Monday, 18 November 2013

Let's Celebrate with A Cake

I'm in a state of shock and excitement. I've actually finished my first ever hooky blanket. There are many I've started - some are still waiting patiently in a basket to become their finished selves, others have just been forgotten and given up on.  I started on The Bubblegum Blanket (named so by Little Bun) last October. I worked a row or two and then put it back in the basket again to wait awhile. A lot of my waiting a while has been down to yarn supply problems as well as my tendency to hop from thing to thing.

It all started from the odds and sods of Amy Butler yarn left over from my Japanese Flowers Scarf. I loved working with this soft, chunkyish and bright yarn so much. As it's super warm too, making a blanket out of the left overs was the only thing to do.

After I'd worked a few rows I started running out of yarn which meant I needed to add to the left over yarn. No problem I thought as this is such gorgeous yarn I'll be able to get it anywhere.

First problem I ran into was that the local yarn shop said goodbye so I couldn' get any more there. Then when I went to the big yarn shop in the city it turned out that Rowan didn't make or sell Amy Butler yarn anymore. Now it was time to get creative. A few colours and some of the huge amount of pink I was after turned up on ebay. Weeks later John Lewis tipped a few balls of the colours I was after into a sale bin and I roughly calculated I'd have enough to do the 10 rows by 10 I was after.

Late on Saturday I found a quiet spot by the fire and felt an urge to work some more squares on the blanket. My man was cooking, the Bun's were happy doing their thing and so I lit the woodburner, popped on Darling Buds of May and snuggled up with my hook and yarn. This cosy scene was made all the better when I was handed a glass of wine.

By this stage of my Bubblegum Blanket I was nearly 8 rows in and only had another ten to go. Then I realised I only had a ball and a half of the main pink left. I just couldn't face searching for more pink and then waiting for it to come if I even found any, so a quick change of plan and I decided it was big enough as it was.

Then it got exciting, because it meant the end of my blanket was close in sight and we would actually be able to start using it. I started and finished the border on Sunday. My plans were changed to fit in with the amount of pink yarn I had so I kept it simple and added in a row of cream trebles after a couple rows of double crochet. Sad to say but I was holding my breath as I worked the last row of pink trebles wondering if my yarn would last. It did and I even have enough left to tie a few things that might need tying up with it. 

So here it is in all its glory. Not as big as I'd hoped for, but certainly as soft, colourful and lovely as I'd dreamed of. Now like everything else it will need a partner as I have two girlies who love all this stuff I make. How can I say this is yours and you're not having one? Just hope they're patient that's all as it may take me a while ...

... because there are a hell of a lot of ends to sew in on this one first.

I was most definately in a finishing up mood, as the scarf that's made from the same yarn is all done and dusted too.

I like it, but I just wish it was fatter and I wish it was red. I'll have to make another because I can't get out of my head the red one that started me making this one in the first place.

I'll just leave you with this cheeky shot of Miss Rosey. After all that Darling Buds of May wallowing I got quite housewifely and whipped up a big fat choccy cake for afternoon tea. Lack of a table was overcome with the ironing board under which my girl popped out from as I took the photo. I have to be quick to get any pictures of random stuff here. I can see how odd it seems saying hold your cake eating desire a moment longer as I need to take a photo of it first.

This cheeky girl is one of a pair that belong to a girls school that I am very proud of. Last week they had their annual November Market at school and Miss Rosey's class won first prize of £50 for their stall. They wanted to donate it to give aid to the Phillipines rather than pay for a party. The whole school asked what they could do, so a collection was taken after Friday's assembly and they raised £1,500. The most amazing part and something that really makes a difference is direct action. A former pupil at the school has parents who own a haulage company. They offered a lorry and a driver to take essential building tools and clothes straight to the Phillipines as long as all donations were at the school by the end of Friday. When my man walked in with our bags it turned out the first lorry had already left and they were sending another as there was far too much for one. That along with the amazing support from the rest of the UK makes me feel really proud to be part of a society that cares for one another irrespective of which race or religion we are from. 

Good people thankfully outnumber bigots (that's as far as I will go with airing my social beliefs on here in case you were wondering as I have enough political debate at home to last a lifetime).


  1. That is a beautiful blanket! All your perseverance and patience have paid off-- it's gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you so much Marion, I don't have much patience so I'm amazed I stuck in there.

  2. I don't envy you sewing all those ends, i made a baby blanket from this wool which i love just be careful you don't shrink it in the wash like i almost did!! It's such a lovely wool and the colours are amazing just as your blanket shows xx

    1. That's why the lady in J.L said she thinks they stopped making it as it's handwash only and that might put people off. Ends sewing in - yuk yuk yuk I say. x

  3. Beautiful soft colours in your blanket. Get busy with that second one Mama!

  4. Wish I knew what you'd said, but thanks for stopping by.

  5. your blanket is really gorgeous !!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  6. That really is one very beautiful blanket... Cx

  7. Love the scarf and the beautiful blanket! That photo with the blanket, quilt & cushions is gorgeous - well done you! Jen PS Completely agree with your final sentiments!!

