Tuesday, 12 November 2013

And so it Goes .....

I've missed writing my posts. It's only been a week and a half and yet it feels like an age since I last put words to pictures.

For some reason or other I couldn't think of one darned thing to say. That is apart from really really boring stuff, moany stuff, indiscreet stuff and what the hell is she on about stuff.
I've also been off fighting battles and they sure are tiring.

For crafty sanity I've been reaching for yarn type things. In my head are a few felty projects, quilts and clothes I plan to make. I'm slowly realising that that time of year is coming up and I need to get a wiggle on if I'm actually going to get my gifts done and dusted.

 First though it's all about me. I had an idea of a scarf troubling me so I just had to get on with it almost as soon as the idea had plopped out. I saw a selection of hooky scarves on Pinterest and I fell for a granny stripe one in reds. Somehow the colours changed by the time I got to the making part.

 I gathered up some cream, green and pink yarns before work one day and even managed to start the first few rows before the day got chugging along.

My scarf is really steaming ahead now. Just the final colour repeats and I think perhaps a fancy  border before it'll be snuggled around my neck all cosy cosy.

I also had a eureka moment the other night which was very exciting My man was snoring away as usual and when I couldn't take it any more I yelled SHUT UP, which I reckon is far kinder than caving his head in. He woke up a bit moany and then I lay there all chilled and in peace.

While it was quiet and I got more sleepy a storm of a new idea swirled in my head. I tried the idea out on my man the next day and he thought it perfect. I'm always searching for plans to keep me sane around my teaching and I think this one will keep me happy for a while.

Over the weekend I finished hat number two. It only needs a stitch together and a try-on to see if it's as lovely as I hope it'll be.

I do have a slight hat addiction at the moment because there are a couple in Inside Crochet that I can't stop looking at. One is easy peasy crochet and the other is a textural and trying out new things type of hat.

It's simply the time of year that draws me to the yarn more I know. Warm fires, good drama on the TV and a blanket to snuggle under while I hook another few rows.

Lily our tiniest cat is easing into the season by finding all the cosiest places to curl up. This was how she kept me company while I painted the landing outside the girls rooms.

It's also been a time of firsts recently as my man and I headed off to a Burlesque show. It was lovely to go to such a dressy vintage style event (and I mean the audience of course) where the humour was just plain saucy and rude. We had a blast as the MC was really entertaining.

I struggled to find something to wear as my going out clothes have seriously dwindled since being a mum. Now it's time to start being me again more and more as they grow up. The only thing I found that seemed just right was the top I wore on the night my man and I finally got it together after months of fannying around. I finished it off with my favourite velvet trousers that fit some winters and not others. Seems this is a leaner winter as they zipped up no problem.

The day after it was time to put on as many clothes as possible as we were going to a fireworks party.

My job was sparkler lighter. The season of sparkly lights and cosy times is well and truly upon us.


  1. Hi! This is a lovely post. I like your crochet&knitty creations especially that scarf-the colours are wonderful! Wish I can be as clever with hooks and needles!
    Have a great week!

  2. My Minnie keeps clawing at my Happy Blanket until it slides off the back of the leather chair then she plonks herself on top. This is all well and good, unless of course she's a wet stinky cat as she can be at the moment, bless her! ( I'm glad I'm not on my own with a snoring partner, I've thought of caving heads in too!)
    Lovely scarf there Lisa, that will keep you warm and snug! :) x

  3. Sometimes insipration just does doesn't it, and then it strikes again! Your scarf is looking lovely, I like the colours. Love the picture of your blankie by the fire - looks very snuggly! xx

  4. Your place by the fire looks lovely and cosy. :) I've just finished making a knitted scarf, next stop a crocheted blanket. The cable knitting you're doing looks great, I'm sticking to less complicated items these days, my brain doesn't seem to be able to take it any more!
    Jess xx

  5. You look so lovely! Loving your scarf and that glorious wood burner! I'd love to go to a Burlesque show one day too... Cx

  6. Sometimes life seems so banal and words desert you. Time to pick up the crochet ! x

  7. See, you did have some words and I enjoyed reading all of them. Thanks Jo x

  8. such a cosy, comforting festive post, loving the crochet and wow i love your hair ;0) makes me want to cut mine off hehe...not so brave though ;0)x

  9. I, too, am a teacher and long for my crafty fixes of a weekend - I can certainly empathise; especially with all the vulnerabilities that accompany the profession at present. Roll on Friday - hoping to finish my scarf this weekend. Nx

  10. Wow! Look at you, love your look with your lovely lacy top the is a bit of a gothic vibe going on there!

    Love all your ideas you have for new makes. Woolly pursuits are the best this time of year. I am just getting to the end of a giant granny square for a certain someone for Christmas. Nice and warm under there! lol.

    P x

  11. A lovely post. You look amazing, very nice top.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  12. Looks like you've gone creating mad at the moment, it all looks lovely, at least they're all different ideas, I've knitted so many berets recently I'm tripping over them!

  13. Sorry you are going through trails and tribulations it should not happen to someone as kind as you. I wondered if you were going to update the shop with a mistletoe kiss as I wanted to buy one for a present. love brooke

  14. Wow, sounds like a busy few weeks, but so many crafty things to show for it! I feel like I'm creating a lot more at the moment too with wanting to be curled up and cosy of an evening


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