Sunday, 12 January 2014


I can't seem to settle on any given thing at the moment. I guess that's the penalty of having a year behind me and Christmas done and dusted. It leaves me wanting to make plans. Have new goals to aspire to and lovely things to look forward to. 

So while I search for a get my teeth into type of project, I start new things and hop about here and there trying to finish long ago started things. I always do this, I'm used to it, but it gets frustrating after a while.

All last weekend I knitted tiny stuffed hearts. I tried different size needles and different yarn in my search for a just so heart.

The smaller ones are definately my favourites. I'm thinking of  adding felt flowers to them, maybe stringing them into garlands. Little Bun wants me to make them into little heart people, Miss Rosey likes them as they are. Anyway, I'm just fiddling at the moment, it's therapeutic. I need to make quite a few more before I'm happy with my hearts.

Before I started the hearts, I finished up a head thing for Miss Rosey.  I'm still knitting the bow to add to Little Bun's blue one. I quite enjoyed knitting these as I they were done in a day, no messing. Mind you, over Christmas I didn't feel bad just sitting there knitting. Now it's January I do. Not fair.

This weekend I discovered Father Brown on the iplayer. For some odd reason it's on in the daytime, so the first series completely passed me by and probably most other people too. As I was hopping about the iplayer late at night for something to watch I fell on this small delight. I've got Miss Rosey hooked now too. We usually stay up together to watch murder and detective stuff together me and her. She fancies being and actress or a barrister so maybe this is research.

I mentioned this really to explain that starting something new wasn't that easy as any spare time I had I wanted to watch Father Brown and so I needed something easy to do with my hands. I find it impossible to just sit still and watch TV, I get too restless. For a different TV watching project I picked up my long abandoned hexie plates. I wanted a rest from the yarn.

Weekends are usually full of other stuff and so any making time is small. There was netball training, getting all my paperwork ready for a Monday moderation meeting, all the usual cleaning out animals and house stuff and the fact that Little Bun was cooking her first two course meal, with me as assistant. She had the idea that we should  have our own Come Dine With Me over the next few weekends. After getting a new apron and the cookbook she wanted for Christmas she's been itching to use them. The meal was stuffed peppers with sauteed potatoes and a green salad. Fruit kebabs with honey bread and chocolate dip to follow. We played Miss Rosey's QI  game as the entertainment. Miss Rosey's turn next weekend with her dad as assistant. I wonder who'll be the guest who everyone moans about!

I did manage to grab time on the sofa hiding with my hexies mind you. In fact I finished a couple of plates so that's no bad thing and I got lost in the world of Father Brown too.

Don't forget the birthday giveaway finishes tommorow. Let's say at the end of the day to give anyone who's missed it a chance to join in (find it on the Tick Tock post).

See you very soon.


  1. Hello Lisa
    This is the best word I have heard all week, yes I too have been flittering and throw in a little grumpiness and that perfectly describes my past working week and then unfortunately bringing it home with me trying desperately to leave it at the door. I think this next week can only hopefully get better :o)
    I love your hearts and hexies, my hexie project for Alice has nt been touched in a good year or so and you may just have inspired me to get stitching with needle and thread again. I am pleased to hear that you have managed to squirrel away at something you love whilst being entertained by Father Brown, I have been engrossed in the Swedish drama The Bridge on iplayer this weekend. Haloperidol you have a really good week ahead xox Penny

  2. How ridiculous that this silly iPad chose haloperidol over Hope .... Sorry about that!

  3. I'm going through the same thing right now. I can't seem to settle on finishing a project, just jumping from one thing to another!

  4. I've seen some ad's for Father Brown, might check it out on iPlayer. Love your hexies, I'm planning on digging mine out this year :) x

  5. I enjoy Father Brown. We record it to watch at our convenience
    Love the hexies, I thought of doing an on going project with hexies this year
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. love the paper pieced colourful and cheery ....a great tv project!

  7. Well hopefully now the engineer has sorted out our lack of power and I can catch up! I discovered Father Browns first series repeated in the evenings at the end of last year so was looking forward to the new one - but such a silly time to put it on so I watch it on iplayer too in bed. Am off to join your giveaway as I seem to have missed that too. Karen xxxx

  8. Hi Lisa - I SO know where you are coming from, I am the Queen of the UFO (Unfinished Object) when I am in that starnge transitory period between get-you-teeth-into projects. And, like you, I cannot sit in front of the tv without something to do with my hands - and hand quilting is out because I get too hot underneath it! So something small and portable is the answer - my felt pin-cushions, or my new felt bangles fit the bill; I can crochet but ca't seem to get into it at the moment.
    Oh yeah, detective fiction is my bag too, anything from Cadfael to Vice (which I'm sure you don't watch with your daughter!)so Father Brown will be right up my street - I have watched it ages ago, time to find it again. Do you remember those books The Little World of Don Camillo? They would be great made into tv series. Anyway, (I'm writing a letter here, not a post! Sorry!) hope you settle on something soon; but I do think it's perfectly normal, and even more so at this time of year. Lxx

  9. I loved 'Father Brown' too! I watched the first series on the iplayer and now I want to go and watch the new one. Thanks for reminding me!
    I really like that your girls want and like to cook. That's a really lovely thing. You're so lucky. Keep us posted with nexy weekend's 'come dine with me'.
    All the knitted hearts are pretty. Maybe you can string them together to make a bunting. The hexie plates are looking great too.
    Have a lovely week!
    Marion x

  10. It is a strange time of year isn't it. so much you could do, but chosing what to do is just too hard for some reason! I have been recording Father Brown, but haven't watched any of it yet, I like having a few things ready to watch when I am doing ironing and such like! Hope that you settle on something soon. xx

  11. Beautiful hexies, I really want to try some paper piecing soon. I've never done it and it makes me feel a little nervous for some reason but I love the way they turn out. I feel the same way about projects right now. I don't have anything on the go and it's weird.

  12. Completely get how you're feeling cos I am too. What to start, all christmas things gone, a half complete blanket needs more yarn ordering, and my pom pom project with gift maker just done. Need some magic inspiration! Good luck finding some!

  13. Oh now I will check out Father Brown that is something that has passed me by. I'm always on the lookout for something to watch that I can potter to, not having to concentrate too hard as like you I am unable to just sit and watch I have to have something for my hands to do. I love your hexies they are a great project for dipping into, I might re-kindle my hexie addiction this year after I've made a hole in my ever growing WIP pile x

  14. Beautiful hearts and hexies!! I am still working on my hexie flower garden quilt, which I can't wait to be finished. Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  15. I'm hoping that now I'm finally starting out my craft space I'll find my hexie template and then I can add a bit more too it, yours looks lovely! On your book post, I joined a book club a couple of years ago and got back into reading again, it's finished now but my love of reading hasn't, well not just yet anyway.....I don't suppose reading blogs counts! :) x

  16. Oh, I enjoy the Father Brown series as well. Here in SC, USA it comes on TV on Saturday nights--but I am always forgetting! Love the hearts--I was just contemplating today about possibly doing some.....reading may win out ;-).


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