Monday, 17 February 2014

Sprightly Spring Changes

As I've got older I've spent far more time listening to my instincts than to hard facts. My body knew that Miss Rosey wanted to be born early, it kept on telling me all through the day. I cleaned the cutlery drawer, I got edgier, I kept insisting we filled the empty cupboards with food. My man kept saying we'll do it tommorow. He was busy making a fence so the creepy couple next door couldn't stare at me with our new baby in the garden.

At 2am we both realised we should have paid attention to the signs. Later that night we stopped off at the 7/11 new baby on board to get cat food and a bottle of wine to celebrate. My man wandered dazed around Sainsbury's the next day and vowed we'd listen to instinct from now on.

 Right now I'm re-painting every room in our cottage in my head. Spring has got to be on it's way for sure. It's only when Spring's a coming that I get this feeling. Very soon it'll be time to throw the windows open, turn the radio up loud and start slapping paint here and there. 

In the meantime we've gone into overdrive with the Spring clearing. Today lots of stuff got boxed up, other bits moved from there to here. Every now and then it all needs a re-jig to make us notice things anew.

The dining room (which is part office and part crafty space too) has been niggling at me for a few weeks now. I want to paint the huge cupboard in there to solve some niggles, but my man likes it old pine style. As I take over pretty much all of our home's style I think the least I can do is not paint a few things. 

Changing stuff about a bit seems to help freshen it up quicker than I can do a paint job mind you, so a good result really. I tried a red fabric on the top first and we all agreed it was too much. In the end I went for pretty and pale which I just know will look gorgeous once it's covered in Lily and Pip's furry cat hairs.

With the Spring Cleaning feeling in the air and the need to change our space about a bit we had a mammoth clear out. We bagged up and burnt loads of old paperwork, cleared out old clothes and felt a bit more in charge of the chaos that comes from being a family of horders.

Once that was all done I found a bit of time to sit down with something that I thought would be finished in a flash. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon The Nordic Shawl at My Rose Valley. This pattern is pretty popular so there are quite a few variations to get inspired by if you feel tempted.  I loved it so much that I treated myself to Debbie Bliss yarn to hook it up in almost immediately.

I spent a fair while laying out my colours, choosing what worked with what.  I asked my man for a spot of advice as he was lolling in the armchair of the shop. He decided that wool shopping was fine when comfy chairs were added to the mix.

 I was really pleased with the main colour I chose, although at times I did wonder if I should have jsut gone for it and made it in orange. I also thought I was set on the colours for the stripy part.

 After just one row of the hot pink I hated it and ripped out three rows. I pondered a while and then turned to my trusty stash for ideas. I swapped the pinks for a bit of teal and caramel, having a vague idea of something a bit more refined.

The more I looked at these colours as I worked along the rows to the finishing line they bored me. I liked them, but it wasn't the effect I'd been hoping for at all. I wanted to really love this shawl as I'd spent hard cash on it and put a lot of nightswork into it.

 Change No.3 for the shawl came on Friday night when I ripped out row after row. Normally I just can't be bothered, but I decided this wasn't going to be another half done and cast aside thing. It was going to get made, used and loved.

 So I took myself back to the yarny shop after work and found the exact shade of orange that had been bothering me all along. Definately too late to become the main colour, but not too late to put in an appearance I thought. At last I feel happy with my shawl and can't wait to get it finished so I can wrap it around my shoulders.

While I was in that shop I also found just the right weight of cotton to change my floral dress to the length I need it to be.

Thanks so much for your help and ideas on that problem. I've gone for a mix of ideas. I really liked the polka dot idea, I'm thinking of edging the collar and sleeves in the same fabric to tie it all in and there definately has to be some lace. As I always wear bright shoes and accessories I decided a black print would work better for me than a colour. 

 Just got to get on with the sewing now. Not sure when though as we're all on holidays this week and have a few plans already sorted.


  1. Gorgeous bright room, and lovely shawl. In my mind spring is on its way too
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Spring fever is definately in the air at our house too. Love the colours you've chosen for your shawl.
    Jacqui x

  3. helloooo lovely! happy Springy bright post, love your home so much, im filling my home with flowers~ yellows and carnation pinks...just to feel that Spring is on its way!! xx

  4. Ah yes painting rooms in your head is like me moving plants around the garden in my head.
    Both will have to wait until the windows can be flung open!
    Love your shawl xx

  5. I am with you on the spring clear out. We are getting there and it feels great.
    Nordic shawl has been fascinating me over the last few weeks. Saw it on pinterest and was in love straight away. I am loving your colour choices xxx

  6. Such a nice post and pictures. Yes I have been lightly spring cleaning all month, .. waiting for being able to throw open the windows!

  7. You're a step ahead of me on the Spring cleaning - I'm sitting here THINKING about what should be moved around (although I am keeping the vases topped up with tulips and hyacinths!) The table top looks lovely - full of lovely things - I'm particularly drawn to the gorgeous little green clock! Glad the dress is working out x Jane

  8. Nice post, I need a bit of sunshine to get me in the mood for a spring clean (sun shows the dust more) or if my mum and dad are visiting!!! Dad will always find some thing that needs cleaning !

  9. Great choices for the dress extension. I love it. It will look like it was designed that way.

  10. I am glad that you have worked out your colours for your shawl, it is hard when you know the colour in your head, but you can't find it isn't it! It looks great though, so I hope that you love it lots. xx

  11. I love the bright fresh pops of colour in your room. The shawl is perfect in your new colours!

  12. Love the cockerel! And so many people are making this beautiful shawl, I think I may well have to join in!

  13. Hard to listen to instinct sometimes....but TOTALLY agree with the orange...! love the soon to be alterations on the dress too, a good choice, isn't having a blog so very helpful sometimes?
    Especially when you need a like minded opinions...
    Bestest to you D x

  14. Dear Bobo,

    Your post has given me the inspiring kick I needed this morning! I absolutely LOVE the colours your finally settled for in your Nordic Shawl. Hurrah for getting it just right! I am sending you lots of happy pre-spring wishes from France.

    Spring is on its way, yes. I do worry that we haven't had a really cold spell yet though. The wild violets are out and I always feel quite protective of them. I would hate a sharp bout of frost and snow to spoil their fun.


  15. So lovely, good on ya for sticking to your guns! X

  16. I'm liking the look of that shawl ... definitely worth the ripping back to get it right I'd say. Don't forget to show us when you're done :)

  17. Ooooh Lisa spring is in the air, I'm eyeing up the walls in the conservatory, trouble is we still haven't finished the bedroom, bathroom of kitchen! It's great to have a swap around isn't it, refresh your space, have a great week! :) x

  18. Lovely shawl, calm blues look great. Think your dress will look marvellous, loving the lace, catx

  19. love the shawl and colours . i always come back to your blog . it must be the freshness and colours it has thanks hesta


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