Monday, 20 January 2014

Rootling in the School Room

We don't have a proper chuck stuff up there and forget about it type of an attic. That means we had to get all sorts of storage places to cope with the stuff we have. We have four roofs in all as our cottage was built in 1844 and then added on and on to again. All the ceilings are like upturned boats which means we can live here without bashing our heads all the time.

 One of my favourite hide things away is our old school cupboard. I bought it for peanuts years ago from an auction. It is possibly the heaviest piece of furniture in the world. That means it's stayed put ever since it arrived here and I just paint the floorboards around it.

Every now and then I go searching for something in the big old cupboard. It holds tons of yarn, makes, boardgames, old toys, photos, trainsets and school work. A good selection of our family life so far I think.

Originally I went in there for some grey Louisa Harding yarn that I've had stashed for five years or thereabouts. Then I spied the sparkly threads that I used to play with and I guess it started an idea to itch away in my head.

The Willow Tweed that I was originally searching for was bought to make a tank top. Like other yarny projects before and since, it got abandoned and finally frogged. Then I was left with the problem of what to do with the unused yarn. Trying to find another project that uses roughly the same amount of yarn can be tricky and take a while.

Mind you for a few years now I've fancied making the Ava wrap from Susan Cropper's Vintage Crochet collection. Flicking through the book again the other day I remembered the light silky alpaca yarn waiting patiently in the big cupboard that would be perfect for this project. So off I went in the hope that I'd have enough (and if I didn't it would just have to be a thinner wrap than planned).

Six skeins in total, rough reckoning that's enough and I'm off - after winding up a ball that is.

This is a delight to crochet with as it slips off the hook quickly with no splits or catches. As it's so springy I'll be forced to be patient for once and block it properly once the wrap is hooked and done.

Now that I'd got that out of my system it was time to have a go at the other thing in my head. I know the wrap's not finished, but it's the getting started that keeps me happy.

Late on Sunday night (after a full day of wading through the contents of Little Bun's bedroom with her) I chose the palest of cottons and went back to the big cupboard for the sparkly thread.

I hooked up a few simple crochet flags and then made them shine with silver edging.

All that's needed now is to hook them all together in a row and find just the right spot to hang them.

That's two things out of my system, but I never got round to any of the sewing I'd planned. I'm most definately in a yarny phase at the moment.

Now this is all back to front as I've told you about the end of the week first. In the middle of last week I met up with Penny after work.  It's been an age since we last met, but we finally got it sorted which was wonderful. Penny very kindly brought a birthday gift for me which was so lovely. It's been a long old birthday this one as the week before my mum treated me to some shiny red Fly boots in the sale, a friend is taking me for a late birthday lunch this week and then I have a date at the beginning of next months with another friend. That's what happens when your birthday is in the quiet bit just after christmas and I'm not complaining.

Now going back even further, to last Monday, when I had planned to announce the winner of my blog's birthday giveaway. Well I'd forgotten a meeting I had to be at that day which took up nearly all of the day. Then the rest of the week was work and suddenly here we are at Monday again.

With my apologies to you all for the delay. Here's the winner, as picked out by Little Bun.

It's a lady called Deb with a new to me blog over at It's a cheery cherries world. Congratulations Deb and thanks so much for joining in everyone.


  1. Your makes are absolutely gorgeous and I totally agree with spinning your birthday treats out. If I don't manage to make all my meets and treats last at least a month then something has gone well wrong!
    Ps I've joined in with the book club too as it just sounded so attractive so thanks for that.

  2. lovely projects on the go!!!!!! enjoy crocheting, xxxxxx Ale

  3. I do like your sparkly flags! I have some thread like that squirrelled away. Heaven knows exactly where ...

  4. Every home should have a big old school cupboard! We're the same, nothing in our attic although its a brilliant space, but we do have a large, dark, damp cellar which is full to the ceiling of 'stuff', we've filled it four times in 12 years be emptied this spring, ready for the next load of stuff!!! :) x

  5. Fortunately I have a large attic space which is stuffed with ahem treasures. I have some sparkle thread, I never knew what to use it for, I do now. Thank you.

  6. Far better to have a birthday after Christmas than before, when everyone is really too busy with their own stuff to have much time to spare. Luckily these days birthdays aren't that important to me, a day out somewhere for a long walk with fish and chips to follow suits me fine. Enjoy your ongoing celebrations, almost like the Queen with two birthdays!

  7. What a great cupboard... and what lovely sparkly flags! Happy to have found your blog.

  8. I could really do with a great big cupboard like that ... oh, and some space to put it!
    I love the sparkly edge to your flags ...
    M x

  9. I think perhaps not having an attic might not be a bad thing. I know ours holds lots of long forgotten about gubbins. And its one place we never think to look through and sort out the junk. Though there had been talk about such a thing this spring. We will see as the other half is never very keen on such things! lol. Though A beautiful big cupboard might be a lovely alternative and hopefully with no spiders lurking in corners.

    I am loving your wrap it looks so lacy and pretty. And the sparkly edged bunting is just too cute!

    I have a friend with a birthday almost middle of January. Although I always send her a card for the day and try to send her birthday wishes on the day, usually we meet up a few weeks later for me to give her birthday present to her. This year we have a takeaway night planned for the middle of next month! lol she always she loves it as it seems to make her birthday last longer.

    Congrats to your giveaway winner.

    P x

  10. Love that big cupboard! We could really do with that! Love your crochet, the sparkly thread is very pretty :) x

  11. Many Happy Returns!! I too have a birthday at this slightly odd time of year(13th), and consequently I have also been treated to 3 meals out-so no complaints here. I love the silver edged flags, I have bought some silver yarn in the sales so I may have to blatantly copy your idea! Thanks for the inspiration, Catx

  12. Oooh, I do love that beautiful blue yarn, that little fleck sets it off beautifully! I'm very envious of tyhat big cupboard, and it all looks beautifully tidy in there. I end up with cupboards where the content leaps out to greet me if I dare open the door!
    Love the sparkly bunting, just what's needed on a grey day!
    Penny x

  13. I love that shiny yarn! I had some many years ago and I'm certainly going to get me some again after seeing this! Happy belated birthday, (mine's in the quiet bit after christmas too!) ;)
    Jess xx

  14. Your shawl in progress looks beautiful, I don't know what you were making before, but I am sure that you will love this. Congratulations to Deb for winning your giveaway. xx

  15. Oooo Love your cupboard of happiness!
    And well done deb! X

  16. Lovely! I am practising my crochet stitches as I am new to it.

  17. Nice wrap, I just finished an Elise shawl (see my blog) it is lovely and I think yours will be good too. You MUST block it. Mine looked so fine once I had done that. Block your triangles too, they will look really great strung up in her room. Jo x

  18. Your wrap is going to be really pretty. We are about to move from a house with a big attic to one like yours with 3 tiny 'roof spaces' ,according to the surveyor, lol - I have no idea what we are going to do with all our stuff. Its been ferried into a storage unit for now but they are way too expensive to keep long term. Any hints would be appreciated. xxx

  19. Love your cupboard and all your latest makes and makes-in-progress especially the wrap. It's going to be beautiful!
    Marion x

  20. Hellooo there! Just doing a bit of a bloggy catch up as I seem to have run out of steam after the Christmas madness! I love your cupboard and am in awe of your crafty prowess with all your sewing and yarny skills! Happy belated birthday wishes too x


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