Monday, 30 June 2014

Patching together my Summer

 I saw a couple of patchy bags on Instagram recently. That got me to thinking about making my own bag.
In my stash I had three odd shaped squares of barkcloth that were too small to do anything with.

I loved these squares and felt sad that I didn't have more. It's always the way with vintage fabric finds. Mostly there's only enough for small makes and so you have to be even more creative about what you do with it.

 I chose a few other bits of barkcloth to add to the three cream and floral squares and then got chopping until I had twelve the same size.

All patched together, I took my threads into the garden with a man of mine and a jug of Pimms to run colourful stitches along the rows.

The next morning it was a quick job of making a lining and base before stitching the whole thing together.

I'd planned to use pale blue ready made handles, but when I got them they just weren't right.

Now I need to make cloth handles which I'll have to stitch on the outside as there's far too much unpicking needed otherwise.

On a roll with patching I decided to get on with making a new cover for our sun brolly.
 Last year I thought about it all summer long. This year I thought it was about time I got on with it.

 Being as it was such a hot and sunny day I pictured us sitting under it on the lawn later on. I even baked a cake to eat while we lounged about. 

Well - instead it rained like you've never seen. Apparently there was lots of flooding in Norfolk that afternoon. Ever since then it has rained and rained. The best rain was saved for this weekend so my new brolly has hung limp and wet, probably getting stinky too.

Being inside more than usual I've been attacking the knitting again. I've finished one side and I'm halfway through the back of my short cardi. Problem is I'm not sure I like the pattern any more or if I'll wear it. I've seen quite a few I fancy knitting up more. Not easy trying to decide whether to pull out all those slowly worked stitches and to start again or keep going because I might like it after all.

As a reminder to me of what lovely summer weather looks like. On summer Solstice we met up with friends with a picnic for an evening walk. 

The girls ran ahead with the dog, bounding through the cornfields.

In the middle of the woods we came upon a ruined church. Once the village had been sited here, but had eventually moved further down the hill to drier land.

After trampling through bushes and trees we came upon old brick kilns too. 
I forgot to upload that photo from my phone.

It was a magical evening. Hushed girls voices came to us from their hiding place in a field while we ate and drank. 
Pure bliss.


  1. I have been planning to make a patchy bag... that looks delicious, thanks for spurring me on. Eco Ethel xx

  2. Your bag is so lovely!!! I hope that you can work out what you want to do with the handles. The umbrella cover is fantastic!!!! They are so expensive to replace and it is usually the cover part that goes before the structure, so what a great idea!!! You are a clever lady that is for sure. Glad that you have been having lots of fun and nice times. xx

  3. Your bag is beautiful! I have seen a few about and plan to make myself one too for my knitting projects, I love the barkcloth look.
    I have the same problem with a short cardie I am knitting, to carry on or give up! It's all those hours I can't quite bring myself to frog it yet! xx

  4. Love your barkcloth bag, a great way to show off those pretty pieces that are too small for anything else. I'm off to rummage through my scrap box! I understand how you feel about your knitting, I think because it takes me so long to knit anything I have gone off it before it's finished. Crochet and sewing are a lot quicker and I don't lose that enthusiasm. Hoping to be a granny one day, baby knits are so much quicker I might actually finish one! Love Mrs RV x

  5. Love your bag - but I am even more amazed by the umbrella !! What a great idea to make one yourself - the ones you can buy in shops are always soooo boring... yours is cheerful and pretty !!

  6. You made the umbrella?! I've never seen anyone do that before. Amazing. Your bag is beautiful too.

  7. Love the bag, Lisa, and the bark cloth is beautiful. I am not a vintage fabric lover in the main, but these are lovely and faded and pretty.
    Yes, we did have some weather, didn't we? But along with the torrential rain we also had sunshine , and I am hopeful for this summer ....... ..... ....!

  8. Aaaaah! What a lovely, lovely post!
    You are so creative and your photos are gorgeous x

  9. Love the bag and the umbrella. What a lovely way to spend the Solstice.
    Jacqui xx

  10. What a magical spot for a picnic... I love old ruins like that, don't you?

  11. Hello Lisa,

    We have discovered you via the delightful Jenny at Custards and have so enjoyed our visit to your world.

    We are complete incompetents when it comes to making......anything. However, we do know an artist with fabric when we see one and we are highly impressed by your talents in that field. The way in which you have combined the vintage fabrics alongside the new is so imaginative. As you say, there is rarely sufficient vintage fabric and so one must be more creative. You certainly have been and to great effect.

    The photograph of the cornfields is so very redolent of high summer and the golden glow that seems to bathe everything. You live in a most attractive part of the country and what a wonderful way it was to celebrate the Solstice.

    We are your latest followers and shall look forward to many happy returns.

  12. Hello, this is a beautiful blog! I like it very much. I love the clorfull thinks you made and the beautiful pictures. I just became a follower!;-) XX Esther

  13. Great little bag there, and I love the brolly.....I'll keep this short, blogger keeps making my comments disappear, I'm not sure what I've done to upset him! :) x

  14. Hi Lisa, what a lovely bag! Really nice way of using up small pieces that are too nice to be hidden away. The brolly is gorgeous too xxx

  15. Hello there, I tend not to enter into blogworld much these days but I just wanted to hop over to say, I've been loving your makes and pics on IG but for some very annoying reason IG won't let me like or comment on any of your posts. I just wanted to let you know, I've been loving them all!!! Boo hiss to IG gremlins!!!

    Take care,

    Jo x x x

  16. I love the bag and brolly xxxx

  17. My first visit to your blog. It's like reading a good book, your makes are fab and if any dresses turn out short you could wear them as a tunic top with cropped jeans/leggings! x

  18. I see a spot of pink knitting and I go weak at the knees but I do suffer from commitment phobia when knitting adult-sized patterns! I doubt I'll like it until the very end when it's blocked and looking so much better than I imagined. My knitting always looks like a wrung-out dishcloth.

    Your bags are absolutely lovely and scream summer to me.



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