Monday, 24 March 2014

A Day

Dappled sunlight streaming in when I came down this morning was just the boost I needed. I've had an excruciating headache and felt exhausted all week. I promised to call the Dr today - I know I must,  I just find it tedious going, I hate sitting there for some reason.  In the meantime I'm drinking lots of water, eating and trying to sleep more. No headache today - hurrah and I feel like me again, so perhaps my own cure is a working.

From one extreme to another, I felt a boost to do everything I love all at once. I hate feeling like I'm wasting days off work. Knitting, paint things or to sew? 
Well I did run up a few rows while I kept my Little Bun company first thing so yarny fix ticked off.

A day at home for not one, but two of us today. She was a poorly puss this morning with tummy pains so a day cosied up on the sofa beckoned. Both my girls somehow manage to time their illnesses with Mondays and Fridays when I can be at home with them. I don't mind as these are precious last years with time hurtling away. I try not to look and to pretend time is frozen, but Little Bun will be 12 on Friday and Miss Rosey is edging towards 14.

 By 9 o'clock I heard the paint pots calling to me. I've been wanting to paint the blue shelf in the dining room pretty much since I first bought it. There's a lot of painting that needs doing around here to be sure, the shelf bugged me enough to make sure it was first.
  I actually want it to be white which will go much better with a patchwork of some of the papers I've been saving up plastered over the back. No white paint to be found in the garage. I was impatient to get on so bleached lichen it is for now. As I write this I've realised it's got to be white, only white will do. A paint shop visit is needed as soon as.

 Next up it's either a spot of hooky or maybe sewing. I'm still not sure where my mood will take me. I've been working on some diamonds over the weekend and they're quite addictive. I'm thinking of a cushion with some dangly bobbly bits on the sides.

 There's also quite a pile of books and magazines saved up for perusing.

 Whatever I choose, I feel happy. Sun's shining, furries are snoozing, Little Bun's content watching back to back One Foot in the Grave,  the day is ours and there are fresh choccy buns to munch on. 
I had to make a new batch as the party ones all disappeared in a blur on Saturday.

 Hope you're having a great day wherever you are and whatever mischief you're getting up to.


  1. Oh isn't the sun shining just the best thing! I woke up to sun shining on me this morning and it put me in the best mood to be in. I'm laughing a little as i'm just like you. I needed to spray paint some pots today. They had to be white and pink. I had every colour under the sun but those two colours. impatience got the better of me and they became mint. But it's not white or pink, and for sure they will be spray painted again as soon as I get those colours, so why did I bother?!

    Glad the headaches are gone, and hope little bun gets better real soon.

    Take care

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    What a pretty shelf I like the blue but can see that white would perk it up too. It's funny how when we get ideas nothing but that one will do.

    Hope you and little Bun have a nice day together with all the best things making your day.

    P x

  3. The sunshine had the very same effect on me today! I had such a slow and wasted weekend but I'm back on form and raring to get on today. Might have to sneak in a bit of crochet too though, just to keep the balance ;)

  4. I have a poorly one at home, too and am sewing for the school play. Thankless sewing, really, but I know that all the little ones will have tunics to wear come Thursday! Hope your daughter is better soon.

  5. I hope that the headache is moving on. Your painted shelf looks lovely, but I understand when you know what it needs, you know what it needs!! Hope that you can get it how you want it soon. xx

  6. A lovely, picturesque post! Hope your headache's 'done one' and that little bun is feeling much better soon xxx

  7. Sunshine is so energising. Hope you are having happy day.
    Jacqui x

  8. I hope you're both feeling better soon. I appreciate how much you appreciate simple things like sunshine, crafty books and puttering!

  9. Lovely to catch up here Lisa! Your online space is always so cheery, even when you're not feeling quite yourself. Have you thought that your headache might be neck related ... they often are when they come on unexpectedly after sleep. I do hope it goes and stays gone :)

  10. Oh, I secretly love those days when my little one is not proper poorly but just a little bit, so we can have a snugly day!
    Hope your little lass is all better now x

  11. I hope you are all in good health today.
    I've enjoyed scrolling through your recent posts that I've missed. One prompted me to wonder why I've never thought to update some table mats that we have, using the sticky backed plastic method. Thanks for the idea. Loved seeing all your sewing. I do my sewing when the mood fits, or I have a deadline. But for some sewing I really need daylight. I keep my crochet for evenings in front of the telly.

  12. Sounds like the perfect day to me, those shelves are going to be fab, yes white I think....please show when you've finished! :) x

  13. Lovely colours in your pictures! Hope the headache has lifted.

  14. Do hope you continue to be headache free and more your normal self. I love the little shelf, so pretty and although I love the original blue I can see how well white will work. I have an itch to do a paint job on a little chest of drawers I've had for ever, currently varnished pine but just crying out for a a pale distressed Swedish grey I feel...and new handles. Must be the Spring sunshine!
    Penny x

  15. Sweet things to be working in and hope that your headaches stay away! xo Heather

  16. I so enjoy reading your happy contented posts like these, happy days indeed.
    I hope the little Buns are feeling better this weekend.
    Wishing you lots of sunshine,
    bestest Daisy J


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