Sunday, 8 June 2014

D is for Doing What you Love

Aren't Friday's magical days? Unless, I guess, you have to work at the weekend. I still get a buzz knowing there's two whole days for my own plans stretching ahead.

Apparently I'm a bit more naughty and irreverent at work on a Thursday as the Friday looming excitement hits me.

Plans to read new magazines and really make a big hit on the back of this wee pink cardigan didn't get a look in.


The weather on Friday night was so heavenly that my huge and heavy pile of library books had to wait.

Instead we camped outside playing badminton, drinking Pimms and  eating a picnic tea. 
Bad weather forecasts were ignored by the sun and so we made the most of our British summer.


Plans to wear bright and breezy clothes were replaced by big wet thunder storms on Saturday. 

Miss Millie and I visited friends an hour later and ended up on an unplanned magical walk, sploshing through puddles under blue skies and a boiling sun.

Every time I think of that walk and the amazing deserted church hidden in the middle of a wood I kick myself for leaving my camera behind.

Back home I got back to my sewing addiction. I had an Annual Top to be finishing up and then a whole pile of new things I'd cut out to sort.

 Annoyingly I ran out of the facing fabric, so I whipped up a net petticoat and a Cowboy Clutch instead.
I have a couple of net petticoats already. They're so handy under dresses and skirts when you're tall to fill in that missing bit of skirt length. I think big frothy nets are delicious too. I love seeing the colours peep out.

I wore my petticoat under my dress the very next day for an outing I've been looking forward to for months now.

 Zoe's Little Vintage Lover Fair, which I've sold at ever since she set up five years ago, was taking part in the Opening of The Control Tower at North Creake (nr Wells-next-the-Sea).

Being as we love history and WW2 especially, have a weakness for exploring fascinating buildings and adore vintage markets we knew this was the day for us (3 of us anyway).

The RAF squadron based at North Creake had played a key role in the D-day Landings carrying out Radio Counter Measures to distract the enemy away from the actual landing points.

 The Control Tower has been restored by a couple who have made it their home as well as a B & B. Alongside this they hire out their vintage cars for weddings. I really admire people like this who have a vision and just get on with it.

  The details outside were breathtaking. I loved these cloud deco style gates. The interior was fabulous as you'd imagine, but I didn't take any photos as I thought it rude being as it's their home after all.

 Once we'd explored, chatted to friends and taken it all in we headed to the lawn to sit in the deckchairs and eat our picnic.

With our favourite tunes from the era playing across the lawn we relaxed and wished we didn't have to leave.

A perfect weekend ended with G & T's at my mum's on the way home to collect Miss Rosey and Alfie Blue. I got out of the driving by feeling bombed by Gin.

I know I promised Graveyard tales for this post, but being as it's D-day weekend I thought I'd better keep it all in sync you know.


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend :) x

  2. What a lovely weeknd. Thanks for sharing! x

  3. Having lived on RAF bases for part of my married life, with a father who was an officer in the RAF in WWII, it's probably not surprising I too have a love of this type of industrial architecture.The hangars, Officers Mess, NAAFI buildings and so on, and it saddens me that so many of them are just left empty, not to mention the hundreds of houses. So it is lovely to see this building being loved and lived in, thank you for sharing. Although it's only a few miles away, I was unaware of it.

  4. What a wonderful weekend!! Your visit looks as though it was amazing, and I too love those gates, especially with the car just beyond them in your photo. My hubby would love that sort of gate, but it would look totally wrong with our house sadly! Perhaps one day! xx

  5. What a great weekend! I'm in love with that little cowboy print fabric...

  6. What a lovely post, we've had a great weekend too, filled with Morris dancers, G n Ts, lots of red wine, friends.....and No Camera. I made the decision not to take it with us, my girls have been complaining that I always take it with me, it was quite nice not to have to bother. Brilliant thunderstorm here as I write, haven't a clue what Jeremy Vines on about as I can hear the radio, gets me out of cleaning the patio.... Love those windows and doors, have a good week! :) x

  7. Fab restoration of that control the pics thanks!
    Ps where is the cowboy clutch??
    bestest d x

  8. What a great way to spend a weekend, hope the weather's like that when we get to England this summer.

  9. hello you x
    no idea where to start, what a beautiful post of a beautiful weekend... LOVE your stitching and how amazing is the choice in your library????
    t x


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