Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bouncing Along

I was about to start by saying how much I love Spring, but then I thought, you know, I actually love all of our seasons as much as each other. I love how our year is broken into four bits all with different festivals, foods and changes in nature to look forward to. 

For now though it's Easter time and that means chicks and bunnies to me (oh and family feasts and chocolate too).

It also means lots of lovely days doing just what we please. 

Mid-week we headed to Foxley Woods. Foxley is an ancient woodland with the most stunning displays of bluebells.

 We had a leisurely meander with Little Bun and her friend following behind lost in chatter.

Spring also means a beautiful play of light on the walls. It makes getting up early less of a hideous thing for a night owl like me.

We actually managed to rise at 6am this week so we could drive down to London for a day of this 'n' that (I'll show you what we found next time I pop by).

 Another thing I'm hugely in favour of with seasonal festivities is the baking that goes with it. 

I made fairy egg buns for the girls, a Simnel cake (slightly burnt so it's best to just eat the middle bit) and a few cheese scones for the cheesy addicts. 

Little Bun and I still plan to knock up a few bunny and egg shaped lemon  biscuits as they've become a tradition of ours.

Today I've been playing chauffeur. Little Bun and her daddy have been planning a long off the beaten track walk for a while now and today was the day. 

Once I'd delivered them to the track I did the horrid food shop and then was greeted with the lovely sight of a sleepy bee waiting on the doorstep just for me!

 Miss Rosey got on with our lunch while I hung washing and generally faffed about with some of our animals.

Maggie and Bluebell in synchronised dance routine. Little Olive was busy in a bush laying eggs somewhere so missed out on the dancing.

 Further up I found Pixie had made another break for freedom. Not surprising as her outdoor run is very Heath Robinson (badly made and falling to bits if you don't know of the bloke).

 I left her to it. She's old and doesn't get too far, plus I needed the crack team to help me catch her.

 Walking back to the house I saw the ladies were still prancing and a dancing.

 No sooner it seemed than I got in to eat my lunch than I was called to come and collect the hikers. Six miles in and they found the path was blocked off so back they'd come tired, but happy.

Once home I sat down with my latest knitting and hooky obsession while uploading pics.

I opened up my bag of 4 ply cottons a couple of days ago and ever since I've been in colour heaven.

I'm loving working on these beautiful doilies and already have lots of other colourways planned.

I tried them in DK cotton at first, but they grab me best of all in the finer 4 ply.


Alongside these, last minute as usual, I started knocking up an egg cosy or two or three for friends who don't eat chocolate (hard to believe these people exist, but they actually do).

 Well it's been a lovely old week so far of Springtime goodness. 

Now thoughts turn to whether or not the Easter bunny will show up, will I burn the lunch and is it rude to squeeze in a spot of knitting when we have guests? 

Happy Easter to each of you.


  1. I don't really eat chocolate (definitely a savoury tooth), but I'd welcome one of those cosies on my boiled egg of a morning :-) Lovely photos.

  2. just really gorgeous! every image had me ooing and ahhing! easter bunny is booked to arrive here when the kids have friends playing next week! x

  3. Lovely doilies !! I also prefer those in finer yarn...
    Btw if you see the easter bunny tomorrow, ask him if he has time to stop by my house as well ;-)

    (and people who don't eat chocolate ?? nahhh impossible...)

    Happy Easter xxx

  4. It makes all the difference having youngsters in the home, it may be more work - but so much more to appreciate and engage with; I miss that.

  5. So much going on and so Springy. I am like you, I love all the seasons, they each have something wonderful to offer and are all filled with memories and likes.
    The colours in the doillies are gorgeous, the chicks are fab and that cute little bumble bee...I love Spring xxxx Happy Easter xxx

  6. Such a happy post full of inspiring thoughts and images. Thank you for sharing so much beauty here on this blog of yours.

    I wish you all a beautiful, bouncy, happy Easter!


  7. lovely colourful doilies...have a lovely Easter

  8. Happy Easter, what a lovely colourful post. Xxx

  9. What a lovely time you've been having. Happy Easter xx

  10. I am spending Easter away with family so I can surround myself with colourful crochet and let someone else do the burning. I did cook yesterday and I brought homemade hot cross buns with me. I love chocolate but never eat Easter Eggs, whatever they add to the chocolate to make it crisp tastes "off" to me, and I don't like paying for the packaging. I haven't been crocheting long and have not tried Doilies yet, they are on the must do list.

  11. I think I'll come to your house for Easter, burnt Simnel cake and all.... all that lovely crochety, woolly stuff to revel in, buns and more buns, and biscuits too. And the lovely Foxley woods to walk in - they're a favourite place of mine too! Happy Easter to you and the rest of the Bun lot!

  12. such lovely images of Spring! you captured them so well, oh' bluebells just my fav!~ Devon seems a bit slow on that score. Cant wait for the surprise when they arrive in the woodlands. Happy easter lovely bun x

  13. What a beautiful post and stunning photography!
    Can't wait to hear about London too!
    Happy Easter chuck x

  14. oh to have forests of bluebells in New Zealand. I'm one of those chocolate non-likers - had tonsils out last year and no longer like sweet things - it is very sad.

  15. Like you I love all our Seasons for different reasons, but Spring will always be my favourite and you have captured it so well. We were out and about yesterday near Bawtry and we passed the most beautiful show of bluebells. It looked like a vivid blue lake among the woods and I was so peeved that we couldn't stop to take photos. I think it us one of the most stunning Spring sights, although the snowdrops, the blossom , just the brilliant green of the new leaves make a pretty good show too! BTW love your dancing chucks! X

  16. Yarn love Lisa! What delicious colours indeed, what make is it if you don't mind me asking? It looks like you have had a glorious Easter time and I am loving your hens and sweet Pixie too, I had a quick flash thought about the fact that we might be able to have hens in our hopefully new home as the garden is great :o) we have done some baking here too, but I have decided it's time to cut back as my tummy seems to have expanded lately ! I have a wedding to go to in June and want to fit into my dress comfortably x hope you all have a great week, Andy and Alice went to the Albion game this afternoon, last one for them as there are only 2 left if they don't get in the play offs.... Hey look at me sounds like I understand this football malarkey! Hope Mike is still enjoying it xox

  17. Just catching up with all your colourful goings on :) Hope you caught that bunny ;) x


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