Sunday, 16 March 2014

Been Stitchin'

Last week I bought the latest Great British Sewing Bee book. It was all cellophane wrapped so sadly all peeking inside was banned. I had enough stamps on my bookshop card to pay for half so I decided it was coming home with me.

Little Bun and I tore the plastic wrapper off in the car and decided straight away that it was a great buy.
There's so much more to delight and get your sewing fingers itching to get on with stitching than the last book to be honest. Even better all the patterns are included, so no fiddle faddle with printing off sheet after sheet yourself.

Now I've quite a list of things I want to make from here and the girls and my man have added a few too. For my first go with this book I was drawn to this halter top.

Monday lunchtime I popped to see Miss Rosey perform in a choir competition, then I grabbed a few minutes in the fabric shop trying to remember how much fabric I'd need for all the things I wanted to make.

As I loved the deep bluey floral pattern so much on the original top I was drawn to a similar Amy Butler print for mine. 
That night I whizzed up the wee top while tea was cooking. Seriously, this top's that simple .

I'm now half-way through this 1930's blouse. I've made a few alterations to the top's sizing so I'm not 100% sure how it'll fit. I wear 12/14 in shop bought clothes, but go off the scale on my hip measurement in this book so I'm giving a fitted blouse a go to see how it all works out.

I'm making my 1930's blouse in the third floral print in from the left. It's a lightweight cotton with the same feel as Tana Lawn so if all goes well it should drape nicely.

I'm in two minds whether to make the fabulous green red rose fabric up into a skirt or a dress. Then I have a soft cotton chambray to make a skirt for Little Bun and perhaps another top in the end floral. Phew, these plans might be bigger than me, we'll see.

The one pattern in this book that had my heart a racing was this beautiful 1960's coat. From the lemony wool to the soft collar, the fitted shape and the covered buttons I was hooked. I'm thinking of trying the pattern out in a floral linen first and if that goes well then Little Bun has asked for a green cord one with red buttons. 

I had original coats like this years ago, but sadly don't have them anymore. Now I have the chance of making one with sleeves that are long enough and a waist that sits in the right place.

Miss Rosey and Little Bun also have their eye on this dress, but before that I might have a go at the waistcoat for my man. Believe me there are a whole lot of wonderful patterns in here to get you itching to get on with your machine.

Alongside my latest sewing excitements I made myself finish the Nordic Shawl. After ripping out my original colours and then working new ones in I lost interest. Yesterday morning I decided to just get on with it so I could actually use it. I've still not blocked it so here it is in all its curly glorly.

I'm not sure if it's my style to be honest. All the same I did mostly enjoy making it and it will be a useful wrap on chilly evenings.

Not that I'll need it for a while now if today's glorious sun was anything to go by. 
We had a lovely bike ride this morning and ate elevenses sat in a field watching all the wildlife go by. On the way back we stopped to chat to friends over their hedge, while their donkey and collie played chase with one another. Today has been one of those set you up for the week ahead kind of days. All you need is a spot of warm sun.


  1. Gorgeous as always! What is that nice book you are using please?

  2. Wow you were fast Shauna. It's called the Great British Sewing Bee which is linked to a programme the BBC are running at the moment. Sorry I forgot to mention. X

  3. Thanks for the great sneak peek into the new book ... I am tempted ... I would love to make an attempt at making my own clothes ... your makes are lovely as always ... Bee xx

  4. I was too early! As only the images were visible to me at the time but it was that coat which caught at my heart strings too. Nice.

  5. Woweeeee! You have been busy!
    Oh and that rose print beautiful!

  6. I bought the last GBSB book and - although I absolutely loved all the beautifully framed pictures - was a little disappointed with the whole printing off the pattern palava. This sounds like it's got it cracked! Well done on the halter top - I think I'd be tempted by that gorgeous fitted dress! Love the fabrics (ooh that rose one) and the new shawl - well done x Jane

  7. Hmm, must get the new book, then, as I love all those designs - thanks for the preview! Not that I haven't already got lots queueing up to be made... I love that Amy Butler Hapi fabric and it's nice to see it made up. Sometimes it's hard to visualize, as I buy all my fabric online, so thanks again! May get some of that too. Oo, now I'm itchin to get stitchin even more ; ) Jen

  8. I love all of these patterns. The blouse looks very nice on you. I think the green will be lovely made into a skirt, maybe something a little long and flowy.

  9. Isn't it wonderful to have a source of inspiration, such as this great looking book, to goad you into creative action?



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