Monday, 3 March 2014

Here & Now

I feel in need of a bit of a catch up you know. I'm sorely behind with the posts I wanted to write and then there's the pile of posts building up in blogworld that I want to read. Slow down with your posting for a bit please everyone and give me a chance to catch up.

 First news is of a dear friend who is opening up her shop once more. My beautiful and warm hearted friend Ruth came a visiting last week, the daffs she brought me are sadly on their last stretch. Ruth owned Glory Days which was the most delightful shop ever, the sort of shop I always hope to walk into, but don't find very often. Glory Days has moved to Holt and will be re-opening for business on March 29th.  Yay.

 Now at the tail end of Half-term I went yarn shopping all on my ownsome. I'd seen a cosy cardigan pattern which I couldn't get out of my head. The pattern interested me all the more because the whole cardigan is knitted in one go up and up and then outwards with the sleeves. Tons of stitches I know, but no knitting five separate bits and then the button bands which usually has me drifting off and losing interest.

My man was going to drive Miss Rosey over to her friends one morning, then I remembered there was a fabulous yarn shop on that side of the city. I said no problem, I'll go, see you later.

 I'd gone in with the idea of a greyish blue colour in my head, but instead I got seduced more by the feel of the yarn. Once I'd held Rowan Lima in my hand everything else felt a little bit more scritchy. There were only four colours to choose from so I went for the silver grey. All the way home I kept touching my yarn where it sat perched on the seat beside me. I knew I'd made the right choice.

Now the other bit of news about this yarn shop, which I know will seriously interest yarn addicts in these parts, is that it's moving to the heart of the city. As from April Norfolk Yarn will be in Pottergate next to Head in the Clouds. On work days I go past here back and forth - oooerrrr I'm not sure that's a good thing.

 Whilst I've been seduced yet again with new projects, I've finished some and been working on finishing others. My sparkly bunting is all done and dusted - ready to find the perfect hanging spot.

 I love these pastely sparkles so, a complete change from the brighteness I usually go for.

 Meanwhile in the basket of things waiting to be actually finished ......

 Oh yes, there's one other thing I did start manage to start and finish all in one go. I grabbed some time early one morning to lengthen my pretty floral dress. I opted for a black and white polka dot that has the same drape with a small bit of white lace to break the two prints up. The only bad thing I did, which I might end up regretting, is not cutting it on the bias. On the bias all the dots were lined up neat and tidy which just looked awful so I took a chance on having a dodgy hemline. It hangs ok though, could be better, but I'm happy with it.


 Nearly all news caught up with now. On Friday I took our wee Lily in to the vets have a lady op. She started yowling in a godforsaken way for the entire week of half-term so I thought right lady the time's come. We'd been tempted to try for kittens, but ahhh that noise, it was ear splitting. Lily is doing ok, but is finding the lampshade a bit heavy on her head poor girl. The same day I drove my man in for a scan on a lump. Thank god that lump isn't what we thought it might be. The NHS Dr referred him to a private clinic so he was in and out before I'd turned the car round.

 This weekend I was determined to get back to my sewing machine and so I grabbed the chance today. I'll show you what I made another day, I loved it and will be back on it again very soon methinks. Little Bun and I are watching the Sewing Bee, so that's probably got me fired up again.

In between sewing and waiting for Miss Rosey and my man (her daddy) to get back from netball training we whipped up a Bruce Bogtrotter Cake (half size I might add).

 I used to loathe Sunday's when I was a child. I love them now. They're cosy do what you want days that demand comforting food. The slight problem with Sunday is that it's always followed by Monday. 

See you in the week.


  1. Hello lovely Lisa
    I don't know what's got into me this year but I seem to be working on one big project at a time, maybe with the odd little one Iinbetween. I am surprised that I haven't been getting bored, mind you I nearly stopped my comfort granny blanket out of boredom! Love all the yarn goodness you have going on there and your dotty fabric looks super duper with that floral print. Love dots and florals together.
    Glad to hear that all swell with the lump check up, always scary when you don't know what it is. I hope little Lily is on her way to recovery too. Alice keeps asking if her bunny can have babies, as much as I love the idea I don't think we will get a male for her.
    Horrify for your friend being able to reopen her shop, sounds like it would be my kind of shop too. Hope you don't get too tempted with your yarn shop....I am surrounded by three in my little town x Happy March spring time to you and your family xox

  2. My goodness I am so sorry for all the silly typist my iPad has done through word prediction. I meant to say Horray and certainly not horrify ! So sorry, looks like I have been really rude x

  3. Your dress looks great, well done :) You sound far to busy to blog at the moment. Life gets in the way doesn't it? And the weeks go so fast x

  4. It is difficult to keep up with the blogs you follow, isn't it! Love the wool and colour you have chosen. Such temptation but in your way.
    Jacqui x

  5. I love the way the dress turned out! I don't think anyone else will notice which way it was cut.

    I love Sundays, too! We went to a country park yesterday and the boys spent two hours climbing on anything and everything. Other than my cold feet, it was perfect.

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  6. Gosh, you've been busy! Great news about Lisa opening up in Holt, and lovely that Norfolk Yarn are moving into the city. Such temptation!
    P x

  7. Well I love the colour of your yarn, and it looks so gorgeously snuggly. I have to say that I would struggle walking past a nice yarn shop everyday...I would have to find an alternative route and I am not joking. I was on a bus route I had never been on over the weekend and nearly jumped off because I saw a great yarn store! Your dress is gorgeous, the polkadots really suit it and make it unique. Poor kitty, they don't like vet trips but glad she is doing well.
    I think Sundays are brill too, to be fair I liked them as a child. We were poor northern folk, Sundays were bath days, after the bath it was warm in front of the fire, watching great sunday night tv and Mum had usually attempted a cake(not winning baking awards anytime) but it was a sweet treat and we appreciated it. Your cake looks too yummy to resist though xxx

  8. Did you have to finish up this lovely post with such a delicious looking chocolate cake? I can hear it calling out to me through the screen! :-)

    I'm jolly glad to have seen your yarn purchase from half-term AND the beautiful cardigan you have started knittng. That lattice pattern looks great. As does your whole post, actually. Definitely a coffee, chocolate and ten minutes break kind of post!


  9. Love the dress and all the pretty spring photos!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Trouble is Lisa, we follow too many amazing blogs, there's always something fab happening! I've just about caught up. Glad the lump was nothing and your poor cat, gosh they do make a noise don't they, I can remember Minnie trying everything to get out, now she's quite happy if she can fine some of my crochet or a vintage sheet to rest her head on! :) x

  11. Thanks for the catch up and I love, love, love what you did with the dress.

  12. Love that wool ... oh, how i wish I could knit. Love what you have done with the dress, and, wow, what a delicious looking cake ... !!

  13. I'd like a large slab of that cake!!! The dress looks great, hope the patient is mended! Catx

  14. Lots of lovely stuff happening in your house, it is a little hard keeping up with every thing sometimes....feeling that way at the many pies and not enough fingers!!
    Love the dress..
    Amanda xxx

  15. Phew! That was a marathon, Lisa! Lovely bright and colourful post. I have been slow to post lately and quite behind with reading other blogs. Stuff happens. Do let us know where in Holt the shop is moving to, I like a visit up there now and again! And I rather like Pottergate too, a nice little clothes shop there I won't say I frequent it but I like to go in and have a look when I'm over there.

  16. MMmmm Bruce Bogtrotter cake......Also loving your dress, it looks perfect to me x

  17. You've been a busy (sewing) bee!
    Love the dress so much x


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