Friday, 7 February 2014

Rude People and Good Books

Well - what a to do. This week I received my second ever rude blog comment. This might be tempting fate, let's hope not. 

My first was a few years back and was quite hilarious really. A geeky oddball who dressed up like Sherlock Holmes assumed the mantel 'The Crap Blog Detective' and spread vicious missives here and there. After I wrote about the happy band of hookers I'd just taught that evening, he asked how much we charged per hour. Nothing nasty in that and it appealed to my sense of humour, so I
replied that he should ask his mother.

Comment No 2 came this week from a pretty blonde called Helen Wong whose grammar wasn't too hot. Her comment was nasty and rude, but way off mark from who I am so I dismissed her as an immature idiot. Then all you lovely people got very annoyed on my behalf, which I thank you kindly for because we all know what lovely people true creative bloggers. Finally The Woolly Dog pointed out that actually it was a Chinese spam site and Helen Wong doesn't exist. Nasty mystery over.

Moving onwards. I thought I'd better get on with sharing my thoughts and feelings about my January book before we're in the next month that starts with a J.

In case you're reading this and don't know, this links up with Laura's great idea for A Year in Books. In a nutshell,  if you join in you try and read at least one book a month for a year. You read the book of your choice, although there is also lots of inspiration from other readers who have signed up, then you share a bit about said book. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. The hard bits finding the time to do the reading.

I really wanted a kick up the bum to get back on track with reading as I've always loved it so. Laura's idea really gave me the ooommphh I needed and so I finished Instructions for a Heatwave with no more January days to spare on the 31st. I've enjoyed Maggie O'Farrell's novels before so thought I'd be just as gripped by this book. However, it took me a bit of time to get to the point where I actually cared whether I knew what happened to any of them, so I put the book aside. Then I joined TYinB's and made myself pick it up again. This is where I'm really glad I did as from then on I really got into the book. 

I was seven years old in the heatwave of 1976 and all I can remember is popping the tarmac on the roads and a day of the bluest cloudless sky where the world seemed to stand still. A friend and I were playing hide and seek with an elderly neighbour. My friend Vicky hid so well that Hannah (elderly lady) and I couldn't find her for what seemed forever. Even at seven I was aware that Hannah was getting a bit stressed. We found Vicky in the end under the sink (nice and cool).

Instructions on a Heatwave is also about a disappearance, but instead of a little girl, it's a retired husband who never comes back after going to get the paper. His Irish wife calls her three children to her and so they leave their lives and the problems in them to come and help find their dad. Along the way various family niggles, secrets and familial love is discovered. By the end of the book I liked the characters. At the start it was only Aoife, the supposedly dysfunctional youngest sister that I felt drawn to. If you like books that focus on what makes people tick then this is most definately for you. To be fair, I'd say I enjoyed it, but I didn't lose myself in it.

February's book was going to be Sebastian Faulks A Possible Life, but after a visit to Waterstones with Miss Rosey I saw that Kate Atkinson's Life after Life was finally in paperback. I read her debut novel Nights in the Museum when it first came out and loved it so. Let's hope this book keeps me as enthralled. If not I'm going to read something else, so I am.

The bottom two books are for the girls. Miss Rosey also chose The Fault in Our Stars by John Green which deals with cancer and teenage love. All Miss Rosey's friends recommended it to her as wonderful, although they said it made them cry. Just thought I'd mention these in case you have 11 and 13 year old's searching for a new read too.

See you soon.


  1. I've just put down my book after forgetting about it for weeks! Its nice to get back into it :) im looking forward to anymore recommendations you might have :)

    Emma x

  2. I left 13 behind a while back but I thoroughly enjoyed "The Fault in Our Stars", for that age group and upwards I'd also recommend "The 10pm Question" by Kate De Goldi, which I also read fairly recently (only £1.19 on Kindle right now, bargain!)

    Happy February reading

  3. I have had spam from this person too - with very strange comments! I just deleted it and will do the same if they appear again. Sorry that you have had to deal with this, I hope that you don't get anything nasty like this again. xx

  4. Still finding it hard to find time to read at the moment, but I do like to see and read about what other people are reading, so thanks for the suggestion.
    Amanda x

  5. I have had spam from that person too. Odd comments, couldn't quite understand the broken english. I deleted the comments permanently from my blog, I get another one too from a different person just on one of my posts. Haven't found where that one is coming from though but the comment get deleted permanently!
    I was working in the West End of London in the summer of 1976
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. I'm with blogger and they automatically cut out A LOT of spam for me. The rest I deal with by moderation, I don't have that irritating captcha thingy and comments just sit there waiting for me to read and either publish or ditch. i OCCASIONALLY get one of those 'fishing' comments which really just want you to click their web-link, but they are always for older posts, and I just ditch them too. Real unpleasant comments are few and far between I think for us 'nice' bloggers as we don't set out to be particularly confrontational or wounding so we don't hit that threshold which invites the nasties. On topic, Lisa, I have read a Maggie O'farrel years ago- can't remember which - but I can't say I am drawn to her books. I am enjoying being part of the Year in Bokks, now that I've finally got the 'button' onto my blog and managed to link up - no mean feat I can tell you! Looking forward to checking out your next book choices.

  7. Many years ago I also had a run in with the Crap Blog person, quite heated exchanges followed until I deleted the blog, and him/her. I assumed it was a man, wonder why? Then a year or so after that, on another (fictional this time) blog, it got taken over by some people exchanging messages in Chinese or some such. So I closed that down too, since they wouldn't clear off. Loved the John Green book by the way.

  8. Sorry to hear about the rude comment - and even sorrier to hear they called themselves Helen - what a bloomin' cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson is the next book in my pile. Am looking forward to reading it. Have been addicted to Michael Connelly's crime thrillers recently so it will be nice to read something completely different.

  10. Sorry to hear about the bad comment. Amy has written a very eloquent piece on this sort of thing over at Love Made My Home - it seems it's more prevalent than we'd like to think. Great to get back into reading some books again - currently delving into Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. Have a good weekend x Jane

  11. Oh those spam sites make me so so mad!!!
    Back to the good stuff...the books...YAY!
    I have read a possible life...I loved it, I gave it to my step dad and avid reader and he read it in one read it it is very thought provoking.
    I however am finding it hard to crochet and read at the same time...
    bestest as ever d x

  12. That's so horrid, we forget what the internet can be like.
    These blogs are our special places, like our diaries I don't understand why folks are so nasty.
    Have yourself a lovely weekend x

  13. I'm really lucky & never had any nasty comments on my blog. They're never real people just horrible spam. I get it a lot on Twitter.
    This book looks good, I think I might add it to my wish list. I too remember that summer. We had a water fight in the park & got in lots of trouble for wasting water, I was really young & didn't know better :( x

  14. I'll be interested to hear how you got on with the Kate Atkinson ... I seem to have lost my way with her somehow.

    I have finally posted about my February read today ... I'm loving this sharing of book recommendations ... with no local bookshop here Amazon is going to benefit from them methinks :)

    1. Hi Annie. I have just finished Kate Atkinson's Life After Life and although I enjoyed it up to a point, I did find it confusing.


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