name of daisybeenecklines, showed her cardi found in Sainsbury's. After the very very nasty gold buttons were binned and red ones added she had one gorgeous cardi indeed. A few people wanted one, me included. Nothing doing in my neck of the woods until my blog friend Penny sent me one as a gift. I'm really touched by her kindness, but then if you  read her blog you'll know how lovely she is.

Yesterday I got my cardigan parcel and so I've changed my gold buttons to white. No photos to show you as I was racing about to teen parties and the like inbetween button sewing.

 Today we'd planned to go to the Lanes Festival to make up for missing the Lord Mayor's Procession the day before (due to teen parties and only having one car). Well it rained and rained and rained so we wimped out and stayed home.

That means I found a moment to get my making head on. I made a flat cake, got halfway through sewing a new skirt and rustled up some mini bunting.


You see I painted the blue shelves stone a few months back when really I wanted them to be white. Now they're white and I'm loving them, but I still need to paper the back as the paint just won't stick there? 

They were looking too minimalist for the clutterbuck house we live in so mini bunting was definately needed.

 In other breaking news, I've unpicked, re-cut and sewn the collar on my blouse. 

Buttons have been added to the back and hemming just waits to be done.

 First though I need to add a triangle to each of the sides as I've made it too tight at the waist. I could stop eating sweet stuff, but I think the blouse will get sorted quicker than my growing waistline.

I think I must have helped my waist shrink a bit on Friday mind you as I walked miles. 

My man and I had a day just for two. No plans at all. We just dropped the girls at school and then said where shall we go then?
A short while later and we were at the coast.

We headed straight for the sea, down all the steps to the shoreline to a waterside cafe we know. 

We hardly ever eat breakfast, this time we shared a veggie fry up and sat and watched the world go by.

Then we headed off for a long walk, explore and much needed time together. 

We might live together, have a family and work together, but finding time to enjoy the company of each other gets lost in the day to day most of the time.

Our mini holiday was just what we needed, although we did feel a bit guilty. My man said maybe we'll tell them we've hoovered and done nasty things all day.


  1. the seaside looks nice! lucky you to live so close. Your mini bunting is lovely. I was thinking maybe if you mix a little pva and water and then paint that on your shelves, you might then be able to paint over it. Although papering sounds more fun! have a good week X

  2. What a lovely day out. The mini bunting makes a perfect frame for your shelf. I can't seem to get into Instagram, probably because I'm a Luddite and haven't yet succumbed to an iphone or ipad.
    have a happy week!
    Jacqui x

  3. As much as you love your girls, the time you all spend together, nothing quite beats those special days spent with that special man in your life, just the two of you, nothing planned, letting the day take whatever shape it wants. Sounds like you had a lovely time... did you own up or admit to being bushed what with all that hoovering?

  4. Sounds like you found the perfect way to keep sane! Sometimes in our busy lives we don't get the chance to bunk off, but I think its a medicine to recommend. BTW love the bunting and that fabric you lucky lady.

  5. Oh that fabric is all beautiful, especially the darker blue one I'd love a dress in that! What a lovely but busy life you lead... Cx

  6. Wow! You have really inspired me today, my little lass has just gone to camp and I was feeling a bit down and lost. Now I shall start to create! Love the dress and your makes so much.
    Thank you chuck x

  7. All so very lovely! I hope that you don't leave your blog totally as I am not on IG and love stopping by to see what you have been up to! xx

  8. Oh, I do love your blog!
    Sometimes a little item will catch my eye and give me a moment of pure nostalgia. This morning, it was your little Fisher-Price dog on the shelf unit - the first non-cuddly toy I bought for my baby girl, oh so many years ago. I had left her for the first time to go for an interview at London zoovand I bought it in a toy shop on the way home - guilt gift! I wonder where he is now?

    I am a firm believer in illicit holidays! When I go to hospital on Thursday, I know I should be able to catch the 1 p.m. bus home ......... but I plan to catch the 4p.m. and have lunch and a little charity shop therapy, just for me! We all need special moments.

    I can't get to grips with Instagram - really must try harder, but I DO love my daily catch up on Blogger, so hope you don't close this blog. Your cheery photos and text are always a tonic.

    Jenni xx

  9. How gorgeous! That day out looks just the ticket. My husband and I often reflect on the lack of time spent together, just the two of us. It's hard as our children are so young and we don't have much in the way of help. Despite my family living nearby they are always too busy/have better things to do than babysit! Your blouse is looking simply marvellous! I love the collar. xxx

  10. I think I'm getting ready for a little time with the Mr, all on our own.....will have to wait until after the summer holidays though! Penny is great isn't she, how lovely! Yes IG can take over....I'm back in Blogland now but haven't got much to share at the moment, going through a bit of a creative dry spell! Alway love your colourful, cheery photos :) x

  11. Ok then there's hope for me because I could never get into facebook or twitter or flickt or even instagram, I don't know why I just think its so much faffing about! Beautiful fabric

  12. Please keep your blog going, like a lot of others I don't do fb twitter etc. and like you times between posts get wider, probably the weather. Your little illicit trip out looked perfect.


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