Sunday, 13 October 2013

Walking in Other Peoples Footsteps

Another whole week has passed before I can get on here. It's been quite a full on week to say the least. I've been working four day weeks lately to cover my mans working hours as he can't be in two places at once. He's self-employed so I'm a Blue Cat representative on these days. I normally do three which is more manageable to make sure there's food, clean clothes, bills paid and all that kind of stuff (you know the kind of stuff I mean). Little time has been left to think or be creative, but I've managed to squash it in somehow or I'd sure get moody.

At the start of the week I got a phone call from my mum to say she'd got home to find a burgular in her house. Luckily she had just seen his white t-shirt at the kitchen window and thought she was imagining seeing my dad standing there. It meant she took her time putting the car away, which in turn gave him time to climb back out of the window. Thank goodness for that at least as it would have been dreadful if she had walked in with him inside. She spoke to him in the garden as he hid behind the hedge and then stood up. The police picked him up minutes after she called them. 

He admitted to the burglary and two others and so went to court the next day. He took nothing, didn't damage the house at all, but someone univited has still been inside which has left my mum feeling very vulnerable indeed. I went straight over that night and we've taken it in turns to stay over for the rest, but that doesn't help forever does it.

In all the topsy turviness our usual routines have been thrown out lately and so Alfie doesn't always get a walk with his master first thing. Little Bun and I have been trying to make it up to him when we get home. Last week we walked up through the paddocks at the back of our villages churchyard. We read many of the inscriptions as we always do. Then we hatched a plan to go and find my grandparents grave as soon as we could.

Last Saturday Little Bun was at a party near the church, so we decided it was the right day to go exploring. I never met my grandparents as they died ten years before I was born and years before mum married dad. I always remembered dad parking the car at the church at christmas and running in with a wreath for the grave.

Do you know we explored every inch of the graveyard and couldn't find them. We were about to give up when Little Bun gasped and I turned round to look straight at their grave. She said she'd felt a tap on her arm. When we read the dates we saw we were there the day before the anniversary of my grandmother's death. The story of her death months after her husbands from an anuerism is a sad one and not one I feel I should share here as dad never talked of it to anyone. It was my aunt who told my mum who told me. I just feel pleased we found them, cleaned up their grave and have made plans to take flowers at christmas as dad once did. I remember reading once that we are only truly dead once we are no longer remembered.

In the midst of this week I received a lovely parcel from a lady I know through blogging. Karen asked me to make some things for her a long old while back now and ever since we've chatted through emails. We nearly got together once, but then our plans fell through. I just know we'd get on grand when we do sort a proper meet up out. Anyways she read my post about loving this library book and so she texted me to say she had one I could have. How wonderful is that. Well I picked it up this week all wrapped up in pretty yellow fabric. I feel so thrilled to have my own to keep copy and to know that I have friends like Karen out there.

I'll show you the two things I made on Friday from this book another time and my new crochet project. I will give you a peek at something I quickly put together around my stitching though. 

Rifling through the cupboard for tracing paper, I came across my carefully put away (which means lost) vintage wallpapers. Then I got caught up in something different and ended up making two new pictures for Miss Rosey's bedroom. I've now been asked for a few more by both girls. 

After a whole making day on Friday it ended with a trip to the theatre just for two. I'd got tickets to a wartime review which sounded completely different to what it was. It was sort of awful and great in equal measure and we thorougly enjoyed it. It was Am Dram with some really good bits. There was an elderly lady who reminded us of Mrs Overall. When she did a turn as Carmen Miranda is was priceless. There was the RAF chap with a 1970's mannequins wig which we couldn't take our eyes off and as for the lady who played the Mirror's cartoon sex-bomb Jane. Well we kept hoping she wouldn't bend over in her French knickers anymore than neccessary. Our favourite was the wonderful performance of one man as Max Miller in a tight leopard print suit. His patter was spot on and really funny.

All that said they'd put together a fabulous show which really rattled through all the songs of the period. Next play we fancy is a Female Gothic piece. Now I wonder how that will measure up.


  1. I'm glad you've found your grandparents grave, yes the odd bunch of flowers would look lovely, we love walking through the cemetery near us, trying to spot the oldest grave, wondering about their lives! Love what you've done with those vintage wallpapers!
    I'm in a really sorting out mood at the moment, I've given away two craft books to close friends. It seemed such a shame them sat on my shelves unused, the recipients were very happy! :) x

  2. Gosh what a week Lisa. So moving to hear your grandparents story and your remembrance plans, that's lovely.

    Beautiful creations as ever.
    Hope your mum feels more settled soon. What a brave lady, I'm sure I'd have run screaming down the street!

    Hope you have a quieter week x

    1. Hi, I hope neither you nor Bobo Bun mind me replying to your comment, but funnily enough I was just reading your own latest post, as I love your blog as well as this one, and wondered how I could comment on your own posts? I follow with Bloglovin. Ta! Jen

  3. Your mom wAs quite brave ,that would have rattled me too much.
    Luckily two large dogs and one very loud small loud one, seem to have deterred any would be window climbers ! I hope she and you are now enjoying a quiet, but lovely weekend.

  4. What peaceful places churchyards are. Glad you found your grandparent's graves. Love the pictures x

  5. I think one of the worst things that could happen is finding someone in your house, or being in it when someone broke in. Even if they didn't damage anything it's that sense of YOUR place being violated by some stranger, and then there's the anger at the sheer audacity of someone entering YOUR place without permission, with a view to stealing from you. I do hope your Mum can get over this, in time. Hardly surprising if she feels vulnerable there now... these people have no idea the devastation they leave behind have they?
    And like you, I never knew my grandparents on one side, and only my paternal grandmother. I have always felt that loss.

  6. How very unsettling for all all, re the burglar. I hope your Mum feels confident again soon. When my in-laws were burgled a few years ago thet reacted by making the place like fort knox and I often wondered how they (or we) would have got out in an emergency; its a difficult balance to strike. Spooky about the gravestone...I know exactly what you mean about not being dead while you are remembered, and have thought the same myself. Love your pictures! Jen x PS hope you don't mind me commenting on Curlew Country's post!

  7. Hope your mums feeling a bit more settled now! how awful for her.
    Thanks for sharing all your adventures with us x

  8. ooo that gave me goosebumps, the tap on the arm and the grave being there and the date coincidence! Oh so sorry about your mum, I was burgled 3 times at my old home and it really stinks!!!! hope she is settled soon xxxxx


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