  8. Beautiful blanket and what a wonderful idea to drive all those goods, doing a similar thing at our school. So good when something lovely can come out of such a tragedy. One good person cancels out far too many not xx

  9. Oh dear god, those ends!!! I can feel palpitations coming on! That said, it will absolutely be worth it - your blanket is completely dreamy. I nearly always favour a coloured background over cream and the pink you've chosen is perfection.

    It's always worth doing a bit of a blog shout out if you run out of yarn - I'm pretty sure I have a ball of Amy Butler pink somewhere in the depths of my stash.

    Three cheers for good people with hearts of gold.

    Heather xx

    PS. I was tickled pink with your comment on my blog recently - thank you! x

  10. Your blanket looks really cosy and comforting. I love the bubble gum colour. What am amazing story about the school raising so much cash and donations in such a short time. Its stories like this that make me proud to be part of the human race. We should maybe all focus more on the good things and not give as much air time and personal time to the bad (off my soap box now - lol!!)

  11. Your blanket is beautiful, and so wonderful of the parent at your childrens school to have donated their truck and driver and so on to the disaster appeal. What an amazing thing to have done. xx

  12. Sweet Lisa
    Your bubble gum blanket is just gorgeous, well done in getting it all done and good luck with those ends....oh dear they are a pain and I know I always have to be in the right mood to tackle them. Such generosity for those poor people in the Philippines, it's always so uplifting to hear such great stories of altruism.
    Have a great week ahead xox Penny

  13. Congratulations on your blanket. Those ends? Don't envy you there! Great fundraising story. I made those African flowers and made a 'shape' I use it as a table runner but I think a scarf is a great idea. Jo x

  14. Well done on that rather scrumptious blanket! The trawling for the extra wool was definitely worth it!
    It looks gorgeous. Though I feel your pain on the sewing in ends. Not the best task in the world.

    Gorgeous scarf too. Love the colours and can see red would look just as fab with this pattern.

    Well done to your girls school on the raising of funds quite an impressive amount too!

    P x

  15. It's so beautiful I could burst into song and dance...........ok song and dance over with! Do you do that? Get so excited about some beautiful creation you do a little jig??!
    Seriously, it brilliant and well worth the wait, fabulous Lisa, and one of the many reasons I so enjoy stopping of here! Well done Sweetie! :) x

  16. oh that is wonderful! I love the scarf in that colour as well x

  17. Fantastic blanket, well done. Well done for the fundraising too, what a great effort.
    Anne xx

  18. What a lot of ends but it will be worth it when it's done. Great fund raising effort. Jacqui x

  19. its bloomin lush! Like you, I rarely finish a project, but it's ace when you do.
    And amazing how that bit of fund raising came about - heart warming indeed.
    sending love
    (ps agree with Heather about the shout out - I have plenty of Amy Butler pink I could have shared with you - from same said JL sale bin!!!!)

  20. Lovely lovely lovely, and even better - you admitted in print that you start things and shove them in a cupboard unfinished! I can hold my head up again! I am such a textile tart, I get seduced by projects and shrug off whatever I am currently working on without a second glance.
    And I was touched by your account of your daughters' school and their wonderful Direct Action to send aid to those in very dire need half a world away - it certainly gives one hope, doesn't it?

  21. Bubblegum blanket, what an apt name! It really is stunning.
    Very well done to all those concerned at your daughter's school for being so full of giving.
    Lisa x

  22. Oh your blanket is absolutely superb. Totally gorgeous really and well done for finishing, I have only completed a single solitary cushion and that felt momentous, think you'll have to have a picnic under the bubblegum to celebrate! mel x

  23. LURRRRVE this blanket, Lisa. A fab shade of pink (no idea why they discontinued this divine yarn but that's Rowan for you). You're obviously on a creative roll and your post has left me wanting choccy cake! So uplifting to hear about the school's efforts for charity, just brilliant. There are a lot of good fold around, thank goodness.
    Hen x
    P.S. How big is the lovely Lily now?

  24. Dear Lisa
    I am in awe of crochet skills - long forgotten by myself - I still have my old plastic flower loom (dating from late 70s I think) so might have a go and making some wool flowers and sniff over what might have been. I love a mix of colours. I too have been impressed by our nation and its giving - two charitable causes in one week is all good. As I say to the children - this is what we do and it what we should do when others are in such dire need. I love chocolate cake!

    Also calling in to say that you have won my giveaway competition ( I wish that I had not made it so complicated in such a complicated world!). If you are able to send your details (bank account.....) I will post out purse number one - I had to second guess this so I hope that it ok.
    Thank you for joining in
    Keep warm under that lovely blanket
    Best wishes

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