Tuesday, 17 June 2014


With each passing year on the ageing clock I seem to find more joy than down in the dumps blues.
I remember trying to will myself into a melancholy state when I was a teen. Didn't everyone know I was an artist who should be living a devil may care life. Instead tea arrived on the table not long after my mum got in from work, my folks played loads of golf all summer long and a little bit less in the winter, relatives and friends visited and it was all very regular and happy. 

To a teenager it was so dull and so I did lots of stupid things to test my parents sanity. Sometimes my eccentric auntie Annie would visit to liven things up. Life and a bit of drink added to her strange charm. After one visit she left The Happy Hooker under her bed which I was shocked and delighted to find. It sure was a real eye opener to my twelve year old self as my parents just didn't discuss any of that sort of stuff  with me. I pretty much learnt all I'd need to know about sex and more besides from that book.

I had a few years in my late twenties when I wasn't as happy as I should be. Nowadays I refuse to let whatever life throws my way hit me for too long. Sure I get down, but I never give up fighting. I do my best to seek out all the happiest bits in life and just enjoy.

I ended up thinking about joyfullness and happiness when I looked over these pictures.
They're just a few of the wonderful moments of the last week or so. In fact I realised each one captures some of the things and people that make me really happy.

I love having flowers in the house. I'm definately no gardener, but I can weed and dead-head roses. I added a few of these sweet smelling blooms to my cutting and tidying pile after work one evening.

Fresh seasonal food has made mealtimes bliss lately. Fresh veg from a friends allotment and then this gift of sweet strawberries from another ended up as a risotto and Eton Mess the other evening.

Yucky drink, gorgeous bottle. I've always been a sucker for lovely packaging. Miss Millie and her daddy drunk the contents.

Now I do love a bit of lace. In a typo error on Instagram I ended up saying "I tend to come all over lace" which really isn't true at all you know, but I do like it a lot.

I loved this Modflower barkcloth and was holding on to it for a while. A friend really really wanted a Happy Shopper bag made in it so in the end I though what the hell. Spread the fabric joy around I think, I still have enough for a teeny bag for me.

I was thrilled to make another Annual Top for the lovely Laa Laa lady.

In fact I've been so busy sewing, knitting and making lately my fingers are on fire when I'm not at work.
It's a real juggle around family, keeping house and cooking when we get in at the end of the day, but it makes me so happy and I just need a fix every day or I feel I'll get all hissy with everyone.

Mind you I gave up my making time tonight for an evening stroll down the lane with my man and Alfie Blue. Sunlight on green fields, clean air and utter peace after a day in the city and teaching in a non-descript room. Yay that makes life feel good. We talked about childhood a bit and both decided we'd go back to 1975-77 because it was always sunny then! Life was just happy and simple at seven or eight.

Last night I watched the BBC Land Girls on DVD and fiddled with felt.
I'd made a purple brooch with a cluster of these flowers, but fancied trying single blooms this time.


I quickly stitched on the brooch back at seven this morning so I could wear this one to work. I wear a brooch every day, it's another part of my happy making ritual.

I just had to include this picture as it makes me smile each time I see it on my phone.
This is post being a bridesmaid at a pretend Hindu wedding at school.

I also treated my man to a large cup to replace the beautiful Meakin one he broke. It's by Midwinter and has got a fabulous name. Quite Contrary  just sums us up pretty well. We decided long ago we were were well suited because we doubted anyone else could cope with us.

At the same time I treated myself to the Midwindter Queensberry jug on the far left. All bought from a  lovely lady selling Midwinter who chatted to me as if we'd known each other for years.

I don't ask for too much really. My home keeps me sane and calm, my family fill me with joy, being creative is what I've realised I need and as for food - a friend said recently that it's how she sees me showing my love for others. I like that.

footynote: I was so thrilled you enjoyed reading my last post and thankyou for all your lovely comments. I used to be able to tell who visited me, but now my sitemeter is broke and tells me no one comes this way any more so who knows who pops in unless you say hi.
 I really appreciate all the connections and comments left aswell as those of you who've stopped by lately to follow- hello to you.

Speak to you again very soon.


  1. What a wonderful collection of happy things! I also remember the 70s very well, as a teenager, we did always seem to have lovely sunny weather didn't we? I remember 1976 (the year of exams!) being so hot and sunny all the grass on the verges shrivelled up to almost nothing.

    Have a lovely day, Helenxx

  2. Your post made me joyful and happy too!
    Jacqui xx

  3. Wonderful words - now I just have to follow your example and look on the bright side more! xx

  4. I loved looking at all of your happy photos - a great start to the day :) Your brooches are beautiful and so summery. xx

  5. Oh where to start! I loved all your gorgeous photos, your home must be so beautiful everywhere. :) The bag you made for your friend looks amazing and I love the choice of fabric for the lining too. The cowboy fabric of the little bag reminds me of when I was a child starting school and my mother forced me to take a hankerchief with me each day. They always had a design on that was similar to this. (I never ever used it because I didn't want to ruin the picture!) I wish I'd kept them now. :)
    You're right, the summer in the seventies was sunny!
    Jess xx

  6. I love your collection of photos - all that lovely crockery. I recognise that school uniform too.... I wonder whether you're from the same part of the world as me? xx

  7. I don't feel down in the dumps very often but, in recent months, when life is not being wonderful, I head of for some Bobo Bun cheer via your blog. The wonderful photos of a happy family, cheery vintage items and gorgeous craft items always lightens my mood.
    Thank you!
    Jenni x

  8. What a lovely post. Love your felt flowers.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Loved your post today.

    I have been feeling rather down and tired some rather unfortunate and yucky things going on at the moment. But then your cheery post arrived in my sidebar. Loving your makes the brooches are so pretty. Loved the top too.

    I would say my happy are simple home ones. Food.flowers friends family a good book a bit of pottering in the garden and of course some making and baking.

    Lovely post you made me not only smile but laugh too.

    P x

  10. Lovely post :) and great china

    We had exactly the same school blouses at school when I was there (they've changed since), that brought back memories!

  11. I am always here popping in to say hello!! So lovely to hear about your happiness and how you keep going and keep working on the happy. Your brooch a day is a great idea to give you a little smile every day and I am sure that they give those around you a smile too. Your new ones are lovely! I think that 1976 would be a good summer to go back to if you were a child with the heatwave in full force, but not as an adult! I hope that you keep finding happy! Oh and I love your pyrex bowls, I have a collection myself! xx

  12. lovely post and beautiful pictures. I have just started to sew some basic wrap skirts, pattern from tilly and buttons, i am loving it! :)

  13. You can see the love in your home from your beautiful photos!
    Thanks for the lovely pics and words x

  14. HI! Always look forward to your posts and especially the photos of your stitching makes !

  15. What a great outlook to have on life. I take joy from the simple things in life such as sewing, baking, walking the dogs and chatting with my man over a cup of tea and homemade cake. But like some of the folks here, I find a blog such as yours uplifting on a 'grey day'. It's a nice place to escape to.
    Your brooches are so pretty and your tops have got me thinking I should really make some tops for myself for all the hot weather we've been having.

  16. I absolutely love this post. It's so honest and cheerful without being cheesy. You're absolutely right, it must be an age thing - finding joy in the simple things. How much easier would our teens have been if we had this benefit of hindsight? Love the sound of your Auntie Annie too, she sounds just my cup of tea! ;-)

    I've decided to have a self indulgent creative day today - your gorgeous brooches have set my juices flowing (hahahaha!!!).

    Heather x


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