Thursday, 28 November 2013

Clickety Click

The weekend just gone was ours to savour a bit more than usual. Miss Rosey had netball training on both days, but she was just too plain knackered to go on the Saturday. After a couple of weeks of class tests and lunchtime panto rehearsals she hit a brick wall.  It's traditional for her year group to perform their panto to local primary schools and old folks homes. She's got the plum part of Ugly Step-Mother in Cinderella which she's thrilled about. Much more to sink your teeth into when you love making people laugh.

Anyways, back to Saturday. No netball meant we could be leisurely and then head off to look at things and meander about. When we ended up in the Old Stuff Shop there was much I fancied, especially the religious print that announced He Made a Noise and They Knew He Was There. I keep thinking about it and that means I want it, so does my man who often announces "He has Been" to give me the eebeejeebies, aswell as laugh a lot too.

In the old stuff shop I was re-strained as needs must sometimes. Pennies really meant it was more of a looking kind of a day, but out of the corner of my eye I spied a little doll. I'm not sure if it was her zombie like stance or her staring eyes that made me fall for her, but fall I did.

I just love her, my man loves her, even my mum annouced she was sweet. She gives the girls the Creeps. Therefore, she has become a downstairs dolly. She seems happy with this arrangement.

With a little bit more free time and utter laziness beckoning me, I flopped in front of the fire when we got home with a plan to knit (after a few endless chores of course).

The other day I saw a shawl that just shouted out to me on Harmony and Rosie. As these things do, I couldn't get rid of the need to make this textured shawl even though it looked like a fair old bit of knitting was needed. Luckily Kate has provided links to the pattern on Ravelry and tips about how she went about knitting her beautiful shawl (I'm afraid I still can't fathom how to do post links on blogs, but if you just scroll down a bit you'll be able to find it if you want).

I decided to use up the Rowan Cocoon I bought years back to become a cardigan. Stupidly I lent the Rowan knitting book the pattern was in to someone I was teaching to crochet. I never saw her or the book again and as I was halfway through my cardi it became another not to be finished thing. Now this yarn is being revived and it's a joy to knit with.

So much so that I just couldn't stop clicking away and by Monday I was over halfway through. With it's merino and mohair mix it's an incredibly soft, yet thick yarn. My favourite bit are the textured parts, I love knitting with different stitches and it just feels good in my hands. Mind you, now with over 200 stitches on my needles it's starting to make my hands ache slightly.

My hands will have a rest over the next few days though as tommorow night after work we'll be doing a hotel evening. We won a free night stay plus breakfast at the school's sports dinner raffle. I plan to sample cocktails, chill and make the most of not getting up at 7am on a school day to enjoy breakfast in bed. My man's meetings have been cancelled for the next day, I think it's an unspoken rule that knitting will stay at home so I'm hands free.

In my head I'll still be dreaming about the next things I'm thinking about trying out very soon. Tartan and fairisle works a treat for me.


  1. The little doll looks very cross. Hope you can soothe her ruffled feathers. Have a great night out. Jacqui x

  2. I just love that doll! What a great face! I wish my man liked things like that, too. Oh well, I'll have to hide them somewhere!

    You are doing very well on the shawl. I usually find a project like that, start knitting for a day or two, get about a quarter of the way through and sloooooooow dooooooown.

  3. Your little doll is creepylicious...I am adoring her from dorset!!
    Daisy x

    PS to link to a on the title of the post, than copy the address that pops up in the bar and paste that into your link box??
    As opposed to clicking on the actual blog address.
    ....try it and see?
    or get back to me..... hope that helps...?!? d xx

  4. Your little dolly looks as if she is saying back off! away with you! or no photo's please! she is cute though despite her rather get lost stance.

    The shawl is looking very cosy no wonder you are enjoying making it. Ooo fair Isle I would so love to be able to knit up something that way. But as I often say knitting and me don't really mix. I guess I will have to stick to the crochet.

    P x

  5. Good for you with your hotel win - I once won a crocheted lemonade bottle cover in the shape of a poodle....tough but someone had to take it home!
    I do so admire your knitting and crochet skills and the endless clickety clacking - I cannot clickety clack but wish that I could. My mum used to knit cardigans just like the one in the photo - we still have some of them - and she would make the pattern up on the back of an envelope. Marvellous
    Take care
    Best wishes

  6. Your new doll looks cute although my girls will most likely find her scary too. I think downstairs
    is definitely the best place for her to live.
    I quite fancy knitting a shawl too.I've just seen one in an old knitting book but it will probably take me forever. Wish I was as quick and skillful like you!
    Enjoy your hotel stay. What a lucky win!
    Marion x

  7. Now you know I can't resist a dolly either...... this ones a beauty...... I think she has a touch of the mabel lucie attwell boo boo about her??? Adorable! Have a wonderful night away...... I dream about such a treat as that.........make the most of that special time and have a cocktail for me!!! X

  8. Love love your dolly.
    To post a link on Blogspot, Type words in your post, highlight the words, click on LINK, a popup window will appear, search for the link or simply type in the path, click OK. TaDa
    Happy Happy Days.

  9. You have a great eye Lisa for spotting all your character dolls, she is brilliant! I have lusted over the textured shawl that Kate made, it's a real wrap around and cosy keeper. I printed off the pattern ages ago, but alas it is still in my pile of "would love to make". Look forward to seeing how yours comes along. Hope you had a fun time being away for the night. So important to just be the two of you sometimes xox Penny

  10. I'm with the girls on this ... the doll is creepy! But the knitting looks so soft and inviting ... that cowl is going to be a delight to wear :D

  11. I like the doll! And I've really enjoyed this post too! Kate's latest knitting project caught my eye too the other day! I love the way she always finds such delightful shades of grey to knit. You seem to have the seasonal knitting bug too. I wish I had four hands and two brains at this time of year, there are so many beautiful things to make. I've used Rowan Cocoon to make doll's hair and I agree, it is really, really soft.

    Happy week to you,



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