Tuesday, 7 January 2014


We have quite a few family traditions. We measure our year by them. Although we fight against routine, school and work impose enough of them on our world, we really look forward to our seasonal traditions.

We always skip off to the coast at Southwold for New Years Day. If the weather is being really bad beyond words we head off the next day or the one after. This year we managed to get there on the 2nd and it was blue skies all round.

Our long walk brings us to the pier where we fill up on hot choccies, sharing a bowl of marshmallows, flakes and maltesers.

For a while we sit in the winter sun and dream of warmer days when we'll be dipping our toes in the water. Being spoilt for choice in Norfolk, there'll be lots of other summer beaches to explore too.

After a last dash to the end of the pier we go and get fumbled in the arcade and ride in the mini submarine.

Then it's time to search for favourite stones under the pier before heading back up the prom and homeward bound.

To make the most of the last days of our holidays we also went in search of places we'd meant to visit for a while now. At the weekend we sampled the delights of a newish tearoom in an old bank.

Vera Lynne sang in the background, while we admired all the beautifully laid tables and oohhed at the large cakes on the side.

Little Bun and I went to explore and found ourselves in the managers office all laid out for birthday teas. We even managed to get into the old vault where a few treasures could be found.
It was a relaxing and heavenly place to go, my only moan is that the knitting group meets there on one of my work days. I'd love an excuse to go back each week.

On Sunday I  took the decorations down. They've been up for three weeks now and so now was the time. Ever since I was little the decorations have stayed up until 12th Night. My man felt sad at all the glitter being put away for another year. As much as I miss it I always start feeling a bit swamped. I love the clean feeling of a grabbing a bit more space in a full of stuff home.

Thoughts of Spring are now in my head and so I always add a few primula's and narcissi here and there.  This pot painted by one of the Bun's (whoops, can't remeber who did it- sorry) at nursery school is perfect for cheering up the kitchen window sill.

 New arrangements were put in the corner where the tree was cosily nestled.

By the time all the decorations were put away, the cushions plumped, dust shooed into corners and bits of Spring added it felt good to have our old home back again. Ready for the new year ahead.

A few years back we started celebrating Epiphany with a feast of our own. As the last of the twelve days of Christmas it feels a good way to banish any blues about that sparkly happy time leaving us. In England we used to make a Twelfth Cake with a bean inside it. The winner of the bean was nominated King of the Bean. In France they still celebrate with a galette de rois inside a golden crown for the winner of the bean. Sometimes we make crowns, this year I cheated and used the crackers I thought I'd lost and then found after christmas. We ate by candlelight and with full tums munched through a final christmas pud.

 Now work and school beckon us once more. In fact I hope I wake up in time as I meant to go to bed hours ago and here I am wide awake and typing in the wee hours.

I'm good at talking lots, I'm great at waffling on and on about this and that. Sometimes my inner me has to shout shut up, I think you're boring the pants of everyone. When it comes to expressing my emotions though and saying how I really feel, I usually get a bit stumped. It doesn't mean I'm not feeling, just that I find it hard to say what I'm feeling. This blog is the closest to effusive I've ever been. What this all leads to is to say that I was really touched by your lovely responses to my birthday giveaway (which is still open by the way until next Monday 13th). For a while now I've been uncertain about blogging, wondering if I should change it all. I thought perhaps after five years it was getting a bit stale. Then I thought, I know, I'll ask what you lovely people who read this here thing think. 

Well you gave me lots of food for thought and made me feel so happy to be here. Over the years I've met, emailed, worked with, laughed with and just been excited to get to know so many people through this world which I thought was a bit strange at first. Silly me, what did I know all those years ago. To read that visiting my blog is like chatting with a friend. Well that makes me feel so proud and thrilled.


