Friday, 21 March 2014

When do you Do iT?

For me stitching is mainly a daytime thing. I like to sit by the French Doors with the light pouring in, hens banging on the glass to get my attention. It's something I save for my days off work or the odd bit of me time that I happen to find at a weekend. I need to see what I'm doing and I like to have enough time to really get into it. Sewing has never been something I pick up and put down for an age. I get excited wondering how my make will turn out so I like to get it done in one go if I can. Then I end up stitching until the wee hours not happy until all is done.

Nightime or lazing in the garden is knitting and crochet time. I like to be comfy and I can pick it up and put it down whenever. Because of this I always have a lot of yarny things on the go and usually have stitching things queuing up in my head waiting for big bursts of time.

Last week, sometime or other I stitched either side of a work day to make a thing for Little Bun's upcoming 12th birthday. Inspiration came from Treefall. I'll show you next week once it doesn't have to be a surprise anymore. I don't enjoy sewing around days like this as much as full on losing myself in the moment, but sometimes that thing itches away until it just has to get made.

 Last weekend I found quite a bit more sewing time than I thought I would. Somehow or other I started and finished the 1930's blouse from the Sewing Bee book. Mind you I did stay up until past one to do all the last bits as I couldn't stop until it was done.

 This was such a lovely light cotton to sew with which was perfect for all the fiddly curved hems.

I'm not as pleased with the shirred neckline as I hoped I'd be, but everything else has worked out just fine. I also altered the pattern and added an inch here and there so it would fit me better. Getting the fit right is the hardest bit of sewing for me. 

 I did a spot of top stitching around the slash at the back to hold the facings in and a bit under the collar to keep that in shape too even though the pattern didn't mention it.

I'm really pleased with how this make has turned out. I haven't worn it yet as this week has been one of those mad grab clothes and get out of the house really early and get back late weeks. Every night after school and work there's been either late netball matches, Greek and Latin plays and tea with friends involving cuddling orphaned lambs.

I'm left today though feeling like I've been wrung out after all the extra racing about. For some reason I woke with a headache I can't shake. It started last Saturday and so no sewing today as planned, just floating about hoping I'll feel human again soon. Tomorrow's another mad one with netball in the morning, Little Bun's party later and then running Miss Rosey and friends back and forth to a late disco party. My eye's on Sunday as being the day for long slow breaths with no driving anywhere planned.

Turns out from a peek in the Radio Times this morning that they'll be making this blouse on the next Sewing Bee. Loads harder than the one I made as it's with the original pattern and they have to make it up on elderly Singers. Little Bun and I can't wait.


  1. Beautiful top, Lisa. I've been inspired to make a skirt (the one from Tilly and the Buttons - wrap around - no zip). My colleague told me that even a fool could make one so I'm going to give it a go! Hope you shake that headache and get a little rest this weekend. xx

  2. Love that fabric and the style Lisa, really going to look gorgeous on you this Spring/summer. Yes, I too have felt like all I do is run here, there and everywhere and there is nothing like a slooowwww day to recapture our true selves. I feel like going fabric shopping now and climbing into the attic to get sewing something for myself again xxx Happy birthday to little bun and a wonderful party to her too xxx

  3. Love the blouse, the fabric is perfect for the style . Very you.

  4. How pretty and springy the blouse looks. I'm in the mood for sewing too, just can't decide what to make.

  5. I really love that blouse am very tempted to get the book just to make it, I love it so much!! Can't wait for the sewing bee,,, happy birthday to birthday girl and hope you get some you time xx

  6. Your blouse is very pretty!! I hope that you love wearing it. I look forward to seeing what you are making for the birthday girl! Hope that she has a great time. xx

  7. Your top looks great, hope to get some sewing done this week too

  8. Such a pretty top. Love the fabric.
    Jacqui x

  9. That top is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. I hope your headache subsides soon. I love all your work and I love that top, the pattern is gorgeous. I like to do any sewing in the daytime and I like crocheting bright colours in the day too, but like you I love to get cosy in the evenings with some yarn and a cuppa x

  11. your blouse is lovely....beautiful fabric. Hope youre feeling better soon.

  12. You've done a great job with that blouse! I understand what you mean about not being able to stop once you start. It sounds blissful, the image of you at my the french doors but the fading evening light must be a little frustrating though. I hope Sunday brings you some blissful moments. :)
    Jess xx

  13. I'm another daytime sewer, I much prefer daylight for stitching. Knitting is generally done in the evening while watching TV. Glad to hear in today's post that you headache is better. I'm with you on going to the doctor's; I put it off as long as possible.

  14. I LOVE the fabric, Lisa, so pretty. Looking forward like you to tonight's Sewing Bee, that '30s blouse is going to be a real challenge!


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