Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Weeks This & That

 Our beautiful wee girl turned 12 on Friday. The years might be rushing on, but thank heavens she's in no rush to grow up. Little Bun is savouring each last drop of her childhood and that makes us very happy indeed.
Alongside this she is emotionally mature beyond her years, very wise, kind and thoughtful. 
We've always savoured innocence and joy, but we also help raise them as wise girls. We talk stuff through with our them a lot, from art to conspiracy theories, politics to favourite biscuits. Miss Rosey told us the other day that she was glad we're laid back and open with them. It means they can be the people they want to be.  That made us feel really good, because you really hope you're doing this parenting thing right. I guess if the ones at the receiving end are happy then all's good.

 A couple of weeks ago I whipped up a birthday banner as our old faithful cardboard one is looking a bit sorry for itself. I was inspired by Manda's over at Treefall Design for her daughter's.

It had also been hinted that a birthday badge would be much appreciated. In the tradition of last minute rushes I finished this one past midnight on the birthday morning. Although their school is strict on uniform it turns out you can advertise your birthday. 
She had a brilliant day and came home with a lovely sheep crocheted for her by one of her best friends. Traditional birthday tea and bingo were laid on at home as requested.

The star prize in the Bingo was actually for Alfie Blue. Because he isn't good with numbers his master played for him. Miss Rosey won it and looked a bit disappointed with a squeaky Bourbon. Ahh well it made us laugh.


The very next morning we were up and off to Holt where my friend Ruth was re-opening her shop Glory Days in Franklins Yard. After being in Norwich she closed it for a while waiting to find just the right spot to re-open. We had a bit of fizz in the shop and me being a complete wuss with any grown-up drinks spent the rest of the day like a space cadet (which was quite pleasant). I'll do a post all of it's own next time about her shop as I really want to show it to you properly.

 Little Bun bought a few Mother's Day treats for me from Ruth's which I'll show you then too. Miss Rosey opted to go to her Nan's (she's reached that age when sometimes the thought of walking fills her with dread). What more can you say about being a teenager than that? 

Before we left Holt and headed off to do the dreaded walking at Binky Hall, I spied a pinky fabric and a sweet pink plastic container with a rose on the top in one of the many antique, flea and junk shops there.
 I just love old plastic stuff. Then it was time to wander off back down the country roads spotting lots of places we'd like to live.

 When we got to Binky Hall we spent a while trying to avoid a photographer with a bride and groom. Never having been one for white weddings and being the centre of attention, I'd far rather be partying with my guests than being dragged hither and thither to stare at my beloved at the bottom of an old oak tree. It was quite funny really as they chucked an old couple off a bench so they could sit on it and the kids having fun climbing the tree had to come down. Daft really. 

This is our in love shot as captured by Little Bun. Talking of which it'll be 13 years of wedded doo dah and 14 of being together next weekend.

As we wandered around Binky we decided some of our favourite bits were the faded parts where the gardeners worked. 

Another favourite place is the old bookshop in the stables. We found quite a few reads in there. It's a magical place with worn old armchairs and dust blowing in the shafts of sunlight. I was really pleased when Little Bun chose Northanger Abbey and A Tale of Two Cities. She says she wants to stretch herself and I think she might with a bit of Dickens. I love his stories, but I'm not so keen on reading them. I actually refused to teach Hard Times when I taught A'level English as it was so turgid. I fell asleep every time I opened the book. My Head of Department had to do it in the end as I was so stubborn.


Now we've had a birthday and a day out. The last spot of catch-up news is my Monday make which I'm really pleased with. 
I said on Monday I didn't know which to do - sew, paint or knit. In fact I managed all of them so I was very happy indeed. 

I chose a quick sew thing and made a tunic top. I had a metre of black and white check which was destined for something else, but seemed just right for what I had in mind. I ran out fabric and then I had the bright idea of contrasting the yoke in a cheerier floral. I found just what I was looking for in a 1950's apron.

I bound the armholes with a bright blue binding to match and was thrilled with how it turned out. Only thing is in my rush I've gathered the neckline too tightly so I'll need to unpick and sort that out. 

It worked for the day under my favourite old cardi bought from Hennes 25 years ago and still going strong.


  1. Happy Birthday to your little one, well not so little now! I love the little traditions we develop at they grow up, ours its birthday banners and balloons but you're not allowed to see them until the morning of your birthday....can make things a little tricky especially as I like to decorate the room the day before! Lovely makes and I can't WAIT to see inside your friends shop, you're such a tease! :) x

  2. happy birthday to your sweet girl ;0)x loving your makes x

  3. Lovely top, liking the contrasting fabrics :-)

  4. Lovely top, liking the contrasting fabrics :-)

  5. Happy Birthday to your (not so) little one! Looks and sounds as though you have been having a lovely time of things! xx

  6. Lovely top, looks great with your favourite cardi x

  7. You are so clever, you must have a wardrobe to die for! X

  8. Great photo's, children grow up far to quick these days….. I'm sure I was still playing Sindys when I was 12! Love your new top :) x

  9. Many Happy Returns! Love the pawbon, catx


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