  1. How beautiful the shore was with the sun out! Lovely family time!

  2. It really is like chatting with a good friend Lisa, I'm having my breakfast right now with you, please pass me my porridge! If we lived close enough I'd be popping to Southwold too, perfect place to blow away the cobwebs.....hope you get up on time! :) xxx

  3. The tea shop is beautiful, and how inconsiderate of them to have a knitting group on a day that you can't make! I am quite new to your blog, but I really do like what you write and how you say it, as people are kind enough to tell me, it is your blog and you can write and do whatever you like here. Hope you have a good week getting back to normal. xx

  4. What a lovely post. Ho to be by the sea and that great Tea room, would have loved that. My decorations came down on Saterday after Christmas and I had a good tidy too.
    Have a good feeling about 2014...

  5. such lovely beach pictures - I know exactly what you mean about putting away the christmas decorations, suddenly there is space, all clean and empty. love your blog!

  6. I'm a reader rather than commenter. So so love your blog. Have a good 2014 x

  7. I love Southwold - it wasn't that sunny the day we visited over Christmas - we got very wind blown and sand blasted!!

    Where is that tea-room? Looks like the sort of place I'd love to visit.

  8. I love Southwold too, and I love to read your blog. You make me smile!!
    Thank you xx

  9. Its true I think I know you? although of course I don't!
    I love your blog...so happy belated Blog birthday to you....D xxxx

  10. What a lovely, cosy, family post ... jusy how the time of year should be spent ...
    M x

  11. It is so lovely to have family traditions, my children are well in their 20's but we still have to do certain things over Christmas.

  12. The tea room looks wonderful, I go to a lovely one in Chester when ever I get a chance. Not quite as pretty as that one but lovely all the same.

  13. I would love to know where that tearoom is; do tell us! DH and I were charity shopping in Beccles, Harleston and Bungay today and it might have been nice to go there instead of Greggs!

  14. Ooh will definitely try that tearoom, i have seen it but not made it inside yet, my little man loves a good scone so i'll drag him in next time we've been to Sew and Sews(where he enjoys rifling through their bargain draws and finding me "nice cloth mummy"). I too feel both sad and refreshed when the decs come down, it makes for a good new start to the year, although everywhere does look a little sparse, Catx

  15. Hi Lisa and Happy New Year to you and the Buns! We had to brave the weather as the only nice day we had my folks came down for the day with the rest of the tribe so we spent most of the day getting organised...it was a lovely day though.

    Nina x

  16. Such a cosy, bright post...full of happiness, as always.
    Your blog is one of my favorite ones!

    Wishing you all the best for 2014 for you and the buns.
    xx and a big hug from that silly old suitcase xx

  17. I love your traditions...and that Tea Shop looked very lovely indeed! I love the idea of the Twelfth Cake too. I get you on the blogging front. I have felt like that at times too. That there is only so much of your life that you share before it all starts to go round and round in circles. Then you wonder if it's stale. But it's surprising how others just don't see it like that. I can stare at blogs that post the same pictures year in and year out and still feel inspired with each one. I can read posts that say the same thing year in and year out and love that I can relate to it or feel inspired by the same words over and over. What we may see as 'stale' in our blogs, others find inspiring or comforting. The way I dealt with it was just to remember that my blog was actually just for me. A way of recording bits of my life and something to look back on years down the line. That way, being 'stale' doesn't come into it! I also find, just changing my layout on my blog every now and then, is enough to make me feel like i've freshened things up a little.

    Your blog is full of colour and your passion for crafting. I am always inspired when I visit here and go away with a smile on my face. I love reading your thoughts too, both deep and frivolous. Keep on blogging.....you really are rather great xxxx

  18. I always enjoy reading your blog. Love the colour filled photos especially of your home.
    I'm looking forward to more posts here in 2014!
    Marion x

  19. Morning lovely Lisa, I have just sat with my cup of tea and had a big catch up of your lovely blog posts. Love the beach photos, that's a great tradition x happy weekend x 'm off to email you now for a proper catch up xx


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