Monday, 7 April 2014

Glory Days

I tempted you with a tour around my dear friends shop last week didn't I. With all the nonsense of the last week well and truly shovelled aside, for now, I'm back in true glorious fashion to take you to Glory Days, Franklins Yard, Holt.

We knew the shop would be divine before we arrived. Ruth had previously opened Glory Days in Norwich before her move further up the bump that's Norfolk to start new adventures nearer the coast.
She has a fabulous eye for detail, excellent taste and is a shopkeeper whose warm welcome ends up with her becoming friends with many of her loyal customers.

I adore these coloured planters. I think they'd fairly brighten our garden that's home to rows of nettles and tons of chicken poo.

Last Saturday was a long time coming and so there was Ruth bubbly as ever with customers flowing in and out. 
As much as Holt is great for shopping - there are so many wonderful small shops, antique and charity shops and treasure emporiums tucked away here and there, down side alleys and nestled around yards, but there just isn't anything quite like Ruth's shop. Glory Days combines the appeal of Enid Blyon, sunny picnics, sweeties and childhood joy in one small space.

Isn't this original 1950's sign that Ruth had re-vamped fabulous?

Filling every space around the store are an array of gnomes and critters to make you smile. Staffordshire figurines sit happily amongst all the bright colours. Staffordshire pieces are highly collectable right now so you might be grabbing a bargain you know.

Alongside sweeties from Hope & Greenwood, jewellry from Acorn & Will are some of my bits and bobs. 

Sasha's toys peek out from bags and baskets. If you remember back to the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market days then that's where you would have seen Sasha's toys, we also have quite a few in our home.

It's the parrot light I want right now, but then there's a nesting hen, a naughty gnome and a fabulous white scottie dog to choose from too and really I think I just want them all.

Little Bun bought a few brooches as Mothers Day gifts while we were there. She knows how much I love Daniella's pieces from Acorn & Will. I didn't notice a thing as we had some bubbly and being a complete lightweight with daytime drinking felt spaced out. I'm suprised these photos came out as well as they did. 

At lunch my man said "I feel odd, you just look bombed".

 If you are nearby, pop in because you'll get a real cheery welcome and there's always something to tempt you. I mean, how could you resist Booby Cupcakes?

Opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 10-5.


  1. Wish I lived closer. That's definitely my sort of shop x

  2. It looks fab! I'd love to visit :) x

  3. Wish I lived closer too
    Julie xxxxx

  4. What a great shop! Wish she did on-line as it is beyond my limited travelling distance. Oh for the days when I could just hop on a series of trains and stop off to see friends on each leg of the journey! I'd have been down their by next weekend.

    1. Ruth is going online soon, I'll let you know as soon as promise.

  5. What a beautiful little shop! I do love Holt, here's an extra reason to make the journey up from West Norfolk! Thanks Lisa!

  6. I love Holt but have not been there for ages, now I need to fit a visit in soon. The bright colours are a joy to look at.

  7. I've got mixed feelings - sad because it's too far away to visit, but relieved that I won't be tempted to buy everything on sale! What a lovely little shop - thanks for sharing - and I hope she does really well (she deserves to!) Have a great week xx

  8. Oooh, I'll have to get Jo to take me there. Glad you're feeling more cheery. xx

  9. Ooh Lisa! Just my cup of tea ... xx

  10. What a lovely shop, I can see why she has many loyal customers! Hope that it goes well in the new location. I love the lady with the cupcake cases!!! Lots of fun for sure! xx

  11. I could spend all day in a shop like that. Wish we lived closer.

  12. What a fab shop. Pity I live so far away. Your stuff looks great too!. I also see she stocks stationery from Becky of Dots n Spots, certainly a lady of exquisite taste.

  13. I shall make sure to visit when we go to Holt for our annual visit in December.... a treat is to go to Holt Bookshop, a really lovely place to browse for a while and I never come away empty-handed. Thanks for visiting my blog by the way.

  14. What a lovely shop, will make a bee line for it next time we are up that way!catx

  15. Why do I live in Belgium.... Looks like a fabulous shop !!!

  16. Hello Lisa!
    Sorry I haven't been around much lately, been busy with life and all that jazz. Loved your perfectly honest and heartfelt previous post and really wanted to comment but something must have distracted me.
    Love this post and wish I lived closer I think I could spend hours in there, what a menagerie of delight and my purse would be a lot emptier on leaving. Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous shop xox take care, love and hugs xxx

  17. Dear Lisa,

    I too am sorry not to have been around these past couple of weeks. I was touched by your heartfelt post which must have struck a chord with many of your readers. I think the wonderful thing about communicating one's worries and troubles is that it normalises how universally tricky life usually is. It is far too easy - in my experience anyway - to close in one oneself. Am I making sense?

    I am very glad you are getting the support you cleary deserve and need.



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