Saturday, 8 March 2014

Table Matters

Last summer, at one of my favourite vintage fairs, I gathered a few special bits and bobs together. One was a bright and zingy floral sticky backed plastic. Lesley and Val had always used this stuff on Blue Peter makes, but I'd never got my hands on any before so I was really excited.  Plan 1 was to cover a small formica table (in the future when I found a small formica table).

Plan 2 was to make placemats.
Yesterday I came across six any old how placemats for a £1 in the CShop. I dashed home with cutting and sticking firmly in mind.

It was such a simple and quick thing to do which was just lovely. Getting results quickly with little brainpower involved was just what was needed.

 New placemats are modelling with a newly found 1960's nibbles dish. I brought it home announcing "my buttons will look good in here". In seconds I'd been convinced by Little Bun that it's orginial purpose was just right and it should stay as a nibbles dish. We road tested it last night with peanuts, pretzels, cheesy balls and chocolate buttons and it did it's job perfectly.

 My second find in the same shop was this limey yellow cup and plate set. Now I'll definately be looking out for more of these as I love the zingy cheer of them.

All in all some happy tableware I'd say.

 With only hours to spare before my dentist appointment (another filling because of my toffee love) I got out the bag of cotton yarn. I had in mind to make a few floral coasters to go with the new mats. I've used this pattern so many times that I've lost count of all the coasters I've made for friends and family. Somehow I've failed to make any for us.

I squeezed time in to make just the five coasters. Take the blue away and I've made Neopolitan icecream coasters. 

A good day off therapy I'd say. Much needed after a week of feisty, but fun teens.

Now today being International Women's Day Little Bun and I are off this afternoon with some friends to hear poetry and listen to a band called Eating Grandma. Miss Rosey failed to show much interest. TV and the sofa being much more appealing after a morning at netball training. 

Back soon to show you recent temptations and what I've done with them.


  1. They are definitely some great CS finds. I am loving the sticky back plastic. I always thought they were using posh words for cellotape! The plate and cup are really very cool.
    Love the coasters, the pattern is very similar to mine. They are so quick aren't they? Perfect for gifts x

  2. Love those placemats and coasters!

    And the plate and mug set is super as well, very springlike.

    Have a great weekend, Helenxx

  3. Love the place mats - what a lovely idea
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Beautiful Lisa, clever you. What a colourful post, i love your placemats, the look brilliant. Happy women's day xox

  5. Oh the coasters look fab, and I like the crockery too.

  6. Such talent. Total inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

  7. What a great idea, I have some sticky plastic left over from covering some brown draws for the kitchen, I could make some table mats to match. Love the pattern on yours...
    Amanda x

  8. great use of the sticky back plastic!

  9. I love your new tablemats - what a great makeover you have effected there! xx

  10. Wow, those tablemats are so zingy! x

  11. I do love the coasters you make Lisa, what a fab makeover.....I lived for those Blue Peter makes, before that it was Playschool...can you remember the things they made on there, always seemed to be a palm tree out of newspaper if I recall correctly! I will look out the paint colour for you, I have to go into the deepest darkest corners of my cellar to find the tin, the corner where the biggest spiders hang out...good job I don't mind spiders! Have a lovely day :) x

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  13. You've brightened up your table beautifully!
    Jess xx

  14. MMMmmm nibbles you say...that reminds me, although our nibbles dish is not half as fancy as yours....ITS TIME FOR NIBBLES AND WINE....!
    yay!! see you soon
    ....lovely sticky back plastic too...D x


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