Friday, 22 November 2013

Custard Delights

Midweek I had a girlie night, just me and my mum. No spas or fancy resorts, just the two of us with good food and a lovely bottle of Hendricks. Now we know the source of her troubles (which turns out to be angina) a wee balloon has to be sent to the right place just before christmas and fingers crossed all will be well once more.

That same night I found I'd won something. I was so surprised and thrilled. I usually pop my name into the hat never expecting to win. Turns out that both Ada and I were the lucky winners of Jennys giveaway over at The Custards.

We got home late in the dark last night so it was only this morning that my man found my parcel propped by the front door. Very exciting to have a parcel at 7am when it's not my birthday I must say.

The parcel was wrapped in true Jenny style. Whimsical panache with Robins a plenty.

Now I'd had to guess the colour of a table, a bit like how many sweeties are in the jar really. Yellow was the colour I guessed and for that I won a gorgeous purse made by Jenny herself. The parcel I received had far more than just a purse in it, which was naughty, but very nice of Jenny indeed.

Just all sorts of lovely things to be sure. I'm thrilled with each and everything and it even smelt beautiful too. There was a wee lavender sachet inside which is a smell that reminds me of christmas. That with the paper and the gifts has got me in the mood I must say.

Isn't this fabric just wonderful? As for the purse. The purse has been given over to hold my lippy and powder. It's a very big purse and I have a very small amount of pennies to put in it.

As today was a home day, I had the chance to move my parcel bits around when I got back from school depositing. Florence's paperweight got re-united with empty Bubbles Flo. 

Then when I was writing this post, my man said that's not right, you're missing a Florence and so he went off in search of most elderly Florence.

She usually sits on the bookshelf with Action Man whose grippable fingers are slowly breaking off. Now she's been put to make up a three.

Once the important stuff was done, I hunkered down by the heater, surrounded myself with all sorts of fabric and had a think about what I was going to make from my headlist.

I could have made a warm curtain to keep out drafts, stitched some cushion covers, started a tartan skirt or a floral dress, but instead I  made patterns and cut endless felt for a few hours.

It suddenly dawned on me that the Buns break up in three weeks, that being the case I'd best get a wiggle on with all handmade gifts.

Wishing you all a very lovely weekend and be back soon.


  1. Congratulations on your win. Nice gifts that Jenny sent you. Hope you have a nice weekend.


  2. I'm so pleased that your Mum is OK :-)
    As far as a vintage style goes in this house, I sneak in glass wear and jugs.( and try to brain wash hubbie in to my way of thinking )

  3. I'm so pleased your Mum will be a 'new' woman (fingers crossed), by Christmas. Congratulations on the win. xx

  4. Can I ask where you get your felt, I can only find 'nasty' stuff in dunelm mill as we are too far from hobbycraft to go on a look and see expedition. Thanks ever so.
    Susan x
    PS I hope all goes well with Mum, and am very glad for the NHS in spite of the negative news media.
    PPS Yes Christmas screaming towards us. #panicking

  5. Good news about your Mum, she'll have a new lease of life now. Yes we've been very lucky haven't we, Jenny has been extra generous with her prizes! I am so unorganised this year for Christmas, thought I'd have a go at the last minute rush thingy for a change!!! Florence is great isn't she, have a great weekend :) x

  6. Do hope your mum will be tickidee boo very soon...
    As for your win loving your tea towel, fab vintage fabric purse...
    Happy sewing... Cx

  7. Love the custard mix and that doll's face needs somebody...happy wiggling. Eco Ethel xx

  8. Oooh you lucky spud - the parcel is gorgeous - well done. Glad your mum is on the mend - it must have been a worrying time for all. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to the felt - I see the word 'deer' on the template - hmm? Jane x

  9. Hi! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Glad to hear the news about your Mum&hope everything will go well with the little balloon procedure.
    I love your giveaway win especially the tea towel. Lucky you!
    Marion x

  10. Good to hear your mum will be all sorted before Christmas and what a lovely treat to win such a fantastic prize. mel x

  11. I love to visit your blog it is fantastic and very nostalgic :)
    I just came from a fair in my home town, if you like just visit my blog it wil be nice to have your visit :)

  12. Lovely giveaway, really pleased that you won! Florence was always my favourite on Magic Roundabout, but she has changed a bit over the years, hasn't she?

    Thanks for your kind comments over at mine, they mean a Lott me

    Love Claire xx

  13. Glad that your Mum has a diagnosis and that it is something that can be treated relatively easily. I hope that all goes well for her. xx

  14. Oooh that fabric is wonderful! I have also been lucky enough to win one of the lovely Jenny's giveaways in the past, she certainly is very generous, and the things that she makes are so gorgeous. Love your Florencess, and looking forward to seeing what you're making! Rachel xx

  15. How lovely to see these bits and bobs here - I love the Florence very much.
    Glad that you mum has a diagnosis - imagination is sometimes worse than reality. So you mum is having an angioplasty I think - they work wonders and all should be well.
    Take care Lisa and keep everyone warm!
    Best wishes


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