Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Happiness Is

Each evening, once theres a bit of quiet time to write a post, I fall asleep. Staying up late for days on end has finally caught up with me. Seems I just can't stay up until 2am knitting anymore and then get up at 7am to do a full days teaching. I do struggle so keeping the same hours as everyone else.

I was planning to write a post with a bit of a history show and tell about it. Being as it's something we got all excited about, I've decided it'll have to wait a few more days. It needs a head that's less fluffy than mine is tonight to get written properly.

 Instead I thought I'd share with you a few Happy Things from the last week or so. 

Well a parcel plopped  through the door one day, full of the most lovely things from Mrs Bertimus.
 We'd decided to send a wee parcel of bits and bobs to one another just because. What a lot of happy things there are in that.

 Our older rescue cat Pip sleeping at home more has made me very happy too. Pip really hates Lily our 1 year old cat. Lily endlessly trails after Pip when she's home so Pip avoids coming home so often. I just wish Pip would give her a wallop and then Lily would leave her alone. Aahhh well, you can't tell them anything.

 Third Happy thing was finding the delightful Daisy Bee Necklines on Instagram. Her place is full of the most delightful colour and felty makes. 

Now I loved a brooch of hers a lot. In fact her style is divine, colourful and kooky I'd say. It's been a while since I got out the felt for a play. I couldn't stop thinking about one of her brooches so I decided I'd make one for myself. In fact I had so much fun, I made a couple and I don't think I've finished with these two alone. I really hope she doesn't mind me making them just for me.

I can't find a link to her in blogworld so if you want to see more of her fabulous makes then just have a peek on Instagram.

Another Happy Thing last week was having the most lovely day on my mum's birthday.
We found an old fashioned waterside pub for lunch, ate so much we though we'd burst and then went home to repeat it all for birthday tea.

Alongside all the half-term shenanigins I was as Happy as a Lark having lots of making time.

I was thrilled to stitch up a couple of custom Annual Top orders. While I was at it I cut out patterns for a few new things for me. 

The most amazing Happy thing though was to actually finish knitting the cardigan I started making last year. It's the first clothing thing I've knitted for myself as I usually get bored halfway through. I've always stuck to small stuff and things for the girls when they were younger. This time I made myself keep going because I loved the yarn and colour so much.

If you look back to the beginning of this post you'll see my Pink Stinks Regan cardi from the Soft knit Cotton collection by Rowan. This yarn is chain spun so there's no splitting at all and it lives up to it's name, being the softest yarn to knit with. I'll definately be getting more of this when the pennies are flowing once more. 

Next time I'll share Tales from the Grave with you. Ta Ta for now.


  1. Love the pink cardi which looks great with your dress underneath.

  2. Just for your information : don't worry, not everyone can manage sleeping only from 2am until 7 am and be productive during the day... Oh my, if I don't have my 8/9 hours sleep I am a total wreck !!
    Your cardigan is just lovely - congratulations that you've finished it !! I also have problems with finishing knitting projects once they get a little bigger (read : pattern gets more complicated...). So often, I put it aside, mostly because I get nervous due to more difficult parts in it (neckline pattern etc....)
    And ps - what a cute postcard in your first picture, the teddy pulling the donkey :-)))

  3. Pink definitely doesn't stink, your cardigan is gorgeous! Penny x

  4. Pink definitely doesn't stink, your cardigan is gorgeous! Penny x

  5. ive been working for m&s and i just find it hard to focus on anything in the evenings after a day of rushing around on my do really well to be strict with your time and make things~ lovely post x i love your pretty fabric tops ~ really lovely!!!!! I'm a size 14 to 16 and always see such lovely styles in smaller sizes it makes me want to make my own!. I live in stripey tops at the moment, i love the pretty felt flower you made for yours. You and your mum are like me and my mum and sister we look total opposites, i take after my dads side of the family with greeny blue eyes and my mum and sister look so different with very dark hazel eyes and darker skin but the funny thing my sisters two daughters indigo and rosie have very blonde curls! x

  6. I love,love,love your felt flowers and wonder why they are not more popular. Sending felty pinlove. Eco Ethel xx

  7. I can't stay up beyond 10.30 with out feeling tired the next day : ( Makes me feel about 83! Love your tops, cardi and brooch. Glad it's not just me likes bright colours ; ) Poor ol Pip - my Annie was the same when we got a kitten. Sounds like a great b/d - my kinda day, hehe! Don't work too hard, Jen

  8. Ah yes I know what you mean as a self confesses night owl I am finding it increasingly alarming to find the eye roll happening at about ten thirty some evenings. And just lately even a lay in seems impossible at the weekend. Must be growing out of my teenage phase ;0)

    Loving the cardinals so lovely. I can only do basic knitting but tend to crochet more how I wish I could follow patterns to make some lovely tops .

    Sounds like you have had some lovely things throughout your week, the felt flowers are so lovely.

    Ooo tales from the grave that sounds interesting my little macabre heart skips a beat.

    P x

  9. It is lovely to see what you have been up to, it sounds as though you have been having some lovely times, even if you are feeling a bit short of sleep! It is so lovely to receive a parcel in the post isn't it, much better than what usually comes! I look forward to the next post, I am very intrigued..... xx

  10. So glad you liked your parcel, I'm still admiring my treasures!
    Your makings are just wonderful, you really are very clever indeed x

  11. Lots of things to be happy about. x

  12. Delighted I've inspired - thankyou for the shout out xxxx


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