Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Late Tale

It's stupidly late here. Nearly 1am to be exact. I've been catching up writing all the emails and reviews that I don't get a chance to do while I'm teaching. Then I thought I need to write something about the stuff that really makes me tick before I head off to bed.

It's a bit of a show and tell of what I made on the sewing machine beast on Sunday.
Sunday morning Little Bun was happy doing her thing, Miss Rosey and her daddy were off at netball training and the sun shone through the windows. All perfect conditions indeed for a spot of sewing.

This is my happy view from my sewing machine. Just thought you might like to see what I see, just because.

On Saturday I'd spent a couple of hours deciding what to make, choosing the fabric and trims and then making the pattern up and cutting it all out. Not the best part of sewing I reckon most people agree.

After lots of pattern flicking about I'd settled on this blouse in a Liberty-ish fabric that I'd actually been saving for a dress.  It was only later that I found out that this kind of style just doesn't suit me AT ALL - never ever to be sure. Beautiful Japanese girls, however, look divine in them.

 I spent a lovely while sewing away. I tried and learnt a few new things - which was good you know. I like gaining new skills so that was a big thumbs up from me. At the end of the stitching session I had one top which I was thrilled with. That is until I put it on. Note to self - you've a big bust so in future absolutely avoid making gathered short tops. You'll only end up looking like an overblown matron who needs deflating.

While I was stitching Little Bun has asked if I'd make her a top like this as she loved it. Well turns out she got one much sooner than she thought she would. I just took the sides in and there we are she has a top she loves and I had a lovely time sewing, so we're all winners really.


 I altered the pattern slightly as I didn't like the drapey lace all around the neck and front. For the lace panel I used a bit of Edwardian camisole cotton which is one of my favourite bits, the other is at the back of the blouse.

The collar isn't quite even I know, but I'm actually really pleased with the keyhole binding as this was a real fiddle. I also love how the 1920's cream rose button fits so well with the fabric. I bought a bagload of these from New York years ago and still love using them.


Next up I'll be having a go at making something for me, especially now I've got my sewing mojo back. There's definately a few bits and bobs of fabric waiting to be used. As ever I need to have a good think about what they'll become.

Now bed beckons. Night Night.


  1. It's really pretty and I especially love the button. I know what you mean about wanting clothes to look a certain way on you.

  2. He, he! This made me giggle.....I too love oh so many clothes that look fabulous on small busted women, it's such a pity I've got too much figure to wear them! It is so pretty Lisa, lucky Little Bun! I think I'm the only one in Blogland that can't watch The Sewing Bee because I get so STRESSED, the thought of making my own clothes! You've done a great job and given me something lovely to read, so, so early in the morning (I blame the birds....or maybe menopause!) :) x

  3. I think that it is brilliant that you would even try and make something like this. I am sure that your little one will enjoy wearing it. I have the same bust issue, so I can sympathise! xx

  4. Hi Lisa, I love your sewing machine view and the sweet top you made. The fabric is adorable and it's great that it will be worn by a happy recipient.
    I've been watching and enjoying the Great British Sewing Bee and I've been inspired to buy a simple dress pattern....just hope it suits me when it's finished as I don't think I'll be able to pass it on to my sons :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. How sweet and how thoughtful - if only I were a 'few' sizes smaller......The joy of mixing old with new is just great.
    Have you applied for the GBSB? Please do it would be great to see you on it....sadly missed last night's episode due to work but will catch up today I hope
    I hope that it is sunny in your part of the world
    Best wishes

  6. Now, I need a top like that to make me look as though I HAVE a bust! Lovely fabric ...
    M x

  7. It's my plan this year to get to know my sewing machine. She scares me! I am DESPERATE to make some of my own clothes though. I've put it off for about 5 years so far. I need to just dive in. Beautiful top. Lovely and inspiring post! Have a super day!

    Vanessa x

  8. Oh thats so annoying when you spend so much time on something, I,ve had a few of them too where they look bloody awful on!! lucky for little bun that you fixed it for her as its so pretty xx

  9. Adorable...and who better to wear than your young Miss...I soo agreed earlier post about adding a frill or two to the lengths of good old Cath dresses...Seems to me she is designing them these days for my daughter rather than her Mama...Hope you slept well...Hugs Maria x

  10. The details are really clean and well made. Great work, I would wear that - if the weather would hurry up and warm up a bit!!. Jo x

  11. Love that print. I haven't sewn in a while, but you're making me feel the urge!

  12. Oh, that's just gorgeous. I honestly wouldn't know where to start!

    Heather x

  13. What a great top, slightly disappointing when this happens, but at least your work wasn't in vain, lucky girl! Love the cloth, Catx

  14. It's really pretty, lucky Little Bun!

    I bought myself a new sewing machine today, although I've no one but me to sew for.

  15. Really pretty, glad it didn't go to waste…. lucky Little Bun :) x

  16. It's gorgeous ... I love the little button and the pretty lace details ... Little Bun lucked out ;) ... Bee xx

  17. YEP! I can definitely relate to large bust making the fashion decisions for us! I am so glad that your little one got to enjoy it though, the fabric and design is gorgeous, I really love it x

  18. wow! you are super clever...that fabric and lace look wonderful together xx

  19. It's beautiful - I bet little Bun looks great in it. I think I would look 9 months pregnant in something similar though "sigh", so I can sympathise! I keep wanting to make a blouse or top, but have accepted that I will really need to learn how to do a FBA before I can.

  20. Really beautiful, your little girl is very lucky indeed x

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  22. I made a similar mistake making a blouse that looks fairly similar to yours. Scooped neckline and puffed shoulders did me no favours. I'm sticking to tailored from now on. Love the fabric you used.

  23. Gorgeous fabric and a lovely top! Glad you were pleased in the end! Jen

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