Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Strolling here 'n' There

Last week we had the kind offer of a Pug babysitter.
This meant we could get away from home longer than usual and so at 7am we were London bound.

We have so many things we want to show the girls and so we pick a different route each time we visit. 

We park at Gants Hill and get the tube in so we get there as quick as can be. This time we got off at Green Park so we could stroll through as much green space as possible for our country loving Little Bun. Cities tire her out if she sees tons of people and too many pavements so this was good planning for a long day. Miss Rosey on the other hand craves cities and shops. A balance has to be struck. 

First stop was the monument opened in 2012 to commemorate Bomber Command.
Then underneath The Wellington arch and past the 1914-18 Artillery Monument, which was being renovated, to hop into Hyde Park.

I used to love coming to see the shouty people at Hyde Park Corner in the years I lived here. All very quiet today, public shouting of beliefs doesn't seem as popular as it used to be.

We strolled towards the Serpentine enjoying the morning air and getting excited about the day ahead.

After touristy bridge shots we crept past the geese, avoided falling in the Lido and stopped for breakfast by the water's edge.

We planned our route so we'd be able to take in the biggest monument probably ever built by a wife for her dead husband. Our heads and hearts were weighing up the reality of those who would have been living in poverty and ending up in the workhouse alongside the size of this creation. Nothing changes though as I can think of quite a few modern day elephants that have been built while people still languish on the borderline of society.
Directly opposite Albert's memorial is the Albert Hall. Miss Rosey has the chance to sing in the Albert Hall later this year with her school choir, still not sure if she'll choose to go or not.

Not suprisingly after this we headed down Exhibition Road to one of our favourite museums and a first for the girls. We had planned to go to the Imperial War Museum (most favourite of all), but strangely in this significant year 2014 it's closed until the summer?

At the bottom of the road we found the V & A. I was all bubbly with excitement.

We entered by the side doors so first stop was the Fashion displays. Joy of joys. 

I've missed out some era's as I didn't want to overload you, so I picked some of Little Bun and I's favourites.
I adored the late C19th velvet evening coat. Little Bun fell for the Schiaparelli coat.

Clothes from the 1920's that remind me of those worn in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Women's fashion full circle from the crinoline to the fullness of Dior's skirts.

These beautiful gowns from the 1930's have small features that I'm wondering if I could try making myself. I'll certainly have a go and if I don't make a pigs ear of it then I'll show and tell.

After the delights of the clothes we headed upstairs to see the drawing, paintings and performance areas.

This Widow Twanky costume made us jump out of our skin.

Once we had taken in the visual feast and seen the Great Bed of Ware we headed outside for lunch.

Next stop on the tour was Covent Garden.  First visit was the Moomin shop for a few purchases. 
Afterwards we wandered and then we heard the most wonderful Opera singer's voice filling the market. 

Peering over the balcony we were treated to the most wonderful show. The singing was sublime and all acted out with the greatest comedy act. This is what we'd brought the girls to Covent Garden for and we couldn't have asked for a better street performance. A few pounds in the hat to show our appreciation and off we went hungry and thirsty again.

We ended our day lazing outside the market before deciding we were ready to head off back homeward bound. 

On our walk back to Holborn tube luck of luck we passed a Hope & Greenwood shop. Easter egg shopping was quickly sorted, no peeking in the bag. 

I even got to do a spot of knitting on the way home as my man took over the driving.


  1. What a fantastic day out, we always love a trip to London, hoping to go on the next bank holiday weekend.


  2. What a lovely day you had. I haven't been to the V&A since I was at college. We have just returned from Brighton - Matts choice for his last holiday day. He's busy with history homework now. Hope works ok when you return. xx

  3. What a super day out of the bestest kind! and the V & A so so lovely...when we were there last it was the "from catwalk to club" exhibition now that took me back a few years....right back to the 80's actually
    d xxxx

  4. my heart skipped with joys seeing your pics, i lived in london while doing my printed textile degree and working for a coffee company. My twinny was doing a costume degree and we would go to the V&A often~ i loved it there~ she worked at covent garden and we'd have lunch watching the performers, musicians and singers. There was always lots of fun and interesting things going on. it looks like you all had a lovely time, x

  5. What a lovely day you must have had !! I am a huge London-lover (The Husband knows he has to take me there twice a year, to keep me happy ;-) ), and normally our next visit will be in may. Thanks to your blog I now have some new ideas on what to visit !

  6. what a lovely day, I've book marked your post, I'm always fascinated by what people choose to do on a day out in London. There is just so much choice. I just need the day out now! Heather x

  7. I have always wanted to see the fashion displays in the V&A, a few years ago I read about a "Swinging London" exhibit that really captured my imagination. Never been to London though, I hope to go someday. It looks like a lovely day out.

  8. What a lovely day out! I don't often wish I had girls (I have two fantastic boys), but looking at the clothing museum you went to with your girls, I had a small pang of jealousy. I look forward to seeing your attempts at the 30's dresses.

  9. Am so needing another visit to London.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day out. I was planning on visiting the IWM this year & like you I was very surprised it's not open! They have been closed for a while now :( x

  11. Proper day out in London. You managed to see and do lots.
    The photo of your girls is lovely, they look so grown up.
    Lisa x


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