Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Just Noticing

I'm braving the cold to jot down another post. You see my laptop doesn't like being moved about anymore and refuses to work properly if it leaves it's corner by the window. Leaving a cosy woodburner to tap out my tale is getting harder and harder as the nights get fresher. Also like an old dear I keep nodding off and then wake startled about 1am knowing I'll feel like hell six hours later when my man yells get up as he and Alfie head off for a blast down the lane.

I noticed I've hardly posted in November and thought I needed to re-dress the balance as it were. It could be down to time slipping away - or it could be down to there being very little to say. I know the latter can't be true because I can talk endless nonsense if necessary. Therefore, I think it must be down to time rushing ahead and leaving me in it's slipstream. I have been trying of late to slow time right down. I've felt an urge to squeeze more out of it and so I've stopped, rested and looked around me some more.

When I find myself pinned behind our evil ironing board I love to gaze on this scene balanced on our dead as a dodo Rayburn.

Even getting the milk out of the fridge is a joy now the gardener lady will turn to look at the chef. Each morning I'd find her spun away from him in disgust.

This cupboard just makes me happy to gaze upon and you should feel happy with your everyday stuff shouldn't you.

I even manage a smile when I wash up, having a look to see what's been added to the swans lately.

Amongst these things that I love is one of my treasures. A tiny pill box, the purple velvet inside slightly stained and faded adding to its charm all the more. I'm unsure which of dad's relatives it belonged to, but it somehow became mine.

Well all of these just make me plain happy, I refuse to have favourites, but the cheeky slant eyed grin of the fish makes me giggle each time I see him. I bought him many moons ago now from Daniella at one our Pick 'n' Mix Makers Markets. He reminds me of something I wanted to do and did, of people I met and great times to be sure.

The ladybirds were added to as we grew as a family. I like the dogs even if they are a bit grumpy of late, my man adds to these for me.

Just above the low doorway out of the kitchen, where I'm always whacking my head, the Spice Family sit trying hard to remind me to duck.

I've always been a homebird, luckily I married one too. Just about everything in our home is handed down, rescued and plain worn out but we love it all. 

I loved reading your comments about my blanket, thankyou for stopping by to say hello. It is always really appreciated. Heather of Pink Milk made a great suggestion about doing a blog shout out if I ever ran out of yarn again. I think we'd all be up for those kind of swaps, mind you I was relieved not to have to make another twenty squares.

Tommorow my mum is having tests in her arteries to see what her chest pains are. I'll be stopping the night with her to make sure all is as it should be. I had thought I might take my blanket along to start sewing those ends in.  Then I suddenly realised it will be the first time either of us have gone to the hospital since dad died there. Now I feel awful that I can't get the day off work to take her in. Sometimes a teaching job just doesn't allow for real life stuff does it.

And on a brighter note - I found out tonight that I've won Jenny's giveaway along with Ada. Well that was a lovely turn up for the books indeed.


  1. ooo your treasures are lovely! we own the same white swan the same plastic bird whistle and the same pyrex dishes...gosh that makes us treasure sisters. Hope your mums tests go ok and that going back to hospital is not too difficult, hugs xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hoping all goes well with your Mum's tests tomorrow x
    I'm trying to sneak in my style in to our house. While my husband does not hate it, it may be a bit too girly for him yet. Too be fair though, I was (and sort of still am) more of a metal,Goth,gargoyley kind of girl. These days though I don't actually want my interiors to reflect this.

  3. your pics cheered me up!!! thank you, xxx Ale

  4. As you can see by the time on my post, I too am nodding off and finding myself sitting downstairs in the cold at stupid o'clock in the morning! every now and then I talk severely to myself and have a few early (ie before midnight) nights! Hope all goes well with your mum, and I know only too well how difficult it is going back into the hospital where a sad family event has taken place. Lx

  5. On the yarn front Jannette's Rare Yarns often have discontinued yarns and it's also worth looking on ravelry at what's available for destash
    Hope your mum's appointment goes as well as it can

  6. Well done on winning the giveaway. Love your treasure's. We've got that radio too. Hope all goes well with your mother. xox

  7. Lots of lovely stuff..especially like the Swans and Mushrooms you having a peek round people's houses...

  8. I hope they manage to find out what is causing your mum to be in pain and she is soon feeling well again. Love all your vintage goodies you have a few things the same as me. I love the swans I have been collecting them myself just lately well it started off with one and seems to have grown. Such a gorgeous colourful post to cheer one up on this cold and wet morning. dee x

  9. Well I don't feel so bad now with all my kitsch and collectables filling up the house.
    I have avoided charity shops for so long, but I have fallen off the wagon and brought two more things home with me this week....I just wonder how much more I can cram in over my life time.
    Love your man with the eggs? He looks quite a sauce!

  10. Lovely to see your pretty vintage things, you obviously love them a lot. I hope that your Mum is OK and that whatever the problem is can be resolved easily. xx

  11. What lovely goodies, brought a smile to my face :) x

  12. I love your everyday stuff-I'd be happy if I had them all too!
    Hope everything goes well with your Mum's tests.
    Take care.
    Marion x

  13. It's lovely seeing all your vintage things, but oh I don't envy you moving them to dust!
    Hope all goes well for your Mum, though it will be a sad reminder for you going to the hospital.

  14. Your home is beautiful, I love my treasures too!
    Sending love to your mum x

  15. Yes, you should be very happy with the things you use every day! And that is one of the reasons why I use my pretty things regularly. No point in having things if they never get used. I love those little salt/pepper shaker heads. My daughter has a couple of those and I think they might just have to turn into a full fledged collection like yours. I hope your Mum is Ok. Thank goodness for doctors and modern technology to help keep us well.

  16. I've got the spice family too! Except I seem to be missing one as I have only 5. Love all your little treasures. Xx

  17. Aren't we the lucky ones! I got all giddy.....I love to get all giddy! Do you think we could arrange to nip down to Jenny's to pick them up in to have a peek at her gorgeous home, (oh and a little snoop in those cupboards stacked high with goodies......oh and stroke all that fabulous fabric!) :) x

  18. Hope your mums tests come back all ok too :) x

  19. I am new to your blog. I love all those colourful things! Hope your Mum is soon feeling better x

  20. I hope your mum's appointment goes ok.
    Love all the little snippets from your home you shared, having happy everyday things around is what makes our homes ours.
    Lisa x


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