Friday, 11 April 2014

Light Time

This week my head got into holiday mood for two days and then I had to go into work to finish up two more days teaching as we have four terms to squeeze in this academic year. 
Now it's time to relax (apart from blinking stinking paperwork), catch up on sleep and all the things I really much prefer doing. 

We had plans today, but being so pooped we just wanted to flop at home. Only two days away at Grandma's and the girls miss home. We're all pretty content in our world. It's just as well we are really as we're not ooozing the money needed to go exploring anywhere far away either. Sometimes I wish we could, but we've made our choices and I know they're the right ones.

On holiday day no 1, the girls and I had the most lovely day. It poured with rain which meant no need to feel bad about hiding away. Little Bun had a friend come over in the afternoon and I heard not a peep from them. Miss Rosey and I fiddled. I cleared loads of old tat away, cleaned hutches in the rain and then while Miss Rosey drew I got the urge for a quick make.

For a while now I've wanted to cover another lampshade and hang it where I used to have a 1930's glass one on chains. I actually bought a book on covering lampshades an age ago which has some great ideas in it. This is not a make from it, instead it's a quick cut and glue job. Impatient to cover a shade and not wait for an order of proper lampshade paper and double sided tape I searched the garage instead for an old cast of drum shade.

Luckily I found one with a fairly faint pattern over it. I took a while choosing the right fabric. Once chosen, I measured up, cut out and then all I had to do was lather lots of glue with a big brush all over the fabric and shade. The first glue was pretty stinky and I ran out of that half-way through. Not good. Luckily I found some old UHU that hadn't dried out. Not stinky and much easier to use.

Then I stuck one end down to the shade, borrowed Miss Rosey's hands and as she rolled I smoothed and stuck the fabric to the shade. After a wee spot of trimming overlaps all was done. 

I hung it straight away to dry and marvel at how pleased I was with my quickie make. Close up like this you can see some of the blue flowers of the original print showing through. Other than that I'm really pleased with it.

My next plan for lamps is a wee project with glue, fairy lights, fabric and plastic cups. It's been on my mind for weeks now and I might finally have the time to do it at last.

Once I'd hung the lamp we did a spot of early Easter decorating with some of the honeycomb decorations I'd found a while ago. I think we'll sort out an Easter tree this weekend.

The end of our relaxing first holiday day ended with friends coming to eat with us. Miss Rosey asked if she could help me cook, Little Bun had wanted to make the breakfast that morning and then late that night they both insisted on staying up to help with the washing up.  What stars they were that day. Sometimes we have right old screaming matches about helping and who does what. All normal. 


  1. I hope that you have a great Easter holiday and that you keep enjoying your great lampshade! xx

  2. A lovely productive day Lisa, one always made that little bit lovelier with a fab 'make'! Love the lampshade, very simple but very effective too.

    Enjoy the rest of the hols

    Love Claire xxx

  3. I think your girls are so lucky growing up in a house where old is valued and not chucked out, where being together as a family is more important than sitting stuck up in your room away from family. Old fashioned and traditional values reign in your home and I am sure that if there was more of that around, there wouldn't be half the problems with teens that we hear about. They are so lucky.... and so are you of course!

  4. That lampshade is gorgeous - great make! Jen

  5. Love the lampshade. I have a couple that I have been contemplating covering for ages now; you've given me the inspiration to have a go. Have a lovely Easter holiday. x


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