Tuesday, 29 April 2014


When I stitch I really get into it. You could call it obsessive, I call it creative therapy.

I made one top.
I showed you that the other day.

Then I made another. 

Then I made a smaller version of the other two.

I also cut out the shapes to make two more because you know there are a lot of days in the week that need clothes to be worn.

My man laughed and wondered if I was getting a bit OCD about the tops.

I plan to make him one next.

I simply adore the latest one above. I made it out of fabric destined for the ironing board to repair a very torn and tatty cover. I was in need of a pink fix for a top and this was just the ticket.

Then I thought I'd better share the top love, so I made one for Little Bun out of fabric she chose last summer. If I'd been a sewing top obsessive last summer she might have had it sooner. Last summer I was strictly whizzing up dresses.

I'm also halfway through a skirt to go with her new top. 

A plain denim skirt was requested a while back and so the fabric has been patiently sitting there waiting to become just that.

It was lovely being a sewing obsessive to tell the truth.

One morning I had crafty company.
My fabrics spread out at one end, while Little Bun drew, stuck and planned at the other end all watched by new to her Sindy. Bidding for Sindy dolls on ebay has become the latest thing

Day 1 of sewing I had company for half the day and then off she went with her daddy to watch Rent a Ghost. Sindy's and old TV for Little Bun, Miss Rosey is the only modern girl in this house. I think she despairs of us sometimes, although she does love The Herbs, Magic Roundabout, Rainbow, Hong Kong Fuey, Bagpuss and Lovejoy.

Day 2 of sewing I stopped halfway through to pick up my new knitting and watch Thoroughly Modern Millie (an absolute favourite of mine and partly the reason for a wee girls name). 

Next time I stop by here I'll show you what this is and where it comes from. 

Most naughty of me as I still have a sleeve to finish on my other knit and a whole body to go on the other. 

Rolls her eyes in despair at yet more obsessive tendencies.


  1. Yummy, yummy, yummy....loving them tops, yes you must make one for your man, slightly darker shade of blue though, so he looks all manly! Your comment about your daughter being modern made me laugh. Eldest Bea is the only modern one in our house, she despairs at us, rather loudly I must add, everyday! We apparently are the only house of all friends that's not 'modern'....who I ask, wants 'modern'.....ME, ME, ME! She usually cries. Oh well, keep up the good work :) x

  2. I love this post. It reassures me, I'm not the only one with sometimes "little" obsessions.
    I love those tops - I would make a heap of them as well (if I could sew, that is.....) !
    And yés, definitely make one for your husband ! (So next time, with some other new project, he will not dare to laugh again ;-) )
    xxx, Ingrid
    xxx, Ingrid

  3. I love the Cindy doll... I have a large collection of Barbie's. Can't wait to see what the knitting is.....such a pretty pink.
    Jacqui x

  4. I absolutely love your attention to detail and the perfect neatness of your work, the knitting looks lovely, the tops are so colourful and somehow just You - taking liberties here as I don't know you, but looking at the photos of you that sometimes appear, the tops are definitely You. And I have a thing about Sindy dolls too, but haven't given in to it.... yet! At my age, it seems a bit daft really.

  5. Love the tops, especially the blue one. I think they call it 'flow time' when you're that absorbed...it's good for you so keep taking the therapy! (You have just given me an idea for a post) :) xx

  6. Lisa, your on top form! :)

    Have been enjoying all your lovely posts so much colour and joy in every one.

    I am loving your tops the pink one is particularly speaking to me.

    Sounds like your new obsession is benefiting everyone. Hope you carry on enjoying creating a lovely handmade wardrobe.

    Thanks for your comment too on my last post.

    Keep stitching.

    P x

  7. It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black here, but I wouldn't worry - all the WIPs will get finished eventually and, in the meantime, ENJOY! It's so lovely that your girlie is turning out to be a crafter, too, and that your man is so understanding of what makes you tick. I'm blessed like that, too. I love the pink cardi, BTW xx

  8. Oh my - your knitting is sooooo lovely. I also love your choice of a different fabric for the facing - embrace the obsession as it has lovely results.

    Sunny days ahead

    Best wishes

  9. What a crafty lady! I love the tops - so bright and summery - and the knitting is beautiful.
    Congratulations on being so productive.
    .......I'm the OCD one, continually increasing my stash but rarely making much use of it - just can't pass by a pretty bit of fabric, or a ball of wool in an attractive shade, should it be going for a good price.

  10. What great obsessions to have!! So funny that your daughter wants to be more modern than the rest of you, but good that she knows her own mind! Can't wait to see what the knitting - and what the other knitting! - turns out to be, love the colour. Hope that you are still enjoying the sewing as it sounds as though you are really in a groove there and loving it! xx

  11. Stunning fabrics..your tops are fab..a girl can never to many tops!
    Thea x

  12. I love how beautifully they are finished off.
    Such a creative home x

  13. Love, love, love your tops - you are clever. My favourite is also the pink one - how gorgeous is that fabric - and it's just perfect with the yellow cardi.

    I'm also totally charmed that you watch old tv programmes - you've got me thinking of some of my childhood favourites now - The Flumps, Hartley Hare (was that the name of the programme?) and Fingerbobs!!!

    Heather x

  14. Love that pink knitting, and your top. May I come and watch TV with you all my favourites and the film too.............?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx


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