Monday, 14 April 2014

Stop the Clocks

Sometimes being very tired can be so so good for you. I know it has been for me the past few days. I just wanted to do whatever I fancied with a bit of chat about what we all wanted to do thrown in too.

Seems we just need to go with the flow. We chucked out the work/school timetable and just did as we felt at the time and it's been a perfect few days because of it. 

Like most mum's I wear guilt well, finding it hard to switch off from providing a long list of essentials. Nowadays I'm slowly learning that I can step back more. My girls still need me, will always need me, but just not in the same ways when they were wee. Neither of us made lunch the other day, did the world end? No they just sorted themselves out instead.

We all did our own thing for a whole day.

I needed to fiddle about with random things. Consider making something, anything. Eventually I ran up a couple of new quilt covers for the girls. These have been a long time in my head and in the end they took less than 30 minutes to make. Perhaps it's because I chose the quick cheat method. 

Once I'd chosen the right sheets for them I realised I'd grabbed two that were actually double duvets. What a result. That meant no buttonhole making for me as the end bits were already there. All I had to do was measure from the middle, trim the sides and then re-stitch the edges. Two duvet covers done - hey presto. 

 Even better, they love them and they're all soft and cosy after years of washing. 

While I sewed, Little Bun spent the morning designing a dress for Handy one of her dolls. I showed her how to measure and make a pattern. As she's left-handed she struggles with the cutting bits. Once all the pieces were ready, she handstitched a lovely green spotty dress with a flower sewn on for good measure.

The rest of the day was spent with hook, yarn and a magazine.

I started working on a shape I've been mulling over, then I picked up the potholder I started a while back.

As I caught up with Endeavour on the ipad I somehow finished the pad. I was pretty impressed as it was all from a chart and normally my eyes go skewiff after a while with these.

I doubt I'll use it as it's far too pretty. It's destined to be a cheerful hangy thing in the kitchen. Which as my man cooks far more than me is pretty much my role in the kitchen too. 


The rest of the weekend was spent seeing and doing.
In the front of the library was this amazing pergola covered in knitted flowers, birds, insects and animals sent from all over the world to fundraise.

Our favourites were the budgies. Now I'm looking for a pattern to try and knock some up for us too.

Today's adventures involved taking great big gulps of fresh sea air.

Walking along one side of the river to cross the bridge that takes us to the beach on the other side.

Morning ices before lunch in the tea gardens.

Followed by a stroll through the village past amazing Arts & Crafts houses to walk the path of the old railway line that once used to bring holidaymakers to Walberswick.

On this part of our walk the smell of coconut was so strong. Turns out it was the yellow flowers on the gorse bushes.

Miss Rosey and I followed at the rear with her speaking to me in German. My favourite was "I'm friendly, but I'm not rich." A most useful statement I think for life's journey.

Hope you're all enjoying this lovely weather too and being kind to yourselves as well.


  1. I'm so glad to know that you've sewn duvet covers. I know yours ended up being real covers, but I'm glad it worked. I want to try making one from sheets for my daughter eventually, and I've found a good tutorial. I'm still looking for the perfect sheet for the top side. :)

  2. I have built up a decent stash pile of vintage bed linen, from various charity shops. My latest make was a baby quilt from 2 pairs of pillow cases, total cost with some batting £3 and I have fabric left for another project. I haven't been into Norfolk for ages and it is high time that I did. Once I relocate to Wales it just will not happen.

  3. Those duvet covers are wonderful
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Lisa - I know we haven't bumped into each other for ages, but follow your blog regularly - love the crochet, must catch up sometime Gilly x

  5. Love the duvet covers and you really did luck out there with the ends not needing to be done by you!! Way to go I say! That yarny pergola with all of the different flowers and the budgies is amazing, love the budgies, way too cute!! All the different things that people create and then giveaway to projects like this amazes me. Glad that you are taking some time for yourself. Hope that you have a great week. xx

  6. Oh I love the budgies too, they made me smile.

  7. Oh I love the budgies too, they made me smile.

  8. Inspirational as always. I'm just learning to quilt so was very impressed with the one in your photos. I also loved the duvet covers and crocheted budgies! Enjoy the Easter holidays. x

  9. That potholder is indeed too pretty to use !!

  10. Little bun sounds as clever as her very talented Mum!

  11. What lovely duvets, and not cheating at all! Love days like that ... Going with the flow ...

    Love Claire xxx

  12. Love love those duvet covers. They remind me of ones my children used to have 40 years ago!

  13. Just love your blog and all the amazing projects you do with your family. My son lives in Norwich and had I known that the spectacular display of yarn bombing was on at the Forum, I would have come the 5 hour train journey just for that. No, of course I would have come primarily to see him, but the hooky delights would have been a bonus.

  14. Love the budgies :-) You can get the exact pattern from Etsy, in a shop called Bunnyfriends. I have included the link below.

  15. I love reading about bloggers' offspring taking to 'crafting'; Little Buns' skills sound impressive!
    I deffo need to knit me some budgies...they are so cute!
    Have a lovely Easter weekend.
    Z xx

  16. Knitted budgies - so cute! I'm really swooning over your Easter-y tablecloth, though.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday weekend,
    Jo x


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