Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tight Knits

Woohooo - it's the first day of our half-term and I'm feeling knicky knacky noodled. Plans are for some good fun time and plenty of cosy resting too.

I wonder what this weather will do? Will we need woolly hats and mittens or will it stay happy and warm. Just in case of a quick cold change, I've finally finished up the slouchy hat I was knitting and am nearly there with the girls mittens.

This is the first cabled thing I've ever actually finished so quite an achievement really. I might have gone wrong on a couple of row counts when I lost my thoughts for a while, but it all looks fine to me. Each cable makes me think of soft plaited bread. This hat was from Ros Badger's latest knitting book and is meant to be quite slouchy. As I knit pretty tight this one isn't. Note to get myself some bigger circular needles for the next one. I love this hat and pattern so much I'm going to knit another in mustard with a bobble for Little Bun and a duck egg blue for Miss Rosey and I to share.


It's a really thick and cosy hat just for really cold days. As it's knitted in two balls of Cashmerino Aran at a time you can literally feel the warmth oozing out of it.

Just to prove it's not too slouchy, but still fits, here it is perched on my head squishing my eyes down as hats always do. 

Before they slip down.

I might have to pop some ticky tape on my forehead to stop slippage.

Now on to other things. Thankyou so very much for your well wishes and support, it means a lot even though you probably wondered what on earth I was on about. It's a problem that won't go away, but at least I feel in charge of it again.

Hello also to new followers. Now I have a bit more of my own time for the next week and a half I'm planning to be doing much more blog visiting as there will be so much to catch up on and read I'm sure.


  1. I have that problem with hats too :-D. Looks great, looks great, swoosh, down over the eyes. Or over just one eye for a jaunty piratical look (in my dreams - most likely I appear to be drunk).

  2. Loving the hat and the cables. I had a little go at cable knitting a few weeks ago. I was so pleased with myself as knitting does not come easy to me. Sadly though the hand warmers that every other blogger on the planet can churn out like no-ones business are eluding me at the mo. I did start another crocheted pair and have got bored making them as well (not going well either) Never mind I have started a granny square scarf instead. That is progressing!

    Glad that you at least feel in control of whatever work situations have arisen. At least if you can't change it you can feel in charge of it in some way.

    Here's to half term happiness. It my girls first day too!

    P x

  3. Love the hat, would love to wear the hat, but hats and me? Definitely not.....

  4. Ooh it's a beauty Lisa, I have renewed the same knitting book and plan to make myself a pair of mittens and now I might just add this hat to the list. It's always good to see what it looks like knitted up and so well fitted :o) Happy half term. I can't wait o have next week off xox Penny

  5. Great hat, glad to see you back in control! Jo x

  6. You're very good with those knitting needles, lovely hat!

  7. I'm a big hat fan. Love your ring too.

  8. it's a lovely hat, the colour suits you! Heather x

  9. Ooh, much hatty love from me ... it looks fab :) And well done on mastering those tricksy cables :)

  10. I'm feeling inspired - might go for a rummage in my stash and get started tonight! Jane x

  11. Amazing! And I love the kitten coaster!
    Thanks for the lovely comment too me dear.